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Welcome to the saucon valley middle school
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Welcome to the Saucon Valley Middle School. Saucon Valley Middle School. New-to-the-District Student Orientation Ms Bernardo and Mr. Halcisak. Saucon Valley Middle School Philosophy.

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Welcome to the Saucon Valley Middle School

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Welcome to the saucon valley middle school

Welcome to the Saucon Valley Middle School

Saucon valley middle school

Saucon Valley Middle School


Student Orientation

Ms Bernardo and Mr. Halcisak

Welcome to the saucon valley middle school

Saucon Valley

Middle School Philosophy

  • We believe the CHILD is the center of the educational process. The educational process is designed to develop the CHILD’s ability to make positive choices. Each CHILD will be empowered to be a responsible and respectful citizen of the middle school and the community.

  • We believe HOME provides the nurturing atmosphere that allows the child to develop towards his/her fullest potential and is supported by middle school cooperation and communication. The HOME, in concert with the educational process, will foster the desire for life-long learning.

  • We believe the middle school TEACHER is a key influence to encourage active student participation, establish high expectations, enable student success, and foster life-long learning.   The teacher is most effective when working as an integral member of a small, specialized, and focused TEAM of caring professionals.

Our new friends are from

Our new friends are from ……………………………

Middle school advisory association of middle level education recommended practice

Middle School Advisory(Association of Middle Level Educationrecommended practice)

  • The Saucon Valley Middle School Student Advisory Program introduces a school-based adult advocate into the life of every student for the purpose of fostering academic success, personal growth, and citizenship.

  • The goals of the Saucon Valley Middle School Advisory Program are to

    • ensure that each student has a staff advocate

    • provide a forum for topics relevant to adolescents in today's world

    • create a safe, friendly place to receive support and modeling for academic pursuits and social interaction

    • promote coordination between home and school

Meet the staff middle school counselors

Meet the Staff Middle School Counselors

  • Mrs. Farrell

    • Grades 6 & 7

    • Career Education (grade 8)

    • ANY questions with schedule or classes

Middle school counselors

Middle School Counselors

  • Mr. Baldo

    • Grades 5 & 8

    • Career Education (grade 8)

    • ANY questions with schedule or classes

Middle school counselors1

Middle School Counselors

  • Their roles

    • Assist with transition to grade 6

    • Peer relationships

    • Student Assistance Program

    • Liaison for academic concerns with grade level teaching teams (facilitates parent/teacher conferences)

    • Assist with course assignments

    • Assist in coordinating state/local testing initiatives

    • Facilitate individual and small group school based counseling

    • Assists with Special Education details

Coordinator of academic services mrs schultz

Coordinator of Academic Services Mrs. Schultz

  • Coordinates Child Find process

  • Oversees course assignments

  • Reviews and analyzes data for assignment of interventions (along with the Reading Specialist – Mrs. Elizabeth Babbin)

  • Member of the SAP Team

  • Provides support for Math related acceleration and remediation

  • Coordinates tutoring

  • Assist in coordinating state/local testing initiatives

Sixth grade teams respect and responsibility

Sixth Grade Teams (Respect and Responsibility)

  • 3 Language Arts Teachers

  • 2 Mathematics Teachers

  • 2 Social Studies/Science Teachers

  • 2.5 Learning Support Teachers

Seventh grade teams

Determination Team

Language Arts



Social Studies

Language Arts Support (shared with Courage Team)


French (shared with Courage and 8th grade teams

Learning Support (shared with Courage Team

Courage Team

Language Arts



Social Studies

Language Arts Support (shared with Determination Team)


French (shared with Determination and 8th grade teams

Learning Support (shared with Determination Team

Seventh Grade Teams

Eighth grade teams

Fairness Team

Language Arts



Social Studies

Language Arts Support (shared with Caring Team)


French (shared with Caring and 7th grade teams

Learning Support (shared with Caring Team

Caring Team

Language Arts



Social Studies

Language Arts Support (shared with Fairness Team)


French (shared with Fairness and 7th grade teams

Learning Support (shared with Fairness Team

Eighth Grade Teams

Related arts team

Related Arts Team

  • 15 day cycles (12 per year)

    • Physical Education – 4Mr. Jost, Mrs. Wagner, Mr. Russell

    • Health – 2 Mr. Russell, Mrs. Wagner, Mr. Jost

    • Art – 1 Mrs. Parish

    • Vocal Music – 1 Mrs. Brucker

    • Technology Education – 2 Mr. Austin, Mr. McGlade

    • Computer Competency – 1 (grades 6 & 7) Mr. Miller

    • Research/Study Skills – 1 (grade 6) Ms Lesney

    • Career Education – 1 (grade 8) Mr. Baldo/Mrs. Farrell

    • TV Studio – (grade 7) Mr. Austin

    • Family and Consumer Science – (grades 7 & 8) Mrs. Henley

Other special area teachers

Other Special Area Teachers

  • Librarian: Ms Lesney

  • Gifted Resource: Ms Brodt (6, 7, 8)

    • Mrs. Lewis (5)

  • Band Groups: Mrs. Free

  • Chorus: Mrs. Brucker

  • Special Education Teachers not on specific teams

    • Mrs. Kunkel

    • Mrs. Gardner

    • Mrs. Webber

    • Ms Butler/Mrs. Alderfer

    • Mr. Bortz

    • Mrs. Pulli

    • Mrs. Janis

    • Ms Sawchuk

Middle school activities

Middle School Activities

  • Student Council: Mrs. Daly/Mr. Stern

    • Dances

    • Student Store

    • Farewell Dinner/Dance

    • Quarterly Recognition Assemblies

    • Whole school assemblies

  • Community Service

    • Junior National Honor Society, Grades 7 to 8 ( )

    • Grade Level Team Service Projects

Middle school activities1

Middle School Activities

  • Intramural Sports (subject to change)

    • Ski Club

    • Rock Climbing

    • Swimming

    • Dance Club

  • Interscholastic Sports PIAA

Middle school ptg

Middle School PTG

  • Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Sydzlow, and Mrs. O’Donnell & YOU

  • Volunteers Needed-- sign-up sheets

  • Meetings: To Be Arranged

    (4 per school year)



  • We believe that strong attendance is essential for success at school.

    • Written Notes WILL be required within 3 days 2 Unexcused: Notice to District Justice

    • 5 – 7 Excused: Phone call/letter of concern

    • 10 Excused: 2nd letter requiring Dr.’s excuse

  • Tardiness

    • 5 Tardies: Letter of Concern

    • 7 Tardies: Disciplinary consequences

      • Concurrent

Website power school k 12 alerts

Website, Power School, K-12 Alerts

  • Website – www.svpanthers.org

  • Student Handbook has lots of IMPORTANT INFORMATION –


  • Power School

    • Parent/Student access to schedule, grades, attendance, discipline data, etc.

    • Check with the Middle School Main Office for details

    • Electronic deposit of lunch money

    • On the SV website - http://www.svpanthers.org/PowerSchoolAccess.asp

  • K-12 Alerts– important electronic messages sent to all families

    • Examples – school closings for weather related events

    • Reminders of testing week

    • Special Events

    • BE sure to keep the office updated with your demographic information and changes

Saucon valley identification

Saucon Valley Identification

  • ALL students and staff are to wear school issued IDs at all times while in school.

  • IDs are to be worn on the School District issued lanyards ONLY

  • IDs may not be defaced

  • Cost of replacement ID is $5.00

  • IDs are used to access to lunch account, entrance into school events, Remediation and Late buses, libraries resources, etc.


Behavioral expectations









Safety (Self/Peers/Community)


Developing Character/Maturity

Behavioral Expectations

Behavioral expectations1

Behavioral Expectations

  • Classroom Disturbances

  • Lack of Preparedness

  • Loitering

  • Disrespect

  • Harassment

  • Inappropriate Language/Gestures

  • Horseplay

  • Safety Concerns

Behavioral expectations2


Cell Phones


Dress Code

ID at the Dance


Level I

Level II

Level III

Level IV

Team/Administrative Detention

Isolated Setting

Overnight Suspension

In-School Suspension

Out-of School Suspension

Involvement of Law Enforcement

Behavioral Expectations

Appropriate dress

Appropriate Dress

  • Standards set by members of Student Council

    • NO flip-flops

    • Too short “shorts”

    • Inappropriate graphics

    • Revealing shirts

    • Chains

    • Hats indoors

    • Other as deemed disruptive to the learning community

  • Information communicated in the Student Handbook, which is embedded in the Student Assignment Book

Welcome to the saucon valley middle school

Enjoy your visit! We look forward to you becoming a member of our learning community here at Saucon Valley Middle School!

Things to remember:

  • Timeliness counts

  • Being prepared counts

  • Participation counts

  • Appropriate behavior counts

  • YOU COUNT!!!!

Locker size:

10 ¾” deep, 9” wide

Wheeled book bags DO NOT fit!



  • Please feel free to ask questions, show you the various locations of classes, teams, grade level hallways, etc.

  • Parents and families may join the tours OR remain in the Office Lobby

  • All tours return to the Office Lobby

  • Photo to be taken in the MS Office for IDs, see Ms Rieger

  • SV t shirts and shorts for gym classes available for $9.00 each, benefits SVMS Student Council

Welcome to the saucon valley middle school

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