The strategic plan
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The Strategic Plan. Annual Meeting Report January 25, 2004. M atthew’s. Saint. Episcopal Church. Outline. What is a Strategic Plan? The Road to a Strategic Plan? What is the Balanced Scorecard methodology? Vision, Mission and Core Values Parishioners Survey The 2004-2006 Strategic Plan

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The Strategic Plan

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The Strategic Plan

Annual Meeting Report

January 25, 2004



Episcopal Church


  • What is a Strategic Plan?

  • The Road to a Strategic Plan?

  • What is the Balanced Scorecard methodology?

  • Vision, Mission and Core Values

  • Parishioners Survey

  • The 2004-2006 Strategic Plan

  • Next Steps

  • In Summary

What is a Strategic Plan

  • Thinking and Acting

  • A Long Range Plan

  • A roadmap

  • A means to achieve a goal and reach a target and avoid reactive management

    Reference Books:

  • Strategic Planning – a new model for church & ministry leaders - Aubrey Malphurs

  • Twelve Keys to an effective church – Kennon Callaghan

  • Master Planning – Bobb Biehl

  • Developing a Dynamic Mission for your Ministry – Aubrey Malphurs

Road to a Strategic Plan

  • Ministry Analysis

  • Values Discovery

  • Vision Development

  • Mission Development

  • Strategy/Objectives Development

  • Strategic Plan Implementation

  • Ministry Organization

  • Ministry evaluation

Road to a Strategic PlanMinistry Analysis

  • What type of church are we

  • SWOT analysis

    • Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats

  • Congregation Analysis

    • What does the congregation feel/want/need

  • Vestry Ministry Committee Analysis

    • What does the Vestry Committees want/need

  • How do we perceive God’s plan for St. Matthew’s?

What is the Balanced Scorecard Methodology

  • Developed as a balanced method of strategic planning

  • Balances the following areas

    • Service, Financial, Processes and People

What is? – The Vision

  • A clear challenging picture of the future

  • Differences between mission and vision

    Mission Vision

    • Planning Communication

    • Informs Inspires

    • Doing Seeing

    • Head Heart

    • Verbal Visual

What is? – The Mission

  • Dictates the Direction

  • Focus point for the future

  • Guideline of decision making

  • Shapes the strategy

  • Enhances Ministry effectiveness

  • Ensures an enduring organization

  • Facilitates evaluation – Balanced Scorecard

  • Its not the why, its the what

    • What are we supposed to be doing

  • A broad biblical statement of what the church is supposed to be doing

What is? – Core Values

  • Values are passionate and from the heart

  • Determination of Core Values

    • Conscious versus Unconscious

    • Shared versus unshared

    • Personal versus organizational

    • Actual versus aspiration

    • Single versus multiple

    • Good versus bad

  • Values are important

    • Determine ministry uniqueness

    • Dictate personal involvement

    • Communicate what is important

    • Embrace good change

    • Influence overall behavior

    • Inspire people to action

    • Enhance credible leadership

    • Contribute to ministry success

    • Influence ministry mission and vision

Results from the Parishioners Survey

Survey respondents

Total Number of Responses = 70





Which service do you usually attend?(By Age Group)

Which service do you usually attend?(By Service Time)

What reasons keep you returning to St Matthew’s?

Spiritual Growth

  • Most felt their spiritual needs were met by St Matthews

  • Areas for growth

    • More small groups

    • Acknowledge those who have come to the Lord

    • Consideration for others and their efforts


  • Congregation Values

    • God’s Love and a deep relationship with Him

    • Family

    • Honesty

    • Opportunities to share with others and the community

    • Fellowship

  • St Matthews Values

    • Fellowship

    • Being a good Christian

    • Love

    • Family

    • Service – within the church and outside

Do you feel that your participation at St. Matthew’s is allowing you to fulfill God’s mission for you?


  • Father Rob

  • Sermons

  • Community/Congregation/Fellowship

  • Christian Education/Devotion to Children

  • Youth Group

  • Music/Choir

  • Good Leadership

  • Caring


  • Outreach

  • Cliques

  • Number of volunteers

  • The size and condition of the church

  • Lack of focus on 8.00 service

  • Lack of acolytes

  • Money

  • The pace of life for many in the congregation

  • Advertising

StewardshipDo you participate in pledge funding today?

Stewardship Do you understand today’s financial needs of St. Matthew’s?

Stewardship - If God’s future vision for St. Matthew’s required additional financial resources, would/could you support that need?

Stewardship - If God’s future vision for St. Matthew’s required additional congregational time resources, would/could you support that need?

The Future? - Your focus for St Matthew’sLow to high order (Number 1 equals most important)

The future ? – What should we keep

  • Father Rob

  • Services that suit everyone

  • Fellowship/community within St Matthews

  • Youth Group

  • God First

The future? – Challenges

  • Opportunities for a better future

    • Larger congregation

    • Bigger/better church building

    • More children/larger Sunday school

    • Greater outreach – soup kitchen/worldwide/local

    • Dynamic Youth Group

    • Fellowship – small groups

    • Bilingual

  • Issues for the future

    • Financial overextension

    • Need for a 2nd clergy

    • Number of volunteers

    • Training for volunteers

    • Choir location

Stewardship – Challenges to involvement?

  • Better communication on needs

  • Would help with

    • Outreach for the community

    • Music

  • Need for better training

    • time management

    • organizational

The future? – what we need to change

  • Choir location

  • Building and grounds

  • Better planning

  • Children’s sermons

  • Youth group for teens

  • Full time Youth Minister

  • More money

  • Less programs

  • Parking paving/sidewalks/tile

Other comments

  • Rearrange the music practice for 9.15 to allow 8am congregation fellowship time

  • AA or other group sponsoring

  • Charging more for use of the building

  • Improve communication – website etc

  • Revise parish profile

  • Avoid negative comments instead show appreciation

  • Avoid perceptions of Cliques/gossip

  • Caring for God’s world needs to be a focus

Parishioner’s Survey - In Summary

  • Church is growing and in a good way

  • Most feel blessed to be part of this church

  • Many see continued growth in the congregation

  • Lots of love for God and the members of St. Matthews

  • Challenges

    • Resources – building/financial/people

  • Ideas are overflowing for the future

2004-2006 Strategic Plan

Vision:To live life at it’s fullest in Christ

I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

Mission: To Know and Share God’s Love

Through the following actions

--to do all in our power, and then some, to foster, nourish, and sustain

authentic, living relationships with God in Christ

--to build a community devoted to becoming one human family in pursuit

of God’s dream for us

--to promote personal growth so that, with God’s leading, help, and grace,

we will more fully realize our God-given potential and purpose tomorrow

than we have today

--to embrace the highest standards, as individuals, families, and a church, of

love, dedication, honesty, integrity, and service

St. Matthews Core ValuesThe members of St. Matthew’s follow God and embrace his Word as reflected in our Core Values which we communicate to one and all

Enthusiasm - to undertake God’s work using our energies, innovations, laughter and adaptability in the use of our resources

Faithfulness – to God’s Word and all our relationships

God’s Gifts to us – our personal talents and skills, our families and our building and grounds which we use to celebrate the Lord and God’s good earth that sustains us all

Humility – and Grace in serving the Lord and his children

Integrity – through truthfulness, sincerity and honesty in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Kindness - to our families, friends our community of St Matthews and also every stranger

Love – for God, our families, our community and the World

Praise – through joyful song, spirited sermons and daily prayer

People – whom we love, protect and lead to God through Christian teaching (especially our children)

Spiritual Growth – for each member of St Matthew’s on their personal journey of faith

St. Matthew’s2004-2006 Strategic Plan

Our service objectives form the word C.R.O.S.S.

Community Reverence Outreach Spiritual Formation Stewardship

  • Objective 1: Community.

    Create a community in which people experience vital, life giving connections with God and one another.

St. Matthew’s2004-2006 Strategic Plan

  • Objective 2: Reverence.

    Craft services that honor God and powerfully bring people into His presence

St. Matthew’s2004-2006 Strategic Plan

  • Objective 3: Outreach.

    Genuinely improve the quality of life for those less fortunate than ourselves in Sterling, the local community, and the world

St. Matthew’s2004-2006 Strategic Plan

  • Objective 4: Spiritual Formation.

    To introduce and/or further the relationship individuals have with Jesus, as Lord and savior, by helping them grow in their faith, knowledge, worship, and services as His devoted followers.

St. Matthew’s2004-2006 Strategic Plan

  • Objective 5: Stewardship.

    • Ensure St. Matthews has ample financial resources available to do the Lord’s work

    • Ensure St. Matthews has ample human resources available to do the Lord’s work. Create an environment where we can match the skills of the members of St. Matthews to the needs of the church and community in service to God’s and his children

    • Ensure that St. Matthew’s protects the Earth God has given us, uses the resources of the Earth wisely and with reverence, and celebrates the beauty of His creation.

St. Matthew’s2004-2006 Strategic Plan

Objective 6: Building and Grounds. Ensure St. Matthews has takes care of the resources to maintain a healthy church

St. Matthew’s2004-2006 Strategic Plan

  • Objective 7: Process

    Create an organization that provides the trained personnel and the organizational structure to support St. Matthews for the future

Next Steps

  • Establishment of Ministries

  • Finalize Initiatives/Targets/Measures

  • Begin the work

  • Continue Ministry evaluation

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

In Summary

  • Accomplishments

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Parishioners Survey

    • Strategic Plan with draft initiatives

  • Work has just begun

  • Monthly Vestry review

  • Newsletter and website communication

  • Annual Report

  • Any Questions?

  • Login