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Agendas for Wednesday 9/3. 4 th week of school (3 rd full week). Juniors 9/3/14. Warm-up: a. vocabulary; b. poems (10 minutes) Begin chapter 1 in textbook (notes and share with partners…if time) HW: bring textbooks on Wednesday (9/3) HW: Vocab. Quiz #1 9/8

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Agendas for Wednesday 9/3

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Agendas for Wednesday 9/3

4th week of school (3rd full week)

Juniors 9/3/14

  • Warm-up:a. vocabulary; b. poems (10 minutes)

  • Begin chapter 1 in textbook (notes and share with partners…if time)

    HW: bring textbooks on Wednesday (9/3)

    HW: Vocab. Quiz #1 9/8

    HW: Final assessment (letter to senator) for cloning unit DUE: Thursday 9/4 @ 10:00 p.m. to

Freshmen 9/3/14

MAP test (second day)

Chapter 1 Study Guide

Encounters and Foundations to 1800

By the end of this unit you will need to answer the following questions in an essay…

  • What affect did European settlement have on Native Americans?

  • Who were the Puritans and what were their beliefs about human nature?

  • How did Rationalism differ from Puritanism, and what effect did rationalism have on the new American political system?

  • What methods did each group use to share their identity, ideas, and histories? (EVERYONE WRITES THIS QUESTION ALONG WITH ONE OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS)

    ** Number off as a class; whichever number you received, write that question down on a piece of paper; skip ½ page and write down question #4

Compare Contrast Chart

Native Amer.PuritansRationalists


Types of Lit. (we will do as a class)

Affect on Other Groups

Affect on Govt.

Read through pages 4-top of 19 and…

  • more carefully read the section assigned to you (1=European affect on Native Americans 2=Puritans, 3=Rationalists) and skim the

  • Under the question you wrote, write down five important things that help answer your question.

  • Fill in the chart for your assigned

  • DO NOT worry about answering question #4 or the literature section of the chart

Brainstorm P2

  • European settlement: judged Native Americans to be inferior and enslaved them; brought diseases; livestock; trade; hunting; Native Amer. Helped Europeans with farming and land

  • Puritans: responsible for most of Native Amer. slavery; believe in god; pure of heart

  • Rationalists: strict; lawful; reason based

  • (forgot brainstorm with period 4)

Brainstorm P5

  • European affect on Native Americans: pushed them off land and killed many; made some slaves/workers; introduced new diseases; trade

  • Puritans: came because they wanted freedom of religion; wanted to be pure and live for God

  • Rationalists: use their heads; clear thought process

Period 6

  • Effects of Europeans on Native Americans: death; slaves; brought diseases; trading; changed their religion;

  • Puritans: spiritual; pure spirit; spread their beliefs; came from England; enlightenment; escape the church of England

  • Rationalist: use the brain; rational people; scientists

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