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“…With all my senses I enjoy the world that round me lies…”

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“…With all my senses I enjoy the world that round me lies…” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“…With all my senses I enjoy the world that round me lies…” . Why is it important to discuss ecological problems?. The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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why is it important to discuss ecological problems
Why is it important to discuss ecological problems?

The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

annual ecological committee meeting
Annual Ecological Committee Meeting
  • Friday, February 17, 2012 11.30.PM
  • Welcoming remarks, Facilitator
  • Members in attendance. Facilitator
  • Introduction and acceptance of Conference Agenda, Facilitator
  • Subcommittees of ecological organization Hedgerow : Brief reports about the environmental problems we face on our planet.
  • Moscow Advisory Council Children for the SafeEcology:Brief report.
  • The floor for discussions and motions. The acceptance of the motions.
  • Approval of the Resolution.
  • Closing plenary.
air pollution
Air Pollution

Air pollution is our common problem, so we can solve this problem working together.


Millions of cars, trucks, buses and airplanes pollute and spoil the air. Smoke and gases also come from plants and factories. They are the main polluters.

harmful effects of air pollution
Harmful effects of air pollution

The effects of air pollution are not good. Air pollution is harmful to many species. Air pollution can cause serious diseases. It causes a lot of illnesses: common cold, asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, heart failure and so on.

water pollution
Water pollution

People dump industrial and nuclear waste into rivers, lakes, oceans.

If people drink such water, they can die too.

There are no oceans and seas, which are not used as a dump.

People shouldn’t use rivers and lakes as a dump.


The disaster of the Gulf of Mexico happened last year. An explosion in the Gulf of Mexico led to the largest oil spill in history. The spill causedgreat damage to marine and wildlife habitats. As a result many fish and sea animals were poisoned and killed. The damage of the spill is still being removed.

the problem of deforestation
The Problem of Deforestation
  • There are 9 ml sq km on our planet. Nowadays forests are disappearing fast.
  • Why?
  • Some species – fish, birds and mammals – are becoming endangered.
  • Why?


Deforestation influences the water cycle. Deforestation badly influences the groundwater, preventing the soil from keeping rain water.

nuclear pollution
Nuclear Pollution

Nuclear power stations give us cheap electricity. But this way of getting energy is very dangerous.

Nuclear pollution can be caused by atomic explosions.


Shadow of a man sitting at the time of the explosion on the stairs in front of the bank, 250 meters from the epicenter

It was a ca lm and sunny Monday morning …

In the epicenter of the explosion all people died instantly, their bodies were turned into charcoal. Birds flying past were burnt in the air. Dry, flammable materials such as paper, burnt at a distance of 2 km from the epicenter. It was the only example  of the combat use of nuclear weapons in history.



Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine in 1986 was the world\'s worst nuclear power plant accident. Radiation was carried across Europe by clouds.


In March 2011 an earthquake and tsunami caused damage at the Fukushima at Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. The accident has surpassed the Three Mile Island accident, and is comparable to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.


Around 20 – 30 tons of high - level waste are produced per month per nuclear reactor. All the world\'s nuclear power stations create about 10,000 metric tons of nuclear waste each year.

reasons for population growth
Reasons for population growth
  • Reasons for the growth of the population in ancient times:
    • Development of farming and agriculture
    • Growth of the cities
  • Reasons for the growth of the population in modern times:
    • Development of medical sciences
    • Development

of technologies

overpopulation of the planet
Overpopulation of the Planet
  • Definition:
    • overpopulation describes the situation when the number of people living in a certain place exceeds resources capacity of this place
  • Problems resulting fromoverpopulation:
    • Pollution and bad environment
    • Shortage of food and fresh water resources
    • Poverty, unemployment and crimes
what will happen if we go on like this
What will happen if we go on like this?

-      If we cut down trees, …………………………..

-     If we pick up a lot of wild flowers……………..

-     If governments test nuclear weapons,…………

- If we pollute the air we breathe in, ……………

-     If plants dump waste into lakes and rivers,……

- If we don’t take care of animals, ……………...

what do you know about moscow
What do you know about Moscow?

1. What are the main ecological problems of our city?

air, noise, water pollution; the problem of deforestation and waste

2.    How large is our city ?

The area ofMoscow is 1080 sq km

3.    How large is the population in Moscow?

9 ml people live in Moscow, but 4 ml people come to Moscow every day

4.    How many cars are there on the roads of Moscow every day?

There are more than 3 ml cars on the roads every day.

5.    How many power stations are there in Moscow?

There are 4 thousand industrial enterprises,71 industrial zone,14 large energy stations, 63 small energy stations in Moscow.

what do you know about moscow1
What do you know about Moscow?

6.How many harmful substances does our city get every year?

The city gets 1.8 ml harmful substances every year, 90 % of them are from cars.

7. What parks do you know in Moscow? What is the largest wood massive?

Losiny Ostrov is the largest natural park in Moscow. Do you know that since 1961 23 species of fauna have vanished from our greenery.

8.What districts of Moscow are not healthy for living?

They are Central, Eastern, North western and Zelenogradscy districts.

 9.What part of people in Moscow lives in unacceptable noise pollution?

70% of our population live in unacceptable noise conditions.

10. What happens with the garbage and waste our city produces?

Recycling plants process 40 000 tons of waste per year. But it’s not enough for our city.


Future depends on us.

  • -to develop - to value
  • - to install - to turn off
  • to establish - to take care
  • to ban - to plant
  • to protect - not to break
  • To use - to feed
  • not to pour - not to litter
  • to stop - to save

What should everybody do to improve ecological situation?

how environmentally aware are you
How environmentally aware are you?
  • Do you use bicycles instead of cars?
  • What do you do with the wrapper if you eat a chocolate bar?
  • Do you turn off the light when you leave the room?
  • Do you feed animals in winter?
  • Do you save water?
  • Do you choose products which contain recycled materials?
  • Do you spit chewing gum on the ground?