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Marketing yourself to Media employers. Steve Perring, History Researcher, Horrible Histories Kate Copland, Careers Adviser Aims:. Recognise the value of “personal branding” in this job market Be able to identify your personal brand

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Marketing yourself to media employers

Marketing yourself to Media employers

Steve Perring, History Researcher, Horrible Histories

Kate Copland, Careers Adviser


  • Recognise the value of “personal branding” in this job market

  • Be able to identify your personal brand

  • Know how to use a variety of methods to market yourself effectively

  • Perfect your pitch!

Personal branding
Personal Branding

  • Your unique selling point (USP)

  • Identifies you as an individual and what you have to offer

  • And/or identifies you as a representative of an organisation – you embody the company values / image

  • Creates a specific impression to others (an impression that you can control and influence)


Ant & Dec

family values


cheeky chappies

Russell brand
Russell Brand



youth culture


Importance of personal branding
Importance of personal branding:

  • Your image, what you do, who and what you associate yourself with all creates an impression.

  • In order to market yourself effectively, your personal brand needs to relate to the company brand.

  • So, you need to know two things:

  • What’s the company brand?

  • What’s your personal brand?

Sector strategies
Sector strategies

  • What’s appropriate for the organisation?

  • What does the company do?

  • What’s the company’s image?

  • What’s the company culture- how do people dress/behave?

  • = values = innovation

  • Commercial awareness:


  • Know your sector and know your company!

  • (Work experiencein Media)

    • (hard copy in Careers Centre) – Digital Spy

  • (Media & Publishing)

  • (BBC Academy for all areas of Media)

  • (Jobs advertised by also loads of help)

  • (Free intro in TV world)

  • Production company websites

  • York Graduate Profiles

  • Professional Connect/ alumni events

  • Primary research: Work experience!

  • Not sure what you want to do?

  • Employability Tutorial (in the VLE)

What s your personal brand or who are you and what do you want
What’s your personal brand? or Who are you and what do you want?!

  • Career goal or personal profile on CV?

  • Elevator pitch?

  • What NOT to do!....

  • 2 minutes….

  • Skim read your CV or brain storm yourself

  • Note down key words/ themes/ impressions that stand out

Personal branding1
Personal branding:

  • What does this say about you?

  • Is this the impression you want to give?

Media qualities
Media Qualities



Skills related to history
Skills related to History:

  • Critical analysis and ability to condense large amounts of information

  • Communication

  • Ability to construct a logical and persuasive argument

  • Problem solving

  • Team work (group projects and seminars)

  • Research – not just history!

  • Self-management

  • Time management and dealing with multiple workloads

  • IT skills

  • Creativity

  • Numeracy (use of statistics)

Marketing approaches
Marketing approaches:

  • Online

  • Applications

  • Face to face

1 online
1. Online:

  • Twitter- what are you saying? Who are you following? What does this say about you?

  • Privacy settings?! Who are you accepting?

  • Examples of your work: blogs/ website/ virtual portfolio/ YouTube

  • Is your online presence consistent in terms of quality and message? (e.g. Want to work as a journalist, but write articles contradicting your opinions expressed in previous articles?!)

  • You can showcase your skills and create a great impression before an employer has even met you!

Marketing approaches1
Marketing approaches:

  • 2. Applications:

  • CV, cover letter, application forms, speculative approaches

  • Are these well written? Free of spelling errors? Consistent and clear messages? Tailored to the company and the role? Is the role something you could do?

  • If you have a clear understanding of your goal(s) and why your skills and experience are relevant, you will write a much stronger application!

3 face to face
3. Face to face:

  • Interviews and assessment centres:

  • Social interviews: pub/corridor/coffee. Very informal. Be open to opportunities! Get way in.

  • 2. Formal interviews/ assessment centres: situational questions, commercial awareness questions. You are expected to know about the industry, current affairs and what’s popular. Watch TV! Can you cope with stress and thinking on your feet?: “Pitch us an idea”…

  • Networking: careers fairs/ industry events, work experience, volunteering, social events, personal interests (e.g. art exhibition, film festival..)

Networking tips
Networking tips:

  • Prepare! Who will be there? What do you want to find out?

  • Bring a friend – pros/cons (Tag teams?!)

  • Review the room – where are the people you would like to target? Name badges/ zones/stands? Even if a person isn’t necessarily useful still have a chat – you’ll never know where it might lead and if you’re rude then word spreads!

  • Approach people on their own- make small talk? Build your confidence.

  • Look for groups to break into, rather than people in pairs.

  • What NOT to do….

The graceful exit
The graceful exit

  • Think about the message you want to leave the person with

  • Thank the person

  • Introduce others, or ask for an introduction yourself

  • Follow up meeting/email/article/information

  • Reconnect at a later date

  • If you say it, mean it, and do it!

    • Escape routes:

    • “Shall we check out the food?”

    • “It’s been great talking to you, but please excuse me I’ve just spotted someone else I need to catch.”

    • Need the loo!

    • Time – need to head home.

Pitch us an idea
Pitch us an idea!

  • Working in teams you will have 5 MINUTES to prepare an idea and then 2 MINUTES to pitch it to us.

What’s your idea and why should YOU be the ones to produce it?

What makes it unique/different?


  • York Award courses:

  • Your online brand

  • Networking for beginners


  • Careers sessions:

  • CV and application writing sessions

  • CV and application reviews

  • Online resources:

  • Successful networking (info sheet)

  • CV Guide (in the VLE)


Who to follow
Who to follow

  • @TheBBCAcademy – the BBC Academy (and @BBCCoP)

  • @Don_b_kong- runs the BBC Trainee Schemes and Pool (often posts advice)

  • @4TalentDays – Channel 4’s advice scheme

  • @ITVCareers – often old advice sessions and workshops

  • @tvtalentmanager and @theunitlist

  • @journalism_jobs- for newspapers and journalists

  • @GuardianCareers

  • @WIJ_UK  (Women in journalism)

  • @TheTVIndustry – for people specifically interested in TV

  • @RTS_Futures- Royal Television Society

  • @BAFTAGuru

  • @LondonLive – keep abreast of new areas of TV

  • And of course @UoYCareers!

  • Plus anyone you meet networking – it’s a great informal way to stay in touch - @stevenperring

Help and support
Help and Support:

  • Open Mon – Fri , 10am -5pm


  • CV and application reviews

  • One to one advice/ info appointments

  • Careers Fairs and events

  • Employability Tutorial, CV guide

  • York Award, Volunteering, SIB

  • E-guidance: [email protected]

  • LOCATION: campus central carpark, next to Vanbrugh and Market Square shops


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