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Inorganic compound- ITCZ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Courtney Beamer Dr. Simpson APES 16 April 2012. Inorganic compound- ITCZ. A compound that does not contain the element carbon or contains carbon bound to other elements other than hydrogen. Inorganic compound.

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Inorganic compound- ITCZ

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Courtney Beamer

Dr. Simpson


16 April 2012

Inorganic compound- ITCZ

A compound that does not contain the element carbon or contains carbon bound to other elements other than hydrogen

Inorganic compound

Fertilizer produced commercially, normally with the use of fossil fuels

Inorganic fertilizer

An addition to a system


A pesticide that targets species of insects and other invertebrates


Something that has worth as an instrument or tool that can be used to accomplish a goal

Instrumental value

An agricultural practice that uses a variety of techniques used to minimize pesticide inputs

Integrated pest management (IPM)

A waste management technique that employs several waste reduction, management, and disposal strategies to reduce the environmental impacts of municipal solid waste (MSW)

Integrated waste management

An agricultural method in which two or more crop species are planted in the same field at the same time


The hypothesis that ecosystems experiencing intermediate levels of disturbance are more diverse than those with high or low disturbance levels

Intermediate disturbance hypothesis

The narrow band of coastline between levels of high tide and low tide

Intertidal zone

An area of Earth that receives the most intense sunlight; where the ascending branches of the two Hadley cells converge

Intertidal convergence zone (itcz)

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