Preparing Your Child For A Successful Middle School Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Preparing your child for a successful middle school experience
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Principal: Steve Karsner Assistant Principal: Brian Wheeler Counselors: Robin Price- Orange Team Shannon Holland – Silver Team. Preparing Your Child For A Successful Middle School Experience. Preparing today ’ s generation for tomorrow ’ s challenges. BCMS Guidelines for Success!.

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Preparing Your Child For A Successful Middle School Experience

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Preparing your child for a successful middle school experience

Principal: Steve Karsner

Assistant Principal: Brian Wheeler Counselors:

Robin Price- Orange Team

Shannon Holland – Silver Team

Preparing Your Child For A Successful Middle School Experience

Preparing today’s generation for tomorrow’s challenges

Bcms guidelines for success

BCMS Guidelines for Success!

  • Enter to Learn

  • Attitude is Everything

  • Give/Get Respect

  • Lead by Example

  • Effort is Essential

  • Service to Others

Preparing your child for a successful middle school experience

New Immunizations are required by the FIRST day of school. Sixth grade physical due in the first two weeks of school.

School fees

School Fees

  • School fees are $50 and can be paid tonight.

  • 25.00 if you qualify for reduced lunch

  • Fees are used to fund math workbooks, agenda books and other instructional items.

Soaring opportunities

Soaring opportunities

  • Spanish, Drama,Y-Club , KUNA and KYA, FPS, Quick recall, Written Assessment, 6th grade showcase, FCA, First Priority, Math Counts, Art Club, Engineering

  • Football, basketball, soccer, cross country, wrestling, cheerleading, softball, baseball, volleyball, track, golf, archery



  • Students will have 6 periods…

    • Math, L.A., Science, Social Studies, Reading, and a Related Arts class

  • Related Arts/Enrichment Opportunities include…

    • P.E. , Art, Practical Living, Technology, Spanish, Drama, Band, Reading, Engineering

Tips for success

Tips For Success

  • Organization- Students should have a binder for each class.

  • Lockers- Each child will have his/her own locker. Students need a combination lock, Please encourage your child to keep it clean.

  • Agenda Book- Students will receive an agenda book. It is important to check nightly for assignments and upcoming projects.

Preparing your child for a successful middle school experience

Lunch $2.45

Breakfast $1.25


Arrival dismissal

Arrival / Dismissal

AM- Buses drop students off in front of the building.

Students enter into gym and wait until 8:00 bell (Do not come before 7:30! The doors will be locked and no supervision is provided until 7:30). It is best for students to be in the building by 8:00.

PM-Buses pick students up in front of the building- always in the same order The Bell Rings at about 3:08.

Car riders dismissed when buses leave around 3:12. Students cross at crosswalk and load cars at the top of the stairs. Please drive carefully!

If you are checking your child out early you MUST do so prior to 2:55

Team atmosphere

Team Atmosphere

  • Students will be placed on one of two teams – the Orange team or Silver team.

  • Teams are randomly chosen and equitable.

  • Creates positive climate

  • Each team has specific location



To do our best, we must have all students make regular attendance a top priority!

  • We call home when your student is absent!

  • Last year we had an attendance rate of 96.21%

School safety

School Safety

  • Policies, Code of Conduct, Zero Tolerance

    Camera Surveillance System

  • Team Meetings with students

  • Bullying/ Harassment Prevention through guidance lessons

  • 6th graders are separated from older students (during class change, lunch, etc.).

Electronic devices

Electronic Devices

  • Personal use of electronic devices is not allowed at students own discretion. An adult may allow on occasion.

  • Students should keep cell phones and other devices locked and turned off.

  • Some teachers may occasionally utilize student owned devices for classroom instruction.

Digital driver s license

Digital Driver’s License

  • All BCMS students will complete an online digital driver’s license to show competency and safety in an online environment.

Dress code


  • Appropriate for public co-educational setting.

  • Shirts Must have sleeves.

  • Shorts must be at least mid-thigh

  • Must button buttons.

  • No drug/alcohol related logos.

  • Appropriate content.



  • There will be nightly homework in at least one subject per night.

  • There may be some nights on which a student has homework in several subjects.

  • All of the homework is meaningful and teachers are conscious of the homework that other classes may give.

Making the grade

Making the Grade

  • The grading scale is:

  • 90-100is an A

  • 80-89is a B

  • 70-79is a C

  • 65-69is a D

  • 64 and below is an F

Medication at school


  • Medical authorization from parent.

  • Dosage/frequency listed on prescription bottle.

  • Kept in the office.

  • Use logged by staff.

  • Student responsibility.

Preparing your child for a successful middle school experience


Must ring bell for admittance

Must check in at front desk

We have services to help

We have services to help!

  • After-school tutoring through ESS.

  • Guidance lessons on studying and test-taking.

  • All students get an assignment book!

  • Mentoring Program.

  • Youth Services Center – Kathleen Sinkhorn

Parent communication

Parent Communication

  • Review and/or sign student agenda books.

  • Call teachers during their Planning Periods.

  • Teachers will use email to communicate with parents

  • Email teachers: Each teacher’s email address is their first name followed by a period and their last name @

  • Example:

Parent communication1

Parent Communication

  • Teachers are always available to meet during planning or after school.

  • Like our fan page on Facebook

  • Follow us on Twitter @BoyleEagles

  • Parent and student portal for grades

  • School Messenger Call System

  • Also take a look at our website

Soaring to success

Soaring to Success!

  • We are a Proficient School – 2012 and 2013 KPREP results –TOP 12%

  • 2012 ACT higher performing school based on Explore test results.

  • 2013 Best in Area in Explore

  • -

  • 2013 highest number of students meeting ACT benchmark

A technology rich environment

A Technology Rich Environment

  • 315 Ipads

  • 30 Mac Airs (lap tops)

  • 30 Ipod Touches

  • 3 Computer labs

  • 60 Google Chrome Books (Lap tops)

  • 15 Lenovo Laptops

  • PLTW Lab

  • 3D Printer

Live by the bcms motto

Live by the BCMS motto:


Encourage your student to start the year off with the belief that she/he will succeed, and she/he will!

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