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Human environment interaction
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Human Environment Interaction . 12.3.

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Human Environment Interaction

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Human environment interaction

Human Environment Interaction


Human environment interaction

  • The Netherlands is a country that historically is associated with water management. For survival, the Dutch had to be inventive and developed a highly sophisticated manner to live with water. The high population density (465 persons/ square mile) combined with an economy largely related to transport, navigation and ports, results in pressure on space and environment that has to be managed carefully.

    • Proportion of the country’s GDP generated below sea level: 70%.

    • Rainfall: 880 mm/year

    • Evaporation: 500 mm/year.

    • Forty percent of the Netherlands was once under the sea

Dutch need land for growing population

Dutch need land for growing population

  • Polder – reclaiming land by Diking

  • Seawork – structures used to control the oceans destructive impact

Human environment interaction

  • Dutch also Created Terpens which are elevated land that provide safety for people during floods

  • The Dutch also created freshwater lakes which became known as Zuider Zee

  • Part of the lake was drained and is now known as Ijsselmeer

120 islands makes up venice

120 Islands makes up Venice

Human environment interaction

Builders are using wooden pilings to help support the buildings on top of the swampy land. The buildings are so heavy that it is causing Venice to sink

Forests were cleared around Venice for the wood. This caused mass deforestation around Italy and Slovenia

Venice problems

Venice Problems

  • Pollution now threatens Venice

  • Floods also pose a problem for the city

    • Sinking

    • Algae

Acid rain and deforestation

Acid Rain and Deforestation

  • Acid Rain forms when sulfur emissions from factories and water vapor combine

  • Affects ¼ of all European Forests. Scandinavian forests are hit hard because prevailing winds blow in that direction

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