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Office of Human Resources

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1. Office of Human Resources HR BOM Meeting Wednesday, 8/13/08 10am-12pm COOR Hall #170

2. ASU Recycling Program ASU Job Site Early On Boarding Benefits, L eaves and Retirement Updates Data Management Updates and Reminders

7. Early On Board Access 113 People trained since June Status report (since July 1st) 505 new (initial) hires processed in HR 63 other hires (emergency, focused) 283 New Faculty & Staff entered through this process = 50% of new hires were serviced by the Early On Board Access process

8. Early On Board Access Still being worked on: Publishing the list of people trained in the process for easy reference Another round of communication Email notifications/resends from within the process

9. Early On Board Access Remember, this IS THE PROCESS for new Faculty/Staff hires. Continue spreading the word! Questions?

11. ORP Phased Retirement Program Information for Managers on HR Website Under Manager Services > Benefits Design and Management Info Includes Detailed Process (handout) Agreement Template and ADEA Disclosure

12. Vacation Leave Carryover Maximum Will be reinstated this year and processed for the January 16 paycheck Will be forfeited at calendar year end -- any hours in excess of 1.5 times annual accrual 132 to 264 hours based on classification and/or years of service Exception: No carryover for Post Doctoral Scholars with 2008 contract

13. Tax Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Plan Redesign Award contracts to: AIG Retirement (formerly AIG Valic), Fidelity, and TIAA-CREF Add Roth 403(b) option Add Tier 1 option with best-in-class investments for each provider/vendor Reduce many investors’ administrative fees by 1 to 2 percent through the RFP and university involvement.

14. More TSA 403(b) Plan Enhancements Open eligibility to all employees (including non-FICA paying employees) Update written plan document and practices for compliance Establish information sharing agreements for exchanges and transfers between providers Select AIG Retirement as common remitter and third party administrator for all Plan transactions to reduce system / administration costs

15. Benefits Open Enrollment Positive Open Enrollment - Aug 11 through Sept 5 Domestic Partner and Older Child Coverage Schaller Anderson Network Non-renewal Default Medical Plan is RAN+AMN New Dental Plans: Total Dental & Delta Dental Default Pre-Paid Plan is Total Dental Administrators Default Indemnity Plan is Delta Dental Other:

16. Benefits Open Enrollment Events 885 Enrollments 82 Access Self Service but not Submitted (default finalize on Sept 6) 9352 Awaiting Enrollments 335 Awaiting Action on Prior Events (new hires, reclassifications, promotions, FTE adjustments, terminations) All Encouraged to Enroll Early

18. Renewal Implementation Schedule

19. Allows departments to complete Faculty Renewals online – automated 4877 possible to be renewed online 2697 Renewed (55%) 2180 45% NOT Renewed 2 ways to renew faculty/APs Online HPR, using TAM (anyone on ACD/GRD paygroup, NOT on SWB) GRDs that are currently active (use MSS Ad Hoc Salary Change). What’s NOT changing: Online HPR (using TAM) for new hires

20. HPR Update As of 8/12/08 400 in queue to be entered Faculty/Staff/Hourly Students Deadline for 8/11 starts/effective date was 8/1 5 business days to process DM Team continue to process until 8/29 Payroll lockout

21. Competitive Hires TAM – Classified and Service Professional Jobs Posted on the web Prepare offer page After Staffing has approved, change status to “Offer Accepted” and change status date to Start date

27. Terminations/Position Changes Terminations vs. transfers – leaving dept for another dept, DO NOT term Benefits will terminate If a job is benefits-eligible and on SWB after 8/11, Employee is still benefits-eligible and ERE will continue Any MSS transaction (or position changes) within 30 days of Initial Hire/Effective date or any new job (additional job) will affect Employee’s ability to enroll in benefits

28. Clean Up Report Coming soon – reports of active employees who have zero compensation, have not been paid within last 4 mos. Term or put on SWB

29. Data Management Exception Form

30. Q & A S e ssion

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