The early middle ages
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The Early Middle Ages PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Early Middle Ages. Erica Ness Moreno Valley High School AP Art History. Christian Imagery. Creation Virgin Jesus Christ 12 Disciples 4 Evangelists (Gospels) Crucifixtion Resurrection Old Testament and Two Testament. Chronology. Three Main periods:

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The Early Middle Ages

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The Early Middle Ages

Erica Ness

Moreno Valley High School

AP Art History

Christian Imagery

  • Creation

  • Virgin

  • Jesus Christ

  • 12 Disciples

  • 4 Evangelists (Gospels)

  • Crucifixtion

  • Resurrection

  • Old Testament and Two Testament


  • Three Main periods:

    • 5th – Early 11th Century CE: Early Midieval

      • Early Midieval (Visigoths, Lombards, Norse, Celts, Saxons) -> Carolingian -> Vikings -> Ottonian

    • 11th– 12th Century CE: Romanesque

    • Mid 12th – 10th Century CE: Gothic

Important Dates

  • Events Described in Beowulf (6th Century CE)

  • Death of Muhammad (632 CE)

  • Moors Conquer Spain (711 – 715 CE)

  • Charlemagne Crowned Holy Roman Emperor (800 CE)

  • Viking Invade England (866 CE)

  • Beginning of Ottonian Rule (936 CE)

Northern European


Vikings c. 800-1000 C.E.


  • Earliest surviving manuscript of a European epic composed in Vernacular.

  • Strong sense of Christian morality.

  • 2 parts; One he saves the king of Denmark by destroying Grendel, Second he becomes a king.

  • Epic ends with the story of his funeral rites and burial.

Sutton Hoo Purse Cover

Date: c. 630 C.E.

Location: East Angllia, England

Medium: Gold with Garnets and Cloisonne originally on ivory or bone.

Period: Saxon

Animal-Head Post

Date: 800-850

Location: Oseberg, Norway

Medium: Hardwood

Period: Viking

The Rok Stone

Date: Early 9th Century

Location: Ostergotland, Sweden

Period: Viking

Hiberno-Saxon Art

Stone Crosses

Illuminated Manuscripts

Lion Symbol of Saint John, From the Book of Durrow, fol. 191v.

Date: 650-700 Medium: Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum

TuncCrucifixerant XPI, from the book of Kells, fol. 124r.

Date: Late 8th or Early 9th Century

Medium: Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum

Celtic Cross

Date: Late 8th Century

Location:Ahenny, Tipperary, Ireland

Carolingian Period

December 25th, 800 Carlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor

Court School of Charlemagne, Christ Blessing, from the Godescalc Gospels

Date: 781-783

Medium: Text Written in Gold and Silver on Vellum

Saint John, From the Coroniation Gospels, fol 178v

Date: Late 8th Century

Medium: Parchment

Four Evangelists, From a Carolingian Gospel Book

Date: Early 9th Century

Location: Palace Chapel School, Aachen

Christ in Majesty, Vivian Bible, Frontispiece, fol. 329v

Date: 845-846 Medium: Tempera on Vellum.

Interior of Charlemagne’s Palace Chapel

Architect: Odo of Metz

Date: 792-805 Location: Aachen

Plan and Reconstruction of Charlemagne’s Palace Chapel

Plan of the Monastery of St. Gall, Switzerland

Date: 820

Reconstruction Model of the Monastery of St. Gall, Switzerland

Date: c. 820 C.E.

Lorsch Gatehouse

Date: c. 760

Location: Lorsch, Germany

Ottonian Period

Three Rulers named Otto who stabilized the Holy Roman Empire

St. Luke, From the Gospel book of Otto III

Date: C. 1000

Medium: Tempera on Vellum

Abbey Church of St. Michael’s, Hildesheim

Date: c. 1001-1031

Plan of St. Michael’s

Interior of St. Michael’s

Bronze Doors, St. Michael’s

Date: 1015

Location: Hildesheim, Germany

Medium: Bronze

Bronze Doors, St. Michael’s

Adam and Eve

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