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Orange tables presentation. By orange table productions. the idea. orange table have came up with an idea to clean out the pond and put lots of fish into it . If we have enough money left we will hope to include a bridge. We are also going to clean the fence out. Strengths.

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Orange tables presentation

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Orange tables presentation

By orange table productions

the idea

orange table have came up with an idea to clean out the pond and put lots of fish into it. If we have enough money left we will hope to include a bridge. We are also going to clean the fence out.


  • It will save a lot more money than buying a tank

  • Children can learn about them

  • The fish can be cheap

  • It could be good experience for when you are an adult


  • The fish might grow too big

  • Children might fall in

  • Children might poke the Fish

Fish might grow to big

  • If the fish grow to big they will cramp up and die. Also if they grow to big they will stick out the water and start to smell. We will stop this happening by making sue that we buy the right type of fish.

Children might fall in

  • If the children fall in they could be at risk of drowning. We will prevent this by putting in a gate with a lock and key.

If children poke the fish

  • If the children poke the fish the fish might become a hostile fish and bite. Also if people poke the fish they might get an infection from them. To stop them we will fence the area around them.

Introintroduction !!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange group came up with the idea of cleaning out the school pond and put in lots of fish in to it this will benefit the school in these ways

How it will benefit the parents

This shall benefit the parents by letting their children have a good education. They can let there children be able to learn more about the fish and the pond. As well as the children, the parents can learn about it

Also the parents can be amused by the pond, if they’re tired on sports day or at the fair. This can be a popular place for tired people.

How it will benefit children

  • Firstly it will benefit the children because they can learn a new topic, so they can learn about the fishes natural habitats.

  • Also they can show there parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents, at sports day and fairs. Next the children will get more eduation.

How it will benefit the teachers

  • It will benefit the teachers because it will let them tell the children a new subject about the pond. The teachers will even learn about it too furthermore they will also get to look after the pond life.

  • Following on the teachers will also learn to understand the importance of all the different wildlife that they might get to experience!!

How it will benefit the governors

  • It will benefit the governors by letting them have a new topic for the teacher to teach the children, also the children can experience seeing the fishes in reality. This amazing idea will save money and with the spare money the school can use the money to by more stationary objects for the school. Another reason is that it will teach the pupils new skills that they can use.


  • 10 koi carp cost £650

  • 10 sarsa comets cost £24.50

  • 1 pump cost £39.99

  • Koi food cost £22.55

  • Sarsa comet food cost £83.01

  • Total = £822.14

  • Thanks for listening!

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