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funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W. Wikimapia ij vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk vadu (i.e. AWCs Plotting).

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funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W

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funs'kky; lesfdr cky fodkl lsok,W

Wikimapia ij vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk vadu

(i.e. AWCs Plotting)

WikiMapia is an open-content collaborative mapping project that aims to mark and describe all geographical objects in the world and provide a useful description for them, so that anyone can share his knowledge and freely explore the world. In the context of ICDS we can mark all the District Offices/Project Offices/AWCs of Rajasthan on Wikimapia.

Wikimapia ij AWC Plotting dh izfdz;k ds fy;s fuEu vko';d gSa%&

  • Project e-mail account for registration

  • Computer

  • Internet Connection

  • List of AWCs

e-mail Accountcukuk

Open wikimapia -


Registration djukbl esa vkidks user nameVkbZi djuk gksxk (i.e. cdpobarmer/cdposiwana etc.)e-mail esa viuk e-mail account VkbZi djuk gSAPassword esa e-mail account dk password VkbZi djuk gSA

Registration Detail

Satellite + old places

igys District namelsSearchdjsa

Project/Village Searchdjsa

Add Place ij Click djsa

Adding Place outline ijClickdjlghLFkkudspkjksafcUnqfpfUgrdjSavedjsa

outline xyr Mark gksus ij Resize outlinels lgh dj ldrs gSA

Language: English/Hindi (Only Mangal Font)Title:AWC 11 digit codeDescription:Name of AWC, Name ofVillage/ Ward, Name of Project(May add other relevant details)Street:Name of the location/ addressCategory: AnganwadiThis place is building:tick mark & Click Save

Red Point ijMouselsDouble Clickdjsa

;g vkidh Detail gS tks fd vkius Feed dh gSAbl Page/Window dk vkidks Printysuk gSA blds fy;s vki Keyboard ijPrintScreen Key dks ,d ckj Press djsa ,oa word document file esa Paste djysa ,slk djus ij vki }kjk feed xbZ Detail dh doc File cu tk;sxh rFkk vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk Latitude/Longitude Hkh vk tk;sxkA vkidks bl Page/Window dk URLHkh copy djds Paste djuk gSa ftlls fd vkidks vius vkaxuckMh dsUnz dk MapmiyC/k djok tk ldsaA

URL (Mouse lsSelect dj Copy djsa ,oa doc file esa Pasedjsa)


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