teach in for climate justice
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Teach in for Climate Justice

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Teach in for Climate Justice. March 1 – 12, 2010. An opportunity to focus discussion on creating a clean, just and sustainable energy future. Role of College and University Campuses….

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teach in for climate justice

Teach in for Climate Justice

March 1 – 12, 2010

An opportunity to focus discussion on creating a clean, just and sustainable energy future

role of college and university campuses

Role of College and University Campuses…

As historic drivers of innovation and forward thinking, postsecondary institutions and the communities within have a responsability to educate and build solutions around the issues facing our world today

climate change
Climate Change

“The issue of climate change is one that we ignore at our own peril…And unless we free ourselves from a dependence on these fossil fuels and chart a new course on energy in this country, we are condemning future generations to global catastrophe.”- Barack Obama

Climate change is a problem that crosses all boundaries; gender, race, culture and socio-economic status

climate justice
Climate Justice…

is the way we speak about the impacts of climate change by recognizing the social inequities that define it

dWhy do we need Climate Justice?...

  • Those who contribute the least emissions per capita suffer most of the impacts of climate change (International Development Studies)
  • The impacts of climate change are disproportionately felt by small island states, women, youth, coastal peoples, local communities, indigenous peoples, fisherfolk, poor people and the elderly. (Human Geography)
  • Loss of biodiversity unjustly effects those who live closest to the land AND the creatures becoming extinct (Ecosystem Management Technicians)
  • There has been failure to recognize key principles of climate change negotiation frameworks making the outcome of international summits unjust. (Political Science)
  • Market-based mechanisms …currently being promoted by transnational corporations are false solutions and are exacerbating the problem (Economics)

The movement towards a clean, equitable

future should include ALL people and

backgrounds in the decision making process. (Everyone)

Where does your discipline fit in?


On March 1- 12, 2010 Campuses across the world will discuss their relationship to climate change and climate justice

Join, SYC, and Go Beyond in bringing to you an international teach-in!

what is a teach in
What is a Teach-in?
  • Educational Forum to communicate a complicated current issues
  • Hosted by Educational Institution
  • Use multiple forms of communication (lecture/ speakers/ music/ art/ …etc
  • Powerful, integrated messaging
  • Build meaningful solutions
why teach in for climate justice
Why Teach-in for Climate Justice?
  • Climate Change effects everyone
  • Need experts from ALL disciplines
  • Current Issue that unites us
  • Opportunity to reach many folks across the globe!
  • All of us are responsible in creating a better future
the climate of climate
The Climate of Climate!

Where do we stand?

  • Canada represented at recent international negotiations on Climate Change
  • Currently Expanding Alberta Oil-Sands Project
  • Campuses Across N?A pledge comittment to the climate
  • Peak oil?
  • UN treaty for indigenous
  • rights
  • Political Activism
  • International Days of
  • Action!
so what do i have to do
So what do I have to do?
  • Dedicate a small portion of your class to discussion around climate justice
  • Ask provided questions to the students
  • Show short video on climate justice (provided)
  • Connect Students with campaign on climate justice

Course Related Questions:

  • How can our discipline be part of creating a just and equitable climate solution?

Broad-based Questions:

  • What is climate justice and what does it mean?
  • How does climate justice relate to your discipline?
  • What is Canada’s role in developing a just and equitable climate solution
  • What would climate justice look like on a global scale? What about national and local scales?
  • How can your academic discipline contribute to achieving this vision?
international campaign
International Campaign!

By signing on to the teach-in you will be joining many other schools in Canada as well as post secondary institutions in Kenya and India!

what support can you expect from syc
What support can you expect from SYC?
  • Toolkit
  • One on one support via e-mail/ phone
  • Trained and skilled student organizers!
  • List of speakers and resources
  • Website (will be up Feb 8!)
  • Ontario Wide media
what is the outcome
What is the outcome?

What do we do with all the momentum from this amazing campaign?

  • Take Good Notes!
  • Develop campus based solutions
  • Link students into campus groups already working on these issues
  • Interested students can contact SYC to volunteer with climate justice organizations
  • Go Beyond and invite the local community into discuss these issues

We believe all disciplines have a critical role to play in this challenge and invite professors and students from all faculties to participate in the Teach-In.


In the wind down from a disheartening December…

…In a world where the folks that create the least pollution suffer the MOST

… In a country that wants to do good but is bound to industry and our comfort

And in a province where students CRAVE to run towards a clean just energy future on campus

sign up
Sign Up!

For the worlds 1st ever International Teach-in for Climate Justice

For more information contact your campus organizers - or- Carly Joynt at Ontario.syc-cjs.org

teach in for