Federal Acquisition Renaissance …. not your father’s FAR!
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Open Technology Development “Dot Org” gov’t/industry collaborative discovery Rapid spirals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Acquisition Renaissance …. not your father’s FAR! Using SOA & Internet best practice* to deliver capability faster, better, and cheaper. Open Technology Development “Dot Org” gov’t/industry collaborative discovery Rapid spirals Open standard infrastructure Open IPR

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Federal Acquisition Renaissance …. not your father’s FAR! Using SOA & Internet best practice* to deliver capability faster, better, and cheaper

Open Technology Development

“Dot Org” gov’t/industry collaborative discovery

Rapid spirals

Open standard infrastructure

Open IPR

Embedded, adaptive V&V, C&A

COTS Acquisition Model


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703 262 5332



Federal enterprise architecture
Federal Enterprise Architecture FAR!

  • Goal = Continuously better and more cost-effective customer service across the federal agencies

    • Interoperability

    • Shared data, applications, and best practices

    • Security/privacy

    • Mutually leveraged investments

  • SOA concepts, methods, and technology stacks can facilitate FEA goal…. Iff…we also apply SOA biz model!

  • Uniquely governmental issues opportunities re soa
    Uniquely Governmental Issues/Opportunities re: SOA FAR!

    Federal IT requirements formality is at odds with the Internet “just-try-it” engineering model … and … e-Gov incentive model is not as obvious as e-Biz bottom line


    “Infrastructure” is an inherently governmental concern and e-Gov investment in SOA can bolster over all e-Biz Internet infrastructure re :


    Semantic interoperability


    The Key to Federal SOA implementation is for e-Gov to partner with e-Biz to mitigate the former and leverage the latter with mutual goals of reducing sustainment costs and recapitalizing improved capability.

    Federal SOA Deployment Model FAR!


    • Agile recapitalization

    • Cross-domain/Cross-agency Trust, Data Access, and Semantic Interoperability

    • Mutually leveraged investments & best practices


    • Shared, secure, and semantically interoperable infrastructure

    • Open agile collaborative engineering & procurement process & environment

      Strategy and Tactics

    • Employ incremental life cycle COTS/GOTS maintenance model

    • Focus on critical business objectives to define priorities and MOE

    • Build in security/privacy, scalability and interoperability

    • Partner with kindred spirits

    • Leverage “dot org” model to create e-Gov/e-Biz “enterprise space”

    Procurement phases
    Procurement Phases FAR!

    • Evaluation Criteria

      • Net-Ready Assessment

    • Vendor Outreach

      • “Dot Org” Market (e.g. W2COG)

        • COTS Procurement Method

        • Acquisition Strategy

        • Market process

    • Evaluation Method

      • Source Selection Plan

      • Test Plan

      • Risk Management

    Acquisition criteria net ready checklist

    Measurable & Testable Parameters FAR!

    Acquisition Criteria: Net-Ready Checklist

    • Assurance and Performance

      • Software Assurance OK?

      • Network Assurance OK?*

      • Register dynamic discretionary access policy?

      • Latencies OK?

      • Reliability OK?

      • Generate digital diagnostic architectural artifact.

    • Re-useable/Composable*

      • Discoverable?

      • Self describing?

      • Open standard interfaces?

      • Cross program investment?

      • Net-enabling IPR model?

      • Generate digital diagnostic architectural artifact.

    • Value/Bit Exchanged

      • COI approved mission thread?

        • Register critical conditions of interest

      • Meta data registered in context?

      • Increased automation?

      • Mission based MOE OK (i.e., compress time line, and/or improve mission outcome)? **

      • Generate digital diagnostic architectural artifact

    IA => Share & Protect

    • Enable sharing across domains

    • Preserve privacy

    • Protect network

      SOA => Reuse & Mash Up

    • Accelerate delivery of netcentric capability

    • Enable netcentric interoperability

    • Enable infrastructure recapitalization

    • Compose C4 capability on-the-fly

      Data Strategy => Trusted Discovery in Context

    • Broker information discovery

    • Create information value chain feedback loop

    Net-Ready Parameters and Business Objectives

    *Bind to Trustworthy SOA Framework, e.g. T-ESB

    ** Confirm with operational audit

    Acquisition plan cots procurement
    Acquisition Plan = COTS Procurement FAR!

    • Create government brokered development and demonstration environment (e.g. GIGlite) for COTS participants.

    • Perform embedded government V&V and C&A.

    • Vendors deliver certified installation ready components

    Acquisition strategy
    Acquisition Strategy FAR!

    • Qualify COTS (Non-Developed Item (NDI)) by:

      • COTS legacy

      • Technical trajectory

      • Catalogue

      • Net-Ready Checklist

      • C&A road-map

    • Create a Competitive Market Place

    Market process
    Market Process FAR!

    • Gov’t sponsor develop use cases to capture functional and operational requirements

    • Gov’t authority (e.g. JITC) referee interoperability, security, and net-ready requirements

    • Dot Org manage vendor participation and publish use cases and documentation (e.g. W2COG Institute)

    • Gov’t establish and run lab (e.g. NPS) for project – Dot Org develop acquisition documents

      • Dot Org 90 day build-test-deliver-bundle cycles

      • Gov’t functional use case test suite

    Estimated cost
    Estimated Cost FAR!

    • Cost to develop/maintain documents $445K

    • Cost to establish & run marketplace $325K

    • Cost to set up lab ($150K ODC) $323K

    • Cost to establish C&A/test docs $250K

    • Cost for jamboree $289K

    • Cost for 90 day tests (2, 5 days ea) $375K

    • Cost for final report $42K

    • TOTAL $2424