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2. Performance Planning . PLANNING. REWARDING. RATING. DEVELOPING. MONITORING. . . . . . 3. Definitions. PerformanceAccomplishment of work assignments or responsibilitiesRating OfficialImmediate supervisorReviewing OfficialSecond-level supervisorInterim Appraisal-Advisory RatingWritten apprai

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Performance Management

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1. 1 Performance Management NRCS

2. 2 Performance Planning

3. 3 Definitions Performance Accomplishment of work assignments or responsibilities Rating Official Immediate supervisor Reviewing Official Second-level supervisor Interim Appraisal-Advisory Rating Written appraisal of employee during the appraisal period

4. 4 Performance Appraisal Period Appraisal period October 1, 2007 –September 30, 2008 Performance Plans Established by October 30, 2007 Prepared by Rating Official Immediate supervisor Employee involvement Reviewed by Reviewing Official Second-level supervisor Discussed with employee Signature/check box in EmpowHR

5. 5 Changes/Clarifications Minimum performance appraisal period 90 calendar days Written performance standards Does not apply to performance feedback Critical element Supervisory/leadership Interim Appraisals Supervisory changes Position changes Details/temporary promotions

6. 6 Performance Plans Written elements and standards Communicated to employee 3 to 7 performance elements Critical elements Mission results Leadership/supervision EO/CR Stand-alone-supervisors Choice of stand-alone or included in critical element Non-critical elements Minimum of one

7. 7 Performance Plans Supervisor Plans Measures Employee feedback Customer/Stakeholder feedback Related to position Safety and health Protection of PII Personal Identifiable Information Ethics

8. 8 Performance Objectives Specific Measurable Aligned Realistic-relevant Time-bound

9. 9 Performance Objectives Aligned with Strategic goals and Agency mission Direct “line of sight” between expectations and Agency mission and objectives Source documents NRCS Strategic Plan Human Capital Strategic Plan 2008 Business Planning Documents

10. 10 Performance Standards Develop for meets fully successful level Source documents Position descriptions Work plans Project proposals PMA goals Targets Equal opportunity action plans

11. 11 Performance Standards Measures Quantity Quality Cost effectiveness Manner of performance

12. 12 Performance Standards Planned approach for developing standards by occupational series Identify positions-STC, AO, SC(457) Retain contractor Collect relevant data Interview employees in position Interview mangers of employees Develop/deliver Value-added results Measures Performance standards

13. 13 Collateral Duties SEPM duties Other collateral duties Included in Employee Performance Plan Objectives and Standards Not required to be stand-alone element EO/CR Included in critical element Non-critical element

14. 14 Individual Development Plan Short and Long Term Learning Goals Developmental Goals Strategies Elective training Education Developmental activities Details Courses During Performance Planning Process

15. 15 EmpowHR Workflow Performance Plans Rating Official Reviewing Official Rating Official Employee Performance Appraisals Rating Official Reviewing Official Employee

16. 16 Performance Monitoring

17. 17 Progress Reviews Mid-period Interim appraisals As required Interim reviews As desired

18. 18 Interim Appraisal Change in Supervisor 90 days under standards Supervised 90 days or more Interim appraisal to Rating Official Supervised less than 90 days Summary of employee accomplishments to Rating Official

19. 19 Interim Appraisal Change in position 90 days under standards Reassignment, transfer, new appointment Losing Rating Official Interim appraisal to Rating Official

20. 20 Interim Appraisal Details and Temporary Promotions within USDA More than 120 days Establish and communicate written standards Within 30 days Interim appraisal to Rating Official Less than or equal to 120 days Written standards not required Summary of employee accomplishments to Rating Official at end of assignment Details outside USDA Rating Official makes reasonable effort to obtain appraisal information

21. 21 Contact Performance Management Policy Eloris Speight 202-720-6646 EmpowHR Local Human Resources Servicing Office NHQ John Glover 202-720-2227 Gordie Walker 301-504-4134

22. 22 Questions

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