A Bilingual ABC book of Plants and Animals
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A Bilingual ABC book of Plants and Animals. At The Rice School Habitat . By Ms. Santana’s Class. Un libro de ABC bilingüe de plantas y animales. En La Escuela Rice. Por la clase de Ms. Santana. An ABC Book of Plants and Animals At The Rice School Habitat

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At The Rice School Habitat

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A Bilingual ABC book of Plants and Animals

At The Rice School Habitat

By Ms. Santana’s Class

Un libro de ABCbilingüe de plantas y animales

En La Escuela Rice

Por la clase de Ms. Santana

An ABC Book of Plants and Animals

At The Rice School Habitat

This digital ABC Book was created by the 2004-05 third grade students in Mrs. Santana’s class at The Rice School. The students observed, identified, and read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts about the living organisms in The Rice School Habitat. After completing their research, they created a verse by finding specific nouns, verbs and adjectives from their research to describe their organism. They then translated their verses into Spanish. The slides were created with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Aa is for the Anole lizard

The green southAmerican anole lizard,

That hides in the grass,

from his enemies,

At the Rice school habitat.

travel.mongabay.com/ pix/honduras--Anole_Lizar...

Aa es para anole

El Anole verde de América del Sur,

Que se esconde en el pasto,

De sus enemigos,

En el Hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Bb is for Bull Frog,

The olive green predator Bull Frog,

That lays up to: 20,000 eggs,

In the pond

At the Rice School habitat.

www.hr-rna.com/.../ Frogs%20page.htm

Bb es para rana toro

El verde olivo depredador,

La rana toro,

Que puede hacer hasta 20,000 huevos,

En el lago,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Cc is for Cicada

Cc is for Cicada the noisy black Cicada,

That flies into the forest

To sleep

At the Rice School Habitat.

Cc es para cicada

Cc es para la cicada,

La negra y ruidosa cicada,

Que vuela en el bosque,

Para dormir

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Ddis for Duckweed,

The green and solid Duckweed,

That floats on the surface of the pond,

Making it green,

At The Rice School habitat.

Dd es para el duckweed,

El verde y sólido “duckweed”,

Que flota en la superficie del estanque,

Haciéndolo verde,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Ee is for the elm tree,

The big skinny elm tree,

That let’s any kind of animal in its branches,

To lay their eggs,

At The Rice School Habitat.

vonoben.free.fr/ Objects/Objects.htm

Ee es para el elm tree,

El grande y flaco olmo,

Que deja a todo tipo de animal en sus ramas,

para dejar los huevos de los animales,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Ff is for the fire ant.

aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/.../ art7may.html

Hh es para la hormiga brava

The small red fire ant,

That carries its food with its antenna,

To its ant pile,

At The Rice School Habitat.

La roja y chiquita hormiga brava,

Que levanta la comida con su antena

Para llevarla hasta su hormiguero,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Hh is for the Hackberry.

The white bark Hackberry tree

That turns to yellow in the fall,

To make Food and give shade,

At the school Habitat.

H es para el palo blanco,


El árbol “Hackberry” con corteza blanca,

Que cambia a amarillo en el otoño,

Para hacer comida y dar sombra,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Jj is for the Jack rabbit,

The big-eared black-tipped Jack Rabbit,

That runs trough the prairie,

Looking for a place to relax,

At the Rice school habitat.

J es para la liebre,

La Liebre negra de orejas grandes,

Que corre alrededor del pasto,

Encontrando un lugar para relajarse,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

www.nps.gov/tont/ nature/jackrabbit.htm

Kk is for katydid

The big green katydid,

That climbs the oak tree,

To eat the leaves,

At The Rice School Habitat.

buzz.ifas.ufl.edu/ k340ptk.htm

Kk es para katydid,

El grande y verde “katydid”,

Un grillo que sube los olmos,

Para comer las hojas,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Ll is for Ladybug

That The yellow spotted

Ladybug glides nectar,

from plant to plant,

At the Rice School Habitat.

Ll es para la mariquita,

Esa mariquita amarilla y roja

Resbala sobre néctar y

Viaja de planta en planta

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Mm is for Monarch Butterfly,

The orange and black Monarch Butterfly

That flies to find the flowers,

To eat the pollen,

At the Rice School Habitat.

www.ecology.info/ monarch-butterfly.htm

Mm es para la Mariposa Monarch

La anaranjada y negra mariposa,

la mariposa monarca,

Que vuela para encontrar las flores

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Nn is for the Nymph Dragonfly

The silver four-winged nymph dragonfly,

Traps little insects

That cannot hurt the plants,

At the Rice School Habitat.

Nn es para nayade de


Un nayade de libélulas plateado

que atrapa pequeños insectos

para que no lastime

las plantas

En el hábitat de la Escuela Rice.

www.sbs.utexas.edu/ jcabbott/photos/dragonfly_...

Oo is for the Oak Tree,

The 135 foot Oak Tree,

That helps squirrels,

Looking for acorns,

At The Rice School.

Oo es para el roble

El roble de 135 pies de alto,

que ayuda a las ardillas

a buscar bellotas

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.


Pp is for the Loblolly pine,

The tall and piney Loblolly Pine,

That catches the sun and wind,

To protect the birds and insects,

At The Rice School habitat.

Pp es para Loblolly Pine,

El alto y espinoso pino Loblolly,

Que agarra el sol y el viento,

Para proteger los pájaros e insectos,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Qq is for MosQuito Fish,

The yellow mosquito fish,

That eats mosquito larva,

So they cannot bite us,

At The Rice School Habitat.


Mm es para el pescado de mosquito,

El amarillo pescado de mosquito,

Que come larva de mosquitos,

Para no nos piquen,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.


Rr is for the rosemary

The aromatic rosemary,

That decorates our flower garden,

To make it pretty,

At the Rice School Habitat.


Rr es para el romero

El aromático romero,

Que decora nuestro

Jardín de flores,

Para embellecerlo,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Ss is for the sunflower,

The yellow round sunflower,

That follows the sun,

To make seeds,

At the Rice School Habitat.


www.blogger.com/ profile-find.g?t=s&q=lovedrug

Ss paraGirasol

El girasol redondo y amarillo,

Que sigue al sol,

para hacer semillas,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Tt is for the Turtle,

The red-eared slider turtle,

That swims across the water,

To eat tadpoles, crayfish, and frogs,

At The Rice School Habitat.


Tt es para la tortuga,

La tortuga resbaladora de orejas rojas y líneas amarillas,

Que nada al otro lado del estanque,

Para comer renacuajos y peces,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Uu is for Urban Gardens,

The green urban gardens,

That attract the wildlife

to make their homes,

At The Rice School Habitat.

Photo taken at The Rice School Habitat

Uu es para jardín urbano,

El verde jardín urbano,

Que atrae a los animales,

Para que hagan sus casas,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Vv is for Trumpet Vine

The big colorful trumpet vine,

That attracts the humming bird,

To drink its nectar,

At the Rice School Habitat.

www.garden-picture.com/.../ imggr/imggr7.html

Vv es por Vid De La Trompeta

La grande y colorida vid de la


Que atrae a los picaflores,

Para que tomen néctar,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Ww is for the Walking stick,

The brown twig-like Walking stick,

That hides berries and cherries everyday,

To eat,

At the Rice School Habitat.

brgov.com/dept/animal/ animalinformation.htm

Ww es para el insecto palo,

El Insecto Palo café y parecido a un palo,

Que busca granos y cerezas todos los días

para comer,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Xx is for the Texas banded gecko,

The little original green Texas banded gecko,

That balances on his tail,

To climb the trees,

At the Rice school habitat.


Xx es para el gecko

de Texas,

El original y verde

gecko de Texas,

Que se balancea en

su cola,

Para subir a los árboles,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Yy is for the Yaupon Berry,

The spikey evergreen Yaupon Berry,

That makes berries,

For animals to eat,

At the Rice School Habitat


Yy es para acebo de yaupon

El siempre verde espinoso acebo

de yaupon.

Que hace comida

Para que los animales coman ,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.

Zz is for Buzzing Bee,

The beautiful black and yellow buzzing bee,

That buzzes around and around,

Looking for sweet flowers to eat,

At The Rice School Habitat.


Zz es para la Abeja Zumbando,

La bonita amarilla y negra Abeja


Que zumba alrededor y alrededor,

Buscando flores dulces para comer,

En el hábitat de La Escuela Rice.










cedar elm


fire ants


gray squirrel


hackberry tree










monarch butterfly


Nymph dragonfly



Oak tree




mosquito fish









trumpet vine


walking stick


TeXas banded gecko


yaupon berry


buzzing bees


The Authors

Monarch Butterfly – Areli

Nymph Dragonfly – Cynthia

Oak Tree – David

Loblolly Pine – Kimberly

MosQuito Fish – Jennifer

Rosemary – Fatima

Sunflower – Oneyda

Turtle – Frank

Urban Garden – Mrs. Gomez

Trumpet Vine - Luis

Walking Stick – Andres

Texas Banded Gecko – Jesus

Yaupon Berry – Kelvin

Buzzing Bee - Melissa

Anole – Lionel

Bullfrog – Kevin

Cicada – Rafael

Duckweed – Maya

Elm Tree – Ricardo

Fire Ants – Eri

Gray Squirrel –

Hackberry Tree – Jasmine

Isopod – Julio

Jackrabbit – Marcial

Katydid – Juan

Ladybug - Eloise

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