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Virtual Rush. A Masters Thesis By Jeff Feder. Overview of the Presentation. The need for a Virtual Rush What a Virtual Rush consists of Comparing two different 3D viewer/builder programs The Virtual house Future Uses of the Virtual house. The Need.

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Virtual Rush

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Virtual rush

Virtual Rush

A Masters Thesis

By Jeff Feder

Overview of the presentation

Overview of the Presentation

  • The need for a Virtual Rush

  • What a Virtual Rush consists of

  • Comparing two different 3D viewer/builder programs

  • The Virtual house

  • Future Uses of the Virtual house

The need

The Need

  • Kappa Sigma has been on MSU’s campus since 1937.

  • One of 26 Fraternities on campus.

  • It’s a “small” house.

  • Losing numbers every year

Past rushes

Past Rushes

  • Formal Rush

  • Designated week in the beginning of each semester.

  • Guests can go on tours, meet members, and ask questions.

A new way

A New Way

  • Extending Rush Week


  • Create an event that does not require physical attendance.

  • Create a 3D model of the Fraternity house, and hold a Virtual Rush.

Existing technology

Existing Technology

  • 3D Virtual Reality websites

  • They look interesting

  • Have potential

3d state vs adobe atmosphere

3D State vs. Adobe Atmosphere

  • 3D State and Adobe Atmosphere are the two leading 3D viewer/builder packages available on the internet.


  • Monitored 5 students

  • “Talk out loud”

  • Small goals

Experiment findings

3D State

Less Bugs

Easier to Maneuver

Limited in Capabilities

No Chat Function


Adobe Atmosphere

More Bugs

Harder to Maneuver

A lot of Options

Chat Function


Experiment Findings

Pre production


Design Goals:

  • Accuracy

  • Appealing

  • Members

  • Visitors

Building the house

Building the House

  • Taking Digital Pictures

  • Created from the top floor down

  • Every complicated scenario

    • Slanted ceiling

    • Wall cutouts

    • Doorways

    • Staircase



  • Insert the lighting

  • Atmosphere calculated the lighting for me



  • Advanced Textures

  • Import graphics

  • Paste textures onto walls and objects


Atmosphere objects

Hit Detection


Bigger file size

Calculated with the environment’s lighting

Viewpoint objects

Walk through

Can’t make changes

Small file size

Not calculated with the environment’s lighting


On the web

On the Web

  • Posted the virtual house on the web

  • Everyone has an avatar

  • Able to see everyone logged into Virtual Rush

  • Able to chat with everyone

The virtual rush

The Virtual Rush

  • 2 hour period during Fall 2003 semester

  • 4 active members at CAS building

  • 7 participants online

    • 4 active members

    • 3 Rush guests

  • Good Overall response

Virtual rush findings

Virtual Rush Findings

  • Focus group

  • Everyone felt free to explore

  • Impressed with the virtual house and Virtual Rush idea

  • Believed it was real

Future uses

Future Uses

  • Future Rush tool

  • Virtual Fraternity house

  • Active Members and Alumni

  • Visit and communicate when not physically possible

Explore virtual rush

Explore Virtual Rush

Explore Virtual Rush

Thank you!

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