the classification of countries
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The Classification of Countries

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The Classification of Countries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Classification of Countries. Something to think about?. What types of things do we rely and use on a daily basis? Are these necessities or luxuries? Consider what your life would be like if you were born in another part of the world?

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something to think about
Something to think about?
  • What types of things do we rely and use on a daily basis?
  • Are these necessities or luxuries?
  • Consider what your life would be like if you were born in another part of the world?
  • How would your daily routine compare to someone living in a “have not” country?
division by economics
Division by Economics




Difference Across the Globe

Literacy, Health, Industrialization, Freedom

IMR, disease, crime

Literacy, Health,

Industrialization, Freedom

IMR, disease, crime, industrialization


Classifying the World

What words do we use to classify the world?

3 world model
3 World Model
  • first world
  • second world
  • third world

Too narrow…





5 World Model

First World: high standard of living, high industrialization, democratic gov’t, healthy economic performance…

Second World: moderate standard of living, moderate level of industrialization, communist gov’t…

Third World on the way to industrialization with industries exploiting the newly discovered natural resources, low to moderate standard of living, small upper class and large lower class…


5 World Model

Fourth World Lower standard of living than 3rd world, potential to industrialize, but need to exploit resources… (eg…)

Fifth World very little potential to industrialize, low standard of living, few resources…the bottom billion (eg…)

north south
North / South


wealthstandard of livingindustrial development

Northwealthstandard ofliving industrialdevelopment


developed developing

We can also classify countries as developed and less developed.

Developed Country




Good roads, transportation

High Energy Consumption

Oil, coal, nuclear

Good health care

Clean Water

Developing Country




Poor roads, transportation

Little Energy

Wood, wind, animal, human energy

Disease and Famine

Polluted or little water

classifying countries
Classifying Countries
  • Most Developed Countries (MDCs)
    • the richest of the industrialized and democratic nations of the world.
  • Less Developed Countries (LDCs)
    • countries with little industrial development, little wealth, and high population growth.
  • Least Developed Countries (LLDCs)
    • very low per capita income, low literacy rates, and very little in the way of manufacturing industries.