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CTAE Leadership Ohio!. WELCOME. CTAE Leadership Ohio!. Program Overview. June 26, 2009. CTAE Leadership Ohio!.

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Program overview

CTAE Leadership Ohio!

Program Overview

June 26, 2009

CTAE Leadership Ohio!

Purpose:To create a pool of visionary leaders who have the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate change and improve the quality of career-technical and adult education programs.

CTAE Leadership Ohio!

Program Partners

  • OACTS (Ohio Association Career Technical Superintendents)

  • OCTA (Ohio Career Technical Administrators)

  • Ohio ACTE

  • Ohio Department of Education

  • ORC (Ohio Resource Center)

CTAE Leadership Ohio!

Role of

Advisory Committee Members

  • Suggestions for content and structure

  • Suggestions for presenters and mentors

  • Recruitment of participants

  • Evaluation and feedback

  • Identify new and emerging skill sets

CTAE Leadership Ohio!

Participants in the cohort will:

  • Develop their leadership capabilities

  • Develop an understanding of policy development processes

  • Develop an understanding of instructional leadership

  • Establish meaningful personal and organizational partnerships and networks

CTAE Leadership Ohio!


  • Identify strategies and procedures for data informed decisions

  • Lead educational reform by helping their organizations to overcome resistance to change, accept new changes, and ground these changes in a new organizational culture.

CTAE Leadership Ohio!

Program Content Themes

  • Planning and Policy Development

  • Collaboration

  • Instructional Leadership

  • Accountability/Evaluation


CTAE Leadership Ohio!


Develop an individual leadership plan

Select a mentor(s) to assist with plan

Participate in the face-to-face meetings

(including the Ohio Policy and Leadership

Forum and the National Policy Seminar)

Participate in the distance delivery sessions

related to leadership and CTAE program


Create a professional portfolio

CTAE Leadership Ohio!


  • Conference sessions for best PD practices

  • Proven model for future PD plans

  • Involvement of “teams”

  • Strengthen the CTAE leadership capacity of Ohio

Current status for academy 6 www ctaeleadershipohio org

CTAE Leadership Ohio!

Current status for Academy 6www.ctaeleadershipohio.org