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Vocab Project. 1 st 10- Matthew Fusco 2 nd 10- Zac Avsec. Augment. “to make larger or fill up”. In this photo, the hat is being filled up with candy. Belabor. “to explain, worry about”. In this photo, I am worried that it’s going to rain. Cajole. “To persuade by flattery or promises”.

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Vocab Project

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Vocab Project

1st 10- Matthew Fusco

2nd 10- Zac Avsec


“to make larger or fill up”

In this photo, the hat is being filled up with candy.


“to explain, worry about”

In this photo, I am worried that it’s going to rain.


“To persuade by flattery or promises”

In this photo, I am trying to flatter a girl.


“Willing to believe or trust too readily; gullible”

In this photo, I am being gullible and is chasing after a light.


“to debate or dispute”

In this photo, we are debating if it is going to rain or not. I feel that I am right and he is wrong.


“having or showing great knowledge”

In this photo, I am studying for my World Civ test.


“attempting to avoid notice or attention”

In this photo, I am guilty and do not want to talk to anybody.


“Unclear, unable to speak”

In this photo, I am having trouble speaking.


“easily made angry”

In this photo, I am angry that it did not rain.


“a passionate expression of grief”

In this photo, I am very sad that it didn’t rain.


  • “depression of spirit or mind”

In this photo, I am melancholy. I am in depression.


  • “exciting or deserving hatred or repugnance

In this photo, I am being odious and rocking out!


  • “fully conscious willful intent with a pre-plan”

In this photo I am showing my premeditative plans for a machine.


  • “a question”

I am raising my hand because I need to ask the teacher if I can use the restroom.


  • “extremely hungry”

I haven't eaten dinner yet and I am very, very hungry.


  • “to prove again”

In this photo I am proving once again to my fellow companions that it is going to rain.


  • “penalty”

This a photo of a prison, where I will serve a sanction.


  • “elevated or lofty in thoughts”

In this photo I am lofty in my thoughts and paying little attention to my surroundings.


  • “a student who stays away from school without permission”

The person in this photo quoted “I be stayin home yo screw Scholl thug life””


  • “being capable of being hurt”

This hockey player needs equipment so he is no longer vulnerable.

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