Sustaining the future through volunteer leadership mentoring
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Sustaining the Future through Volunteer Leadership & Mentoring. May 14, 2012. Sustaining the Future through Volunteer Leadership and Mentoring, May 14 th 2012 Today’s Agenda. 12:15 – 12:30 Welcome Overview of need for Next Gen Workforce Development

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Presentation Transcript

Sustaining the future through volunteer leadership and mentoring may 14 th 2012 today s agenda
Sustaining the Future through Volunteer Leadership and Mentoring, May 14th 2012 Today’s Agenda

12:15 – 12:30 Welcome

Overview of need for Next Gen Workforce Development

Industry involvement with Workforce development

12:30 – 12:45 Introductions

Overview of today's session

What is BeMentors?

12:45 - 1:15Programs at your Reach (by Panelists)

1:15 – 1:40 Panel responses

Why now – what's missing?

Where role does industry play?

How valuable is the mentor role?

Corporate support exist?

What does it look like for you?

1:40 – 1:55 Audience Lightning Round

1:55 What’s going on where?

2:00 Program Concludes

Today s panel speakers
Today’s Panel & Speakers Mentoring,

  • Carol Rieg, Corporate Foundation Officer

    • Bentley Systems, Inc.

  • Martin Pflanz, P.E., BeMentors Community Leader

    • Bentley Systems, Inc.

  • Walt Walker, P.E., Environmental Engineer

    • BCM Engineers

  • Josh Romalis, Executive Director

    • LIFT-Philidelphia

  • Katie Aguilar, P.E., Geotechnical Product Specialist

    • Bentley Systems

Carol d rieg corporate foundation officer bentley systems inc
Carol D. Rieg Mentoring, Corporate Foundation OfficerBentley Systems, Inc.

  • Corporate giving centers for STEM

  • Leads response to catastrophic disasters with matching financial support

  • Coordinating the donation infrastructure software to EWB

  •  One of the creators & National Director Future City Competition (1992-2008)

“Active volunteer at 12 healthcare, engineering education.”

Silver bullet next gen workforce development
“Silver Bullet – Next Gen Workforce Development” Mentoring,

  • Industry involvement - Workforce development

  • Why now – and what’s in it for the students?

    • Examples of Bentley STEM grants in action

  • Achieving Results

Bentley 2011 STEM Grant outreach program Mentoring, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math 1000+ global Bentley colleagues participated

  • United Kingdom

  • Sierra Leone

  • Sister school construction

  • and use of a water pump.

  • United States

  • School technology assistance – HS outreach programs

  • Canada

  • School Curricula/technology assistance.

  • Romania

  • Supporting the Computer Contest – “F11.”

  • Turkey and Pakistan

  • Rural school assistance: computers/classroom projectors.

  • Honduras

  • Rural school assistance

  • Australia

  • Engineers Without Borders –Australia

  • Mentor support

  • India

  • Techie Day and Science Centers

  • Support for on-site STEM learning

We need to get our young people interested in science technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

  • Programs can only work if young people consider science and technology careers as their future path in life

Techie days around the world sponsored by bentley colleagues
Techie Days around the world sponsored by Bentley Colleagues technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.




What stops young people from going into science and tech fields
What stops young people from going technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.into science and tech fields?

  • “The Lemelson and MIT program” conducted a survey of Americans ages 16 to 25 to see how they feel about science.

  • Two big points in that survey were that 60% of respondents could name a reason not to go into a science and tech field:

  • Point #1 "They’re intimidated by something:

    A) path through school seems too hard,

    B) they don’t know anybody in those fields to look up to, or another reason.

Stem hurdles
STEM hurdles … technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

Point #2

30% said they had little to no experience building anything hands-on, whether it’s a digital product like a website or a physical project like piecing together circuit.

  • The article mentions that these two are connected pretty strongly. Building cultivates

  • “Do it your self skills” and kick-starts a person’s interest in making things.


Ewb usa bentley software donation 24 products to 12 000 chapter members
EWB-USA Bentley software donation technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.24 products – to 12,000 chapter members!

Volunteer leadership in the community
Volunteer Leadership in the Community technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

  • Katie Aguilar, Women in Transportation

  • Chris Barron, CCHS

  • Tim Birnley, BB/BS Beyond School Walls

  • Susan Brandt, CCCBI

  • Tom Clemons, TRAC

  • Phil Conard, Good Works

  • Frank Conforti, Lion’s Club

  • David Hollister, Bridge of Hope

  • Bob Mankowski, Drexel

  • Robert Marigliani, EWB-Australia

  • Rita Oglesby, ACI

  • Martin Pflanz, ASCE

  • Maureen Pomeroy, STEM Academy and 3E Institute

  • Matthew Purse, YMCA

  • Barbara Reisenwitz, CCFB

  • Carol Rieg, MD Transp. Alliance

  • Robin Robertson, CCFB

  • Melissa Rohland, ACE Mentor

  • Al Rundle, UWCC

  • Bhupinder Singh, MathCounts

  • Saba Tedla, LIFT Philadelphia

  • Anne-Marie Walters, Habitat for Humanity

  • Harry Vitelli, PACT 

Martin pflanz p e bementors community leader bentley systems inc
Martin Pflanz, P.E. technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.BeMentors Community LeaderBentley Systems, Inc.

  • STEM outreach (Primary & Secondary)

  • Future City Competition Mentor/Judge

  • VP Education, Texas Section ASCE

  • Started colleague Leadership Community

  • BeMentors creator

“give strong, leave nothing in the tank”

Why martin pflanz mentors
Why Martin Pflanz Mentors? technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

…to watch others grow to lead

Cloud Mentoring launched in 2011 technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

a place to…

  • Connect mentors to a STEM program

  • Join the more than 1,000+ involved

  • 10% Bentley colleagues, 90% other professionals

BeMentors technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

  • Network of mentors leading other mentors

  • Themed webcasts for mentor needs+ online library

  • Knowledge sharing through community

  • Bringing technical + soft skills to students

What participating mentors had to say
What Participating Mentors had to say… technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

  • “Are you more likely to mentor next year if support like this is offered”

    … 100% said YES

  • “As a result of your experience would you recommend mentoring to a friend”

    … 100% said YES again

  • Valuable comments

    • “It gave me an idea of what the other teams were doing”

    • “Good to know that someone else has experienced similar successes and/or problems”

    • “This was my first time to Mentor - sharing of what other teams are doing and talking through issues was helpful. Quite often, a question was raised on the call that I had not even thought about

New challenges revealed
New challenges revealed… technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.

  • I would like to have a formula or script of weekly 'to-dos' that we can follow

  • I believe that the team needs to be allowed more time to meet for actual working sessions

  • With a team of students who never did the this before, they did not know how high the level of competition would be == until the competition.

  • I felt the teacher did not leverage me as much as she should have.

Josh technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.Ramolis

Executive Director


  • Program & Strategy Lead for LIFT’s Philadelphia operations

  • MA Intercultural Management

  • BS Industrial and Labor Relations

  • Former Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa

Katie aguilar p e geotechnical produce specialist bentley systems inc
Katie Aguilar, P.E. technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.Geotechnical Produce SpecialistBentley Systems, Inc.

  • Geotechnical Project Engineer

  • MS Civil Eng & MBA

  • Transportation You Committee

  • Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

  • Team in Training – endurance training for cancer research funding

“Read, set, go!”

Walt walker p e environmental engineer at bcm engineers bentley systems inc
Walt Walker, P.E. technology and engineering when they are still in their formative years in high school.Environmental Engineer at BCM EngineersBentley Systems, Inc.

  • Design Engineer

  • Wastewater treatment plant & sanitary sewer collection system

  • President EWB Mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia) Professional Chapter

  • MS Env. Eng

  • BS Civil Eng

“Volunteer Programs At Your Reach: Engineers Without Borders”

Walt Walker, P.E.

President, EWB-MAP

Environmental Engineer, BCM Engineers

Ewb usa overview
EWB USA - Overview Borders”

  • Engineers Without Borders-USA is a non-profit humanitarian organization established in 2002


    • Our vision is a world in which the communities we serve have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs, and that our members have enriched global perspectives through the innovative professional educational opportunities that the EWB-USA program provides.

    • EWB-USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders

How i became involved with ewb
How I became involved with EWB Borders”

  • Traveled to Bangladesh in 2005

    • Returned with my views broadened; became a student chapter member of Engineers Without Borders at Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ)

  • Joined EWB’s professional chapter in the Greater Philadelphia Area (EWB-USA Mid-Atlantic) in 2006

    • Professional chapter started with four (4) members

    • Been a chapter officer since 2007

My role in volunteering mentoring
My role in volunteering & mentoring Borders”

  • Keeping all members engaged

    • Communication (various media outlets, open forums)

    • Enthusiasm

    • Offering rewards from an educational, professional, and social perspective (vision & mission)

    • Providing a network

  • Developing and integrating new leaders, defining specific roles

    • Executive Officers, Local Outreach, PR/Media, Student Chapter Coordinators, Grant Writing, Fundraiser/Social Event Planning

  • Emphasize we are “without borders”

    • Both engineering and non-engineering persons play a role in the success of the organization

How does your organization encourage skilled volunteerism mentoring
How does your organization encourage skilled volunteerism/mentoring?

  • Monthly chapter meetings - Projects Educational presentation

  • Open invitation to get involved in EWB-MAP international projects (Rwanda, Philippines, El Salvador)

  • Local community outreach projects

  • Supporting EWB student chapters

    • Frequent coordination/collaboration with local EWB student chapters, who require professionals to travel overseas and/or request assist with design

  • Networking and social events, Help strengthen bonds

  • Annual Events (Fundraisers, Workshops)

Local outreach initiatives
Local volunteerism/mentoring?Outreach Initiatives

International project work
International volunteerism/mentoring?Project Work

Background volunteerism/mentoring?

  • EWB-USA’s Mission

  • Partner with disadvantaged communities

  • Improve quality of life through environmentally equitable, and economically sustainable engineering projects

  • Develop internationally responsible engineers and engineering students.

Ewb overview
EWB Overview volunteerism/mentoring?

  • Engineers Without Borders – USA

    • Established in 2000

    • In 2010, 1200 Students and 730 Professionals partnered

    • in 240 communities in 45 countries

    • Aided 45,000 people worldwide

Mentoring component
Mentoring Component volunteerism/mentoring?

  • Communication skills

  • Professional Responsibility

Building a better world one community at a time
Building a better world one community at a time volunteerism/mentoring?

Josh volunteerism/mentoring?Ramolis

Executive Director


What s wrong with this picture
What’s wrong with this picture? volunteerism/mentoring?

Power of volunteerism
Power of Volunteerism volunteerism/mentoring?




What is lift philadelphia
What is LIFT-Philadelphia? volunteerism/mentoring?

Mission: To combat poverty and expand opportunity for all Philadelphians

Trained volunteers work one-on-one with community members in need

Real and important issues – employment, housing, benefits, and referrals

Relationship-building and trust

Commitment – 3 to 10 hours per week, plus training


In Program Year 2012:

170 volunteers | 3200 clients

Lift s theory of change
LIFT’s Theory of Change volunteerism/mentoring?

Josh Romalis volunteerism/mentoring?

[email protected]

Transportationyou mentors make the program
volunteerism/mentoring?TransportationYOU, Mentors make the Program”

Katie Aguilar, P.E.

Geotechnical Product Specialist

Bentley Systems, Inc

Transportation you
Transportation YOU volunteerism/mentoring?

  • What is Transportation YOU?

  • Joint Initiative between WTS and the US DOT

  • Launched in May 2010 with a signing of a memorandum by US Sec. of Transportation Ray LaHood

  • Focus is girls ages 13 – 18 to introduce them to careers in transportation through mentoring

A need for mentoring
A Need for Mentoring volunteerism/mentoring?

  • The American Association for University Women (AAUW) has

    • asserted that low self-esteem will have a detrimental effect on girl’s future achievements. 

    • shown that girls’ self-esteem drops significantly as they make the transition from middle school to high school. 

  • By high school, adolescent girls were less confident of their math and science abilities, were less interested in math and science courses, and expressed much lower career aspirations than adolescent boys.  

  • Exposing girls to successful female role models can help counter these effects, because girls see that people like them can be successful.

Transportation you mentoring
Transportation YOU & Mentoring volunteerism/mentoring?

  • WTS members serve as professional role models and resources for the girls in Transportation YOU

  • Without WTS mentors and coordination of mentor/mentee activities there would be no Transportation YOU

Transportation you dc youth summit
Transportation YOU DC Youth Summit volunteerism/mentoring?

  • March 28 – April 1, 2012

  • 17 girls ages 16 – 18 touring DC with their mentors and being exposed to careers in Transportation and to learn about a transportation theme (accessibility)

  • Time was spent with mentors for the entire program

  • Interacted with many women who have worked their way to powerful positions in the transportation realm.

Panel question discussion
Panel Question & Discussion volunteerism/mentoring?

What else is going on at betogether
What else is going on at volunteerism/mentoring?BeTogether?

Onsite Outreach

50+ Highschool students learning how to use Bentley software, MicroStation, iPads

Live Zone Theater

Tues @ 10am & 1pm High School Robotics Demo

Wed @ 10am & 1pm Hypermodeling & Augmented Reality

In the STEM Zone… Hands-on!

Lava lamps, hovercrafts, 1-2-3 electric motors, marshmallow shooters + more!

T’s for Testimonials