Shawn Bartholomae
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Shawn Bartholomae is the President of two companies that offer a range of services in the oil industry. “His experience lies in the fields of investment counseling in the energy industry and in the marketing of financial products dealing with oil and gas production.”

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Shawn Bartholomae

Managing Two Oil Companies

Shawn Bartholomae is an experienced entrepreneur and business owner who currently helms to companies in the oil and gas fields. He is the President, Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC, in addition to being the President, Sole Director and a shareholder in Pro AK, LLC. Silver Tusk operates a number of key oil projects in Texas, with Pro AK being focused on projects in the Cook Inlet of Alaska, which is a burgeoning area for the oil industry.Accountability is a key metric in his companies and he analyzes the progress of projects constantly to make improvements where necessary.

Shawn Bartholomae


After developing experience in the oil and gas industry, Shawn Bartholomae made the decision to form his own business, Silver Tusk Oil, LLC, with the aim of providing even more comprehensive services to investors in the oil and gas space. He has faced the challenges that many entrepreneurs must navigate on the road to business success and has focused on creating a workforce that is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality in everything they do. He uses these skills to communicate the benefits of his companies’ projects to investors, helping them to make decisions that will allow them to reap strong returns based on the quality of work that his companies produce.”

Shawn Bartholomae

Strong Communicator

As the President of both Silver Tusk Oil, LLC and Pro AK, LLC, Shawn Bartholomae must demonstrate strong communication skills at all levels of business. His ability to communicate concisely is key to the efficiency of the projects that both companies work on, as it allows him to focus the energies of project teams so work is completed within schedule and budget. He must also be capable of communicating with key stakeholders and investors, often helping them make more informed decisions.

Shawn Bartholomae

Golf Enthusiast

When he is not busy with his work as the President of both Silver Tusk Oil, LLC and Pro AK, LLC, alongside the numerous other roles that he holds in both companies, Shawn Bartholomae likes to unwind by playing a few rounds of golf. He finds that the challenge presented by the sport drives him to keep developing, plus it allows him to get out in nature and enjoy his surroundings. This re-energizes him and allows him to return to work with renewed vigor.There are many strategies that you can employ in chess and it can be overwhelming to try to learn all of them at once. Pick a few that work for you and develop your own style, adding to your game as you become more skilled.Trying to rush through games leads to mistakes being made that experienced players will capitalize on.


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