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Adverbs. Modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb They answer the following questions: Where?: went outside , sit there When?: often asks, left yesterday , never again How?: ran quickly , remarked casually How often? or How long?: sometimes talk

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  • Modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb

  • They answer the following questions:

    • Where?: went outside, sit there

    • When?: often asks, left yesterday, never again

    • How?: ran quickly, remarked casually

    • How often? or How long?: sometimes talk

    • To what extent?: rather quickly, just started, not done

  • Many end in –ly

  • Don’t confuse with prepositions!

    • Adverb:I went outside.

    • Prep.:I went outside my house.

Words often used as adverbs

*The word not is an adverb– even when used in a contraction (won’t, don’t, etc.).

Position of Adverbs

  • Unlike adjectives that almost always appear beside the word they modify, adverbs can appear anywhere in the sentence.

    They can come before, beside, or after the words they modify.


    We often study together.

    We study together often.

    Often we study together.

Position of Adverbs

  • When an adverb modifies a verb phrase, it frequently comes in the middle of the phrase.


    We have often studied together.

Find the adverb and the word it modifies in each sentence.

Vivi Malloy rides her horse daily.

She has always wanted to make the U.S. Equestrian Team.

Vivi rides a very attractive chestnut horse named Penny Red.

4. Vivi usually cleans the horse’s stall after school.5. Then she grooms her horse.6. Vivi mounts Penny Red cheerfully.7. Penny Red trots briskly around the ring.8. Penny Red and Vivi especially enjoy jumping.9. They have competed successfully in several shows.

Adverbs or adjectives

  • Check what it’s describing

    • The path was straight.

      • describes the path, so an adjective

    • The man walked straight in the wall.

      • tells where, so an adverb

  • Some adjectives end in –ly

    • The lovely baby had curly hair.

      • both describe nouns, so both are adjectives.

Are the underlined words adjectives or adverbs?

1. The kindly stranger helped the lost child.

2. At noon, the whistle blew shrilly.

3. I carefully tested the heat of the water.

4. My young niece’s frilly dress was handmade by her mother.

5. I rose early and jogged three miles.

6. The early bird catches the worm.

7. Candace had rarely been late.

8. For some reason, I laughed uncontrollably.

What is a preposition?

Are the underlined words adverbs or prepositions?

1. The poison ivy climbed around the trunk of the tree.

2. I looked up but didn’t see the source of the noise.

3. The ship slowly sailed away.

4. Do not put the bread bag near the hot burner on the stove.

5. When did you say you are coming over?

6. If I inherited a million dollars, I would spread my wealth around a little.

7. He was able to pay the fine through the mail.

7th Grade words

  • Use synonyms when possible.

  • Don’t use the same word over and over again.

    • big: immense, gigantic, massive, colossal, enormous, mammoth

    • small: diminutive, miniature, petite, tiny, modest, slight

    • good: superior, excellent, virtuous, delightful, proficient, advantageous

    • bad: awful, appalling, corrupt, flawed, abysmal, disobedient, severe, ruinous, adverse, rotten

  • How does the use of adverbs and adjectives improve your writing?

  • Can you use too many adverbs or adjectives?

Exit Ticket

Write a well-written sentence about your favorite movie or television show using at least 2 adjectives and 2 adverbs.

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