Social media in health care
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Social Media in Health Care. Outline. Social life of health care information Examples of social media in health care Social Media University, Global (SMUG). The Social Life of Health Information. 60% found online information affected a decision

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Social Media in Health Care

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Social Media in Health Care


  • Social life of health care information

  • Examples of social media in health care

  • Social Media University, Global (SMUG)

The Social Life of Health Information

60% found online information affected a decision

52% of online inquiries done on behalf of someone else

86% get health information from a health professional; 68% from a friend or family member

41% read someone else’s experience about a health issue

24% consulted rankings

13% listened to podcast of health issues

Few write or create online health information

Social networking sites used sparingly

How we use social media is changing the face of health care

Communication: One to ManyMany to Many

  • Social media speed up communication

    • Blogs

    • Tweets

    • Facebook

    • You Tube

    • Patients Like Me (

Social Media for Healthcare Communications

  • Capstrat-Public Policy Polling survey of 843 registered voters between Feb 21 and 22, 2011

    • 84% would not use social media or instant messaging for medical communication

    • Prefer email and website interactions for health consultations with providers

  • Social media strong for communication among peer communities of patients, just not for communication with providers.


What are the

Implications of

these findings for

nurses and

health care?

YouTube Vs. Twitter Hospital Accounts:

US Hospitals Use of Social Media

Hospital Social Media

Social Media and Patient Teaching


  • Use existing tools creatively!

  • Health teaching AND public relations opportunity

  • Explore how San Diego hospitals are using YouTube




  • San Diego Health Care Organizations




Patient Resources

  • Patients Like Me


    • Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of patients diagnosed with life-changing diseases

    • Community of patients, providers, and organizations

    • Provides patient tools, information, and experiences to help patients take control of their disease

140 Health Care Uses for Twitter

  • Tissue recruitment

  • Epidemiological surveys

  • Disaster alerting and response

  • Emergency response team management

  • Supportive care for patients and family members

  • Diabetes management

  • Maintaining a personal health history

  • Adverse event reporting

  • Emitting critical laboratory values

  • Alarming silent codes

  • Drug safety alerts from the FDA

  • ….

101 Health Care Things to Do with a Smart Phone


  • Support for clinical conditions

    • Alzheimers, diabetes, dementia. Deafness, chronically ill, post cardiac surgery, STD, asthmatics…

  • Monitoring for medication compliance, blood glucose, weight measurement, sleep…

  • Appointment scheduling and reminders

  • Image viewing

Social Media University, Global (SMUG)

  • Post-secondary educational institution dedicated to providing practical, hands-on training in social media to lifelong learners


Social media in health care is exploding…

And is limited only by our imagination

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