Harvesting and managing data for agriculture
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Harvesting and Managing Data for Agriculture PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Harvesting and Managing Data for Agriculture. Dave Rhylander, Monsanto. Our Challenge We must get more out of each seed to feed the world. Today, the Farm Generates Volumes of Data and Information While the Farmer is Faced with Little Data Insight to Aide Decision Making. DECISIONS TO MAKE.

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Harvesting and Managing Data for Agriculture

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Harvesting and Managing Data for Agriculture

Dave Rhylander, Monsanto

Our Challenge

We must get more out of each seed to feed the world.

Today, the Farm Generates Volumes of Data and Information While the Farmer is Faced with Little Data Insight to Aide Decision Making



What farmers said . . .

  • How do I detect if I need fungicide or other protective measures?

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Rainfall

  • Wind

  • Air quality

  • Water quality

  • When should I sell/contract/hedge how much of my harvest?

  • What fertilizers should I use in which parts of my field - when?

  • “I’ve been waiting for an integrated system like this my whole farming career.”

  • “An integrated system would help alleviate some of the stress that comes with decision making.”

  • “It [an integrated system] would combine the work of a couple consultants I use now.”1


  • Grain prices

  • Storage levels

  • Store volumes

  • Transportation prices

  • How should I use crop consultants and scouts?

  • What type of seeds should I plant in which parts of my field?

  • What new equipment should I purchase?

  • Will an investment in new

  • technology pay off for me?

  • What type of insurancedo I need?

  • Should I acquire and/or lease land?





  • Fertilizer type

  • Quantity applied

  • Acres covered

  • CP type

  • CP quantity

  • GPS location

  • Hybrid type

  • Hybrid spacing, depth, hit/miss

  • Prior yearactivities

    • Yield

    • Planting data

  • P&L data

    • Grain sales

    • Input spend

    • Other costs



  • Soilmoisture

  • Temperature

  • Pest incidence

  • Speed

  • Uptime

  • Location

  • Fuel usage

  • Acres covered

  • pH levels

  • NPK content

1 IFS Farmer survey free response

Integrated Farming SystemsDelivering Field Specific Insights & Information To Help Farmers Improve Yield, Productivity and Reduce Risk Field Specific Insights & Information To Help Farmers Improve Yield, Productivity and Reduce Risk .


Orders of magnitude more data points/year to increase genetic gain


Agronomy Apps to enable Hybrid Selection & Mapping


+13% annual rate of gain


Yield Monitor

High Resolution yield monitoring with auto-calibration, harvest management, and compaction removal


Fertility & Disease Management

“Apps” for in-season custom application of supplemental late Nitrogen and Fungicides



Precision Seeding

Planter systems enabling variable rate seeding & row spacing of multiple hybrids in a field by yield management zone

Variable Rate Fertility

Variable rate N, P & K “Apps” aligned with yield management zones

What causes this variation and what can be done to address it?

Testing Our Seed Just Like You Farm

New testing design

for hybrids

Old testing design

By field, a single corn hybrid recommendation and variable seeding rate prescription that maximizes the yield of every potential seed.

The Impact of FieldScripts®

The Solution:

A Science-Based Plan For Every Seed.

What we need from the grower

  • Yield Data

  • As much data as possible!

  • Minimum of 3 years 2 of which is corn yield data >120bu/ac

  • Field coverage must be 85% or greater

  • Grower Target Yield based on fertility program.

    2. Soil Sample data

    a) For 2014, soil sample from 9/1/2009 or later

    b) Sampling resolution must be 3 acres or less and referenced to a grid

    c) Depth of sample must be 0-6” or 0-8”

    d) Required soil data elements are:

    • Organic Matter, CEC, Water pH, Buffer pH (if pH is <6.8), Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium

    • Soil EC (soluble salts or 1:1 soil to water) is required on all soil samples taken after 9/1/13 West of the Mississippi River.

FieldScripts® can change seeding rate every 10 meters based on yield management zones in field

Soil Type

Normalized Yield


Monsanto Company Confidential

Each hybrid responds differently to yield environments, requiring different seeding rates

Field Boundary

Hybrid comparisons on seeding rates

34 Average

35.4 Average

34.7 Average

Population Range 30 - 41K

Population Range 28 - 40K

Population Range 28 - 42K

Hybrid A

Hybrid B

Hybrid C

2013 FieldScripts®Yield Gains (Yield Delta) from Lower and Higher Resolution Data


5 -10 BU/AC



Learning from 2013 Trials

The use of the right data layers is important to the outcome and testing

of multiple data-management approaches confirms the power of

robust, high-resolution proprietary method over current offerings.

1. Data as of October 25, 2013. FieldScripts on-farm Ground Breakers trials across 62 locations. Results compare Ground BreakersFieldScripts trials against farmer’s normal planting practices.

2014 FieldScripts® Farmer Privacy Commitment defines how Monsanto handles data security


Personal & Business Information

  • We collect information you choose to submit during your interaction with us or our authorized dealer representatives.

    Data Sharing

  • We support your needs by sharing information only with our subsidiaries and business partners.

  • We do not share, trade or sell information about you with other marketers.

  • We may publish results of FieldScripts development and trial work; however, we will not disclose your name, field location or images of your field without your express written consent.

The Climate Corporation Brings Value To Growers Through Recommendations and Insights Driven by Data and Analytics

  • The Climate Corporation aims to help farmers around the world protect and improve their farming operations & profitability

  • Climate Modeling capabilities can optimize management decisions field by field

Climate Modeling Capabilities Can Optimize Management Decisions Field by Field




It’s all possible…let’s work together for a better tomorrow.

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