Global threats and some personal strategies to protect the environment
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Global threats and Some Personal Strategies to Protect the Environment PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Escola Secundária de Arganil Ano Lectivo: 2007/2008. Global threats and Some Personal Strategies to Protect the Environment. Work elaborated by: Raquel Travassos 11ºC Nº17. Introduction.

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Global threats and Some Personal Strategies to Protect the Environment

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Escola Secundária de Arganil

Ano Lectivo: 2007/2008

Global threats and Some Personal Strategies to Protect the Environment

Work elaborated by:

Raquel Travassos 11ºC Nº17


Nowadays, global threats are a serious problem, which worry people, although these threats are caused by the human being.

Global warming has become a big problem. It is leading to the greenhouse effect. These two factors lead to the destruction of the ozone layer and contribute to a bigger hole in the ozone layer, which allows, in turn, the UV rags to reach the earth.

But there are other factors, such as, deforestation and pollution of the water, ground and air.

Causes of deforestation

The human being is destroying forests to:

  • Build houses

  • Make paper

  • Create agriculture fields

    Another factor that also destroys a lot of forests is the fires.

Causes of water pollution and water scarcity

  • Industries send a lot of chemical products to the rivers.

  • In agriculture, people treat their fields with fertilizers, which end up in groundwater.

  • People, in their homes, often waste a lot water unnecessaryly.

  • Transport of oil and the accidents which happen during its transport.

Causes of ground pollution

  • The use of fertilizers in agriculture, because they pollute the ground.

  • Dumps.

  • Lack of social manners to live inside a community

Causes of air pollution

  • Burning industrial wastes

  • Using sprays ( CFC’s and aerosols) and air conditioning

  • Sending industrial gases to the atmosphere

  • Using the car as the main means of transportation

  • To smoke

Some Preventive Strategies

  • If we recycle, save paper and buy products in recycled packaging we don’t need to cut so many trees (they are important to purify the air).

  • If we separate our rubbish ( glass, paper, plastic and batteries) and don’t throw rubbish to the floor, we won’t be polluting ground and consequently the groundwater,making recycling simpler.

  • If we save water (control taps, stop water running when brushing teeth or taking a bath), we will avoid water scarcity.

  • If we reduce the use of fertilizers and chemical products in agriculture we will have more drinkable water.

  • If we don’t smoke, we won’t pollute the air.

  • If we used public transport as the main means of transportation instead of cars we wiwould avoid that a lot of gases were released into the atmosphere.

  • If we avoid using aerosols, like sprays with cfc gases, and avoid using air conditioning, we will contribute to protect the ozone layer.

  • If we save energy (using light bulbs, never leaveing TV/video on “standby” for a long time) we can avoid energy wasting.

  • If we reduced the use of unnecessary plastic, paper and other products, increasing the use of environmentally-friendly products and using rechargeable batteries, we wouldn’t be polluting or reducing the natural resources.


If we don’t start taking the necessary measures in order to protect our environment, one day it will be too late. We must work to keep nature clean so that we may have a better world to live in. when we are preserving nature, we are preserving our lives.




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