With your host, Mrs.
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With your host, Mrs. Fine! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With your host, Mrs. Fine!. Who am I? 1,000 Points. I have a very strange family… My dad swallowed all of my brothers and sisters, so I had to save them. I live in Mount Olympus and rule over the sky and thunder. ZEUS. Who am I? 5,000 Points. I am the Greek Myth version of the Bible’s Eve

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With your host, Mrs. Fine!

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With your host, Mrs. Fine!

Who am I? 1,000 Points

  • I have a very strange family… My dad swallowed all of my brothers and sisters, so I had to save them.

  • I live in Mount Olympus and rule over the sky and thunder.

  • ZEUS

Who am I? 5,000 Points

  • I am the Greek Myth version of the Bible’s Eve

  • I don’t follow directions very well

  • You can read my story and say “curiosity killed the cat”


Who am I? 30,000 Points

  • Some of my character traits include selfish, greedy and not-so-intelligent

  • I once had donkey ears

  • Gold is my favorite posession


Who am I? 40,000 Points

  • The gods never forgave me for my sins

  • I tried to make up for them by completing 12 very difficult labors

  • I am said to be clever


Who am I? 48,972 Points

  • I helped invent the first lady out of clay

  • Zeus was pretty mad at me for stealing fire

  • I ended up chained to a cliff for eagles to peck at me


Odysseus: 1,000 Points

  • What was the name of my ship?

  • The Odyssey

Odysseus: 5,000 Points

  • What war did my men and I win?

  • The Trojan War

Odysseus: 30,000 Points

  • How did I escape from the Cyclopes' cave?

  • I escaped from the cave by hiding underneath a sheep on his way out.

Odysseus: 40,000

  • After I blinded the Cyclops, I made sure he knew my name before I left. Which of the following words could be used to describe me?

  • Playful

  • Curious

  • Arrogant

  • Cautious

  • C. Arrogant

Odysseus: 68,238 Points

  • My wife Penelope was as clever as I was. When others insisted she marry to name a new king, she said she would pick a husband as soon as she was done weaving. What did she do to delay the unwanted marriage?

  • Penelope unpicked the weaving each night

King Midas: 1,000 Points

  • I made a wish that everything I touched be turned to…

  • Gold

King Midas: 5,000

  • There was a music contest between Apollo and Pan. I was a judge of the contest and voted for my friend even before listening to either musician. What could best describe me based on my actions?

  • A. Clever

  • B. Dishonest

  • C. Truthful

  • D. Lazy

  • B. Dishonest

King Midas: 30,000

  • I was quite embarrassed by my awful donkey ears! What did I do in an attempt to hide my ears?

  • I wore a hat to cover up my ears

King Midas: 40,000 Points

  • When people or texts make an allusion to me, such as, “He’s got the Midas Touch,” what do they mean?

  • Someone is lucky

  • Someone is wealthy

  • Everything that person does, he/she does well

King Midas: 51,309 Points

  • At first, King Midas felt _________ when anything he touched turned to gold. But when his daughter touched him and she turned to gold, he then felt____________.

  • A. happy, excited

  • B. helpless, disappointed

  • C. ecstatic, unhappy

  • D. happy, rejected

  • C. ecstatic, unhappy

Pandora: 1,000

  • I was made out of…

  • Clay

Pandora: 5,000

  • When I opened the box, I let out many evils into the world. What were some of those evils? Name at least 3.

  • Sickness

  • Death

  • Old Age

  • Disease

  • Fear

  • Misery

  • Jealousy

Pandora: 30,000

  • When I opened the box and let all the evils out into the world, what one item remained in the box?

  • Hope

Pandora: 40,000

  • Who were my makers?

  • Epimetheus and Prometheus

Pandora: 42,510

  • People now-a-days allude to my story by saying, “You’re opening a Pandora’s box!” What do they mean when saying this?

  • To open a “Pandora’s Box” means:

    • To unleash evil into the world

    • To set yourself up for trouble

    • To let things get out of hand

Hercules: 1,000 Points

  • In order to be forgiven of my sins, I had to complete 12 labors. What were the sins I needed to be forgiven for?

  • Killing my family

Hercules: 5,000

  • I was tasked with the job of cleaning up gross animal dung. What did I do to make this job easier for myself?

  • A. I asked 3 friends to help

  • B. I created a dam to wash away the dung

  • C. I was not able to clean up the dung

  • D. I loaded the dung onto the backs of the animals and they carried it away

  • B. I created a dam to wash away the dung.

Hercules: 30,000

  • How did Hercules kill the Hydra if every time he cut off one head, two more grew in its place?

  • Whenever Hercules cut off one head, he singed (burned) it so a new one could not regrow.

Hercules: 40,000

One of the tasks of Hercules was to bring fruit from the forbidden garden. How did Hercules accomplish this?

  • Hercules asked the giant Atlas to get the fruit for him. He said he would hold up the sky for Atlas while he was gone.

Hercules: 53,424

  • After breaking his leg and not being able to practice for the weeks leading up to tryouts, Alex exhibited a herculean effort and still made the team. What is meant by a “herculean effort”?

  • Alex showed a great amount of effort in order to make the team he tried out for

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