what is a hero
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What is a Hero?

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What is a Hero? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is a Hero?. 9 th Grade English Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Flatt. You will need to take notes!. Hero Types. Hero: (1) In mythology, a mighty warrior who is often the son of a god or king and goes on an epic quest. (Odysseus). Hero Types.

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what is a hero

What is a Hero?

9th Grade English

Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Flatt

hero types
Hero Types
  • Hero: (1) In mythology, a mighty warrior who is often the son of a god or king and goes on an epic quest. (Odysseus)
hero types1
Hero Types
  • Hero: (2) Main character of a story who often displays admirable qualities.
hero types2
Hero Types
  • Anti-Hero: Main character of a story who is flawed in some way and often does not display admirable qualities.
answer the following
Answer the following. . .
  • Why do you think that flawed main characters sometimes are more likable than ones who are not?
  • Over the years, the number of anti-heroes playing the lead in movies has risen. Why do you think this is?
the hero s journey
The Hero’s journey
  • Think of the hero’s journey as a cycle that the hero must go through.
1 the departure
1. The Departure
  • Call to Adventure- The character is called (willingly or unwillingly) to do something out of the ordinary.
  • Refusal of the Call- Sometimes the character doesn’t want to go on the adventure.
  • Answering the call- There is something that motivates the character to accept the call.
  • Supernatural Aid- Someone or something (with magical powers, usually) helps the hero on the journey.
1 the departure1
1. The Departure
  • Guide/ Mentor- A specific character helps the hero understand the life situation or provides the hero with special training.
  • Talisman- An item of significance (a necklace, a token, a totem).
  • Companions- These help the hero on the journey.
  • Crossing the Threshold- The Hero leaves the familiar and goes to the unfamiliar.
  • Threshold Guardians- Prevent the hero from crossing into the unfamiliar.
2 the initiation
2. The Initiation
  • Road of Trials- Challenges that the hero faces.
  • Brother Battle- a physical or mental battle with a close relative or friend.
  • Meeting the Goddess- meeting with a special beauty or power.
  • Abduction- the character (or someone close to them) is kidnapped.
  • Night/Sea Journey- the hero travels on the sea or in the dark.
2 the initiation1
2. The Initiation
  • Dragon Battle- the hero battles a monster of some kind (either an enemy or personal demon).
  • Ritual Death- The hero is thought to be dead OR the hero believes someone close to him/her is dead. The hero may also suffer an injury.
  • Sacred marriage- a literal marriage or special emotional bond.
  • Atonement- usually a reuniting with a father (or father figure).
2 the initiation2
2. The Initiation
  • Entering the belly of the whale- The point where the hero must face his deepest, darkest fear.
  • Apotheosis- The point where the hero is worshipped as a god?
  • Ultimate Boon/ Magic Elixir- The hero finds some special solution to a problem he/she is attempting to resolve (possible a magic potion).
3 the return
3. The return
  • Refusal of the Return- The hero refuses to return to the homeland or the place that he/ she began the journey.
  • Magic Flight/Pursuit- Towards the end, where the hero is being chased or trying to escape from something.
  • Rescue from Without- All seems hopeless, it seems that the hero will die, then suddenly a rescue happens unexpectedly.
  • Crossing the Return Threshold- The hero clearly returns “home.”
3 the return1
3. The return
  • Master of Two Worlds- The hero has conquered life in both the familiar and unfamiliar worlds.
  • Freedom to Live- The hero has resolved the problem so that all can live freely.