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Funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W
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funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W. Wikimapia ij vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk vadu (i.e. AWCs Plotting).

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funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W

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Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W

Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

Wikimapia ij vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk vadu

(i.e. AWCs Plotting)

Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

WikiMapia is an open-content collaborative mapping project that aims to mark and describe all geographical objects in the world and provide a useful description for them, so that anyone can share his knowledge and freely explore the world. In the context of ICDS we can mark all the District Offices/Project Offices/AWCs of Rajasthan on Wikimapia.

Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

Wikimapia ij AWC Plotting dh izfdz;k ds fy;s fuEu vko';d gSa%&

  • Project e-mail account for registration

  • Computer

  • Internet Connection

  • List of AWCs

E mail account cukuk

e-mail Accountcukuk

Open wikimapia www wikimapia org

Open wikimapia -

Wikimapia ij login djuk


Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

Registration djukbl esa vkidks user nameVkbZi djuk gksxk (i.e. cdpobarmer/cdposiwana etc.)e-mail esa viuk e-mail account VkbZi djuk gSAPassword esa e-mail account dk password VkbZi djuk gSA

Registration detail

Registration Detail

Satellite old places

Satellite + old places

Igys district name ls search djsa

igys District namelsSearchdjsa

Project village search djsa

Project/Village Searchdjsa

Add place ij click djsa

Add Place ij Click djsa

Adding place outline ij click dj lgh lfkku ds pkjksa fcunq fpfugr dj save djsa

Adding Place outline ijClickdjlghLFkkudspkjksafcUnqfpfUgrdjSavedjsa

Outline xyr mark gksus ij resize outline ls lgh dj ldrs gsa

outline xyr Mark gksus ij Resize outlinels lgh dj ldrs gSA

Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

Language: English/Hindi (Only Mangal Font)Title:AWC 11 digit codeDescription:Name of AWC, Name ofVillage/ Ward, Name of Project(May add other relevant details)Street:Name of the location/ addressCategory: AnganwadiThis place is building:tick mark & Click Save

Red point ij mouse ls double click djsa

Red Point ijMouselsDouble Clickdjsa

Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

;g vkidh Detail gS tks fd vkius Feed dh gSAbl Page/Window dk vkidks Printysuk gSA blds fy;s vki Keyboard ijPrintScreen Key dks ,d ckj Press djsa ,oa word document file esa Paste djysa ,slk djus ij vki }kjk feed xbZ Detail dh doc File cu tk;sxh rFkk vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk Latitude/Longitude Hkh vk tk;sxkA vkidks bl Page/Window dk URLHkh copy djds Paste djuk gSa ftlls fd vkidks vius vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk MapmiyC/k djok tk ldsaA

Funs kky lesfdr cky fodkl lsok w

URL (Mouse lsSelect dj Copy djsa ,oa doc file esa Pasedjsa)



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