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Note Taking . Jessica Morrow CS- 1100 May 19, 2011. Becoming a better note taker. To become a better note taker a person need to do the following things: Observe : Set the stage ( prepare oneself on the topic) “Be here now” in class

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Note taking

Note Taking

Jessica Morrow

CS- 1100

May 19, 2011

Becoming a better note taker
Becoming a better note taker

  • To become a better note taker a person need to do the following things:

  • Observe: Set the stage ( prepare oneself on the topic) “Be here now” in class

  • Record: Come up with techiniques that will help you memorize the material

  • Review: Notes should be reviewed to see if you have all the important things.


  • When taking notes the student need to become familiar with the material. So first one need to set the stage.

  • To set the stage a person need to do the following

Setting the stage
Setting the Stage

  • Sit front and centered: Sitting in the front of the class or sitting close to the instructor allow you to hear and take effective notes

  • Conduct a short preclass review: When doing a preclass review you need to review your notes and look over reading assignment. This will help you become familiar with your notes and see if you took effective ones

  • Bring the right material: When arriving to class make sure you have everything you will need to take effective notes.

Be here now in class
Be here now in class

  • Notice your writing: Noticing how you are writing can help you become a better note taker also it can help you become less distracted

  • Think critically about what you hear: When you are thinking this will give you tie to write down questions that you have and these question can lead to great notes

  • Participate in class activities: By participating in class activities this help remember what was discussed so it can be added to your notes

Watch for clues
Watch for clues

  • Be alert to repetition: When an instructor repeat something this means that this is important so note it…

  • Listen for transitional words and phrases: These words and phrases are signal to definitions, examples, and many other things. Also they can be used to organize your notes


  • When you began to record your notes you need to do three things: Use general techniques for note taking, Use mind mapping, and use outlining.

General techniques
General Techniques

  • Use key words: Key words trigger your memory. They evoke images that can help you remember what happened in class.

  • Use pictures and diagrams: Pictures and diagrams make the relationship between things visual. This will help trigger your memory while looking over your notes.

  • Keep your own thoughts separate: By mixing your thought with your lecture notes can cause you to be confused and what is important.

Mind mapping
Mind Mapping

  • Give yourself plenty of room: to make the concept map and to write down extra notes

  • Use key words only: by using key word in you notes this helps you to have less things to remember.

  • Create links: If you create links in your note this will help you understand the note in its entirety


  • When using this concept in your notes make sure that it flows and make sense


  • Review your notes within 24 hours: Why? Because while you are taking notes they are stored in your short term memory ( short term memory deteriorates) So if you review them within 24 hours you can move them from short term to long term memory

  • Use your key words as cues to recite: Remember that key words trigger your memory.

  • Consider typing your notes: By typing your notes this will make the neater also this is a way to help them move from your short term memory to long term memory.


  • All the ways that I have listed are important because they will help you become a more effective note taker and student.