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Do now. Pick up papers by the door and start filling in the paper work Don’t get comfortable…assigning seats . Zara Z. J. White Conor S. Kaitlyn S. Joshua S. Sherisa S. Alexandra R. Francesco P Joshua. Alexander N Ashley M. Yvonna M. William M. Erynn M.

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Do now
Do now

  • Pick up papers by the door and start filling in the paper work

    • Don’t get comfortable…assigning seats 

Zara Z

J. White

Conor S

Kaitlyn S.

Joshua S.

Sherisa S.

Alexandra R

Francesco P


Alexander N

Ashley M

Yvonna M.

William M.

Erynn M.

Alexandra L

Nick K.

Evelia H

Kelly H

Rhiannon G

Danielle D

Jose D

Lauren C.

Lynnea C

Samantha C

Samantha B

Angela B

Jared A

Mr Donohue’s Desk


James R.

Dan T

Jason Q


Chris S.

Raymond S.

James N.

Steven M.

Liz M.

Rachael K.

Kiernan H

Olivia F.

Jessica F.

Rapael C

Jennifer C


Stephanie B.

James A.

Mr Donohue’s Desk

Mark V

Marie T. (26)

Jenna S

Kathleen R


Colin P (22)



Bryan M

Deidra (18)

Mark M

Kristen M

Lauren M

Emily K (14)



Anthony G

Matt E (10)

Max D

Justin S

Dillon C

Jonathan (3)


Frank D

Skye b

Kevin A (1)

Teacher Desk

Some housekeeping
Some housekeeping

  • All the exciting paperwork that you get at the beginning of the year… lets go over it!

  • Regents chem overview

  • Class guidelines and calendar

  • Lab guidelines and contact lenses info

  • Student information sheet

Lab folders
Lab folders

  • Please, write the following on the folders tab:

  • Last name, First name, Section #


Emergency procedures 303
Emergency Procedures (303)

  • Fire drill… (right, then right, down the stairs and out to baseball field)

  • Tornado drill…(right and against the lockers)

  • Lock down… (by the turtle)

  • General rule of thumb; Listen carefully and do EXACTLY as your told

Emergency drill procedure 308
Emergency Drill Procedure 308

  • Fire Drill; right out of the class, turn right down the stairs and out towards the white house

  • Tornado Drill; against the lockers in the hallway, head between your knees, hands over the neck

  • Lock down; go towards the eye-wash. Remain quiet

  • General rule of thumb, do EXACTLY as your told

Lets take a look at that packet
Lets take a look at that packet!

  • You will be getting one each unit

Scientific method
Scientific Method

  • You got a problem? YOU GOT A PROBLEM???? Then solve it, using the Scientific Method! It is a logical sequence of steps designed specifically to solve problems!

  • “You got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it”

    • Vanilla Ice

An example
An example

  • My hair straightener isnt working

  • If I try a different outlet then it should work because the outlet is broken

  • Plug it into another outlet

  • Data; IT WORKS!

  • Analysis; straightener is now wicked hot

  • Conclusion; it was the outlet

You know who use the sci method a lot
You know who use the Sci. Method a lot?

  • Mythbusters!

  • Let us practice identifying the steps of the Sci. Method via watching a bit of Mythbusters

Here is problem
Here is problem…

  • I always thought that water conducted electricity…so I am going to test it!

Homework time
Homework time

  • Nearly every period will have at least some time put aside to work on homework

  • For example; right now!

  • Over night homework: Get all the paperwork signed and bring it back