The unsung heroes of a perfectly cooked pizza
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The Unsung Heroes of a Perfectly Cooked Pizza - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It takes more than just simple cooking, mixing of dough and putting cheese to make a ravishing pizza. Apart from an expert’s touch, a perfectly cooked pizza also requires some tools such as the pizza oven thermometer as well as the oven, discussed here.

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The unsung heroes of a perfectly cooked pizza
The Unsung Heroes of a Perfectly Cooked Pizza

Who doesn’t love a slice of rich cheesy pizza that is full of Italian authenticity as well as flavours? Well, we all do agree that a delicious pizza is an amazing delight for everyone but have we ever given its due credit to the heroes that had put in a lot of efforts in bringing out those irresistible flavours? I am of course not talking about the chefs or the ingredients that are used in a similar manner all over the world.

The unsung heroes of a perfectly cooked pizza1
The Unsung Heroes of a Perfectly Cooked Pizza

Here, we are referring to the pizza ovens and the scores of accessories that are used in cooking that impeccably well tasting pizza that you just can’t resist. Pizza ovens have been used in some or the other way, depending on their requirement. Whether it is a simple pizza being cooked at home or a bunch of them being cooked in an hour for a restaurant, the type of oven and accessories like the pizza oven thermometer and the pizza oven insulation board do make a lot of difference.

The unsung heroes of a perfectly cooked pizza2
The Unsung Heroes of a Perfectly Cooked Pizza

Hence, we emphasize on using the right type of pizza oven as well as accessories for making the best pizzas in your restaurant or home. Whether it is a simple brick oven or the authentic wood fired pizza oven, you can get the best of all from our recommended store Californo, a rusted name that has been producing some of the best ovens and oven accessories used by leading chefs all over the world.

Why all that fuss?

So the question is- why are we emphasizing on these unsung heroes and much neglected accessories or equipment? What is it that makes them this special and why can’t we make do without them? Well, here is your answer- for cooking a pizza, you require more than just the recipe and ingredients. Imagine cooking your pizza in an oven that is bound to fail because of its poor construction.

How to get started with your own restaurant
How to get started with your Own Restaurant?


The wrong equipment not only destroys your pizza, but it can also hamper your safety to a great extent. Thus, you should consider this as a one-time smart investment and simply get the best set of tools required for the work.

Whether it is the pizza cutter, the tray, sieve, grater, insulation board, glove, wood handles, insulation sheet, pizza oven thermometer.

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