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NHS Faculty Search Workshop. September 5, 2013. 1. Initiating a Faculty Search Required Documents. Position Authorization Form (PAF) Recruitment Plan Vacancy Announcement Short Vacancy Announcement Charge to Search Committee  Screening Criteria Candidate Ranking Form.

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Presentation Transcript
Nhs faculty search workshop
NHS Faculty Search Workshop

September 5, 2013


Initiating a faculty search required documents
Initiating a Faculty SearchRequired Documents

  • Position Authorization Form (PAF)

  • Recruitment Plan

  • Vacancy Announcement

  • Short Vacancy Announcement

  • Charge to Search Committee 

  • Screening Criteria

  • Candidate Ranking Form

For other exempt positions
For Other Exempt Positions

Also need:

  • Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) and Organizational Chart

  • Exemption Request Form

  • Direct Appointment Form

Initiating a faculty search peopleadmin
Initiating a Faculty SearchPeopleAdmin

  • Unit leaders submit all required documents to NHS Associate Dean for review

  • NHS approved documents loaded into People Admin by Debbie Pirera who notifies Search Chair and Search Admin of log-in & password

  • Documents move through University’s approval queue (HR, Budget Office, Provost)

  • Once Provost approves search

    • Debbie Pirera sends notification

    • Search chairs forward URL, log-in & password to committee

    • NHS posts Vacancy Announcements and places ads

Initiating a search ads
Initiating a SearchAds

  • College advertises in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, Diverse Issues and Hispanic Outlook

  • Units advertise in discipline-specific venues

  • Make it a priority to have ads published ASAP

  • Use outlets other than print media

    • Listserves

    • Electronic news boards

    • Personal contacts via phone and email

    • Professional meetings

  • Follow recently disseminated candidate recruitment expense procedures from Academic Affairs

Initiating a search files
Initiating a SearchFiles

Search File –all documents related to the search

  • Recruitment Ads

  • Selection criteria/Screening Criteria

  • Interview questions (Phone, In-Person)

  • Reference check questions

  • Minutes for search committee meetings

    Applicant Files – one for each candidate

  • Applicant checklist form

  • Candidate materials not submitted on-line

  • All written correspondence with candidates including email messages

  • All screening materials – committee screening forms, response to interview questions

Ensuring a diverse pool
Ensuring a Diverse Pool

  • Current & former faculty recommendations

  • Major players in the field – publishers, speakers 

  • Professional associations – journals, meetings

  • Relevant professional community organizations

  • Strong university programs

Conflict of interest
Conflict of Interest

  • A situation when one has competing professional or personal interests. Such competing interests can make it difficult to fulfill his or her duties impartially

  • May not be unethical, illegal, or improper

  • Nepotism – showing favoritism toward relatives and friends, based upon that relationship, rather than on an objective evaluation of ability, merit, or suitability

Coi examples
COI Examples

  • A search committee member who is a candidate

  • A search committee member who provides a letter of reference

  • A search committee member who has a relative or close associate as a candidate

  • A search committee member who has a financial interest/stake in a candidate

Coi examples1
COI Examples

  • A search committee member who discriminates based on:


    national originancestry

    marital statuspregnancy

    medical conditiondisability



    sexual orientationveteran status political affiliation

Coi examples2
COI Examples

  • Candidates should not be advantaged or disadvantaged by association with a search committee member

  • If you have a known COI you should not serve on the search committee

  • If a COI occurs during the search process you are obligated to discuss the situation with the unit leader

Hiring authority aaeo screening responsibilities
Hiring Authority/AAEO Screening Responsibilities

  • Examine size, quality, and diversity of pool immediately before initiating screening process using PeopleAdmin data

  • Compare the pool demographics with those of your discipline for Gender and Ethnicity

  • Share result of this analysis with the Dean to determine if pool is sufficient to proceed

Reviewing applications
Reviewing Applications

  • Use your screening criteria

  • Always conduct phone interviews and at least two reference checks for short list candidates

  • Always use a script of approved questions

  • Take notes of candidate responses – retain in candidate file

Candidate courtesy
Candidate Courtesy

  • Correspondence is the first impression candidates have of the university, so be polite and timely

  • Always acknowledge receipt of candidate materials with a quick email

  • Let candidates know if their application is incomplete prior to posted closing/initial review date

  • When the search is completed please send a thank you note announcing that the position has been filled

Recommending candidates for interviews
Recommending Candidates for Interviews

  • Typically committee recommends 2-4 candidates for on-campus interviews to Unit Leader

  • Unit Leader forwards recommended candidates’ files to Dean

    • Hard copies of all required application materials

    • Rationales for selection of candidates

    • Explanation if under-represented applicants not in interview pool

  • Once approval received from Dean, contact candidates to set-up interviews

Interview protocol
Interview Protocol

  • Candidate travel – arranged in consultation with the hiring authority to ensure cost control (see new recruitment expense procedures)

  • Be sure to complete Travel Authorization and Official Function forms prior to travel

  • Remind search committee members and candidate to retain all receipts for meals, parking, etc.

  • Unit makes lodging reservation

  • Meet the candidate at the airport and transport to Greeley

  • You may use a shuttle service to return the candidate to the airport, but it is preferred to transport directly

  • Always designate a host for transport to/from campus and between on-campus meetings

Don t ask
Don’t Ask

  • Race, ethnic, national origin – do ask candidates you wish to interview whether they are legally authorized to work in the U.S.

  • Social, political, union, and religious affiliation

  • Disability, how many sick days have you used, drug use, etc.

  • Age

Don t ask1
Don’t Ask

  • Gender, sexual orientation, or marital status – includes spouse, children, pregnancy, childcare needs, etc.

  • Military status, financial status

  • Arrest or criminal record – HR will conduct a background check

  • Legal off-duty activities – such as smoking, drinking, etc.

Don t ask2
Don’t Ask

  • Salary – don’t ask the candidate and refer candidate questions about salary to your unit leader

  • Start up – this will be negotiated with the unit leader in consultation with the Dean

Search chair aaeo responsibilities
Search Chair/AAEO Responsibilities

  • Candidate files

  • Copy of published ads

  • List of candidates

  • Applicant question responses from each committee member

  • Minutes from all committee meetings

Search chair aaeo responsibilities1
Search Chair/AAEO Responsibilities

  • Provide evidence to Director/Chair for why underrepresented candidates (gender, minorities, etc.) were not interviewed

  • Provide evidence for why the candidate of choice is superior to all other applicants

Making an offer
Making an Offer

  • Director/Chair consults closely with Dean to establish offer parameters that will be discussed with the candidate and recommended to the Provost

  • Unit Leader contacts candidate to discuss offer

  • Candidate typically provided up to one week for negotiation and/or response

  • Elements of offer recommended by Dean to Provost who will make formal offer

Closing a search
Closing a Search

AAEO Rep - send to HR

  • Candidate Exit Interview Questions – AAEO rep

  • AAEO Closing Sheet

    Search Chair – Provide to Hiring Authority who will forward to Dean’s Office

  • Search Chair Closing Sheet

  • All items on Search Chair Closing Sheet

  • Position Finalists Form

  • Hard copies of finalists files