collapse prevention monitoring systems
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Collapse Prevention & Monitoring Systems

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Collapse Prevention Monitoring Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collapse Prevention & Monitoring Systems. Use of Deflection Monitoring Systems for Loss Prevention (Presentation to Insurance Risk Management Professionals). Risk Profile: Collapse Hazards. Load Conditions Excess Snow Load & Weather Related Intrusions Iced or Clogged Drains – Water Retention

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collapse prevention monitoring systems

Collapse Prevention & Monitoring Systems

Use of Deflection Monitoring Systems for Loss Prevention

(Presentation to Insurance Risk Management Professionals)

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risk profile collapse hazards
Risk Profile: Collapse Hazards
  • Load Conditions
    • Excess Snow Load & Weather Related Intrusions
    • Iced or Clogged Drains – Water Retention
    • Old Standards – New Materials & Mechanicals
    • Stress, Fatigue, & Design Deficiencies
  • Structural Support Failure
    • Roofing
    • Drift Walls
    • Seating Platforms

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national exposures
National Exposures
  • West Coast
    • Seismic Activity
    • Torrential Rains, Clogged Drains
  • Southeast
    • Tornado
    • Hurricane Rain/Wind
  • Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Northeast
    • Tornado
    • Ice, Snow & Rain Combination

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The Solution

Roof Deflection

Monitoring Systems

Available today from Safe Roof Systems, Inc.

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loss mitigation prevention how deflection monitoring works
Loss Mitigation: PreventionHow Deflection Monitoring Works




Deflection Monitoring pinpoints areas where deflection exceeds predetermined tolerances, resulting in an alarm condition whereby personnel are notified that action must be taken to avoid a more serious potential outcome. Lasers and targets monitor deflection. Alarm panels capture events and communicate when action is recommended.

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benefits of deflection monitoring
Benefits of Deflection Monitoring
  • Reduces Risk of Roof Collapse
  • Prevents Property Damage & Personal Injury
  • Minimizes Preventable Insurance Claims
  • Reduces Facility Operating Costs
  • Provides Protection Against a Comprehensive List of Potential Causes
  • Enhances Risk Profile for insurers
  • Lower Deductibles and Premiums

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cost analysis shoveling
Cost Analysis (Shoveling)
  • Snow shoveling (1 time @100,000 sf)
      • Roof shoveling ($0.65/sf) $ 65,000
      • Site snow removal ($0.35/sf) $ 8,000
  • Spring Repairs
      • Roof repair ($0.35/sf) $ 35,000
  • Operating cost
      • Engineering and installation $100,000
      • Monitoring and Annual Inspection $ 12,500
  • Payback – 1 less shoveling one year

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Reduces Facility Operating Costs

Wal-Mart Payback Analysis

  • 3 Wal-Marts – 2 Sam’s Clubs
  • Total Area: 596,000 sq. ft.
  • Snow Removal Savings: $600,000/yr
  • Payback: 1.1 years

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offers peace of mind
Offers Peace of Mind
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Skating Rinks
  • Civic Centers
  • Theaters
  • Retail Centers
  • High-End Storage Facilities
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Any Flat Roof Structure

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3 rd party validation to look for
3rd Party Validation to look for -
  • FM Global Certified

*Same category as life safety devices

  • OSHA and FDA Compliant
  • UL Listed Components

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a word from an industry leader
A Word from An Industry Leader...

“ Building owners may think the investment isn’t worth it…but they need to see that in the long run, they might not be able to afford not doing it.”

George Smith

Materials Section Manager

Factory Mutual Research Co.

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A Word from Another Industry Leader...

“ I am working tirelessly to get theSRS system installed in public schools; it’s not worth waiting for lives to be taken.”

Mary Breighner

National Director of Education for Public Entities

Arkwright Insurance

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Example: Manufacturing Company

(Nye Lubricants)

“As an ISO 9002 Company, planning for the continuity of operations is not only reasonable, but a requirement. It is comforting to have one less nasty surprise to be concerned about.”

James B. McGowan, Facilities Manager

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“There is absolutely no question in my mind that the DMD-1000 provided our manager with the needed information in two instances to go and rectify the problem before it became catastrophic. There would have been over $1 million in damage not including the fact that the cinema would have been closed for 8 to 10 weeks.”

Elliot Finn, Senior Project Manager

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other examples
Other Examples…
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Structures
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Centers
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities
  • Stadiums and Coliseums
  • Schools and other Large Public Structures

If the roof is flat, take a good look at it…

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deflection monitoring tools for
Deflection Monitoring Tools for
  • DMD 1000 – Deflection Monitoring Device
  • SMD 1000 – Shear Monitoring Device
  • SLD 1000 – Seismic Load Device
  • IDMD 1000 – Ice Dam Melting Device

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