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Fidel castro
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Fidel Castro. Ideology. Castro’s government policies.

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Fidel Castro

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Fidel castro

Fidel Castro


Castro s government policies

Castro’s government policies

Fidel Castro was most definitely a nationalist – he wanted a violent revolution to overthrow the Batista regime, unlike the Communists, who wanted a peaceful revolution. Castro aligned with the Orthodoxo, who wanted a violent revolution. Castro also believed in the defense of nationalist independence with the necessity of socialism.

Fidel castro

Fidel Castro once described his regime as ‘humanistic’, not communist. In the early years of his political career, it was clear that many of his ideas were derived from Socialism.

His ‘History will absolve me’ speech is evidence that he may have been inclined towards Communism from the start – it was seen as Marxist by some Orthodox.

Fidel castro

Many of Castro’s ideas were revolutionary – especially his ideas about education, welfare and healthcare. He wanted to have widespread healthcare for everybody. Even today, Cuba has an excellent healthcare system.

Fidel castro

Another reason why Castro was so successful was because his ideas and his strong will were a welcome change from Batista, who lied to the Cuban people and began a militarized regime. One example showing his strong ideas was the fact that he refused to support any revolutionary groups who did not have strong ideals.

The cuban public opinion of communism

The Cuban public opinion of Communism

Most Cubans in general disapproved of Communism, especially the cuban workers. Most people looked upon it with suspicion; this may have been the reason why Castro was not a Communist to begin with – he presented himself as a idealistic leader, but never a Communist, although many of his ideas leaned towards communism.

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