Three Leadership Tools  for  Community Engagement

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Three Leadership Tools for Community Engagement

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1. Three Leadership Tools for Community Engagement October 14, 2010 Jim Krile

2. “Leadership is about people who are adept at recognizing the need for change and are adept at making it happen.” - Rosabeth Kantor

3. What are the obstacles and challenges to Community Engagement?

4. “Everybody already has enough to do!!” “We’ve tried it before and it didn’t work!” “We’ve never done it that way!”

5. THREE LEADERSHIP TOOLS for COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Make it meaningful Make it manageable Make it productive

6. MAKE IT MEANINGFUL What are the mutual or complementary self interests/benefits? What is the urgency?

7. MEANINGFUL BENEFITS or SELF INTEREST What does Community Engagement provide you and others that you or they couldn’t get as easily or as thoroughly via other means?

8. What are the benefits/self interests in Community Engagement for you?

9. Others: Who are you trying to engage? What do you think their self interests/benefits are? What do they think the benefit is? How do you know?

10. MAKE IT MEANINGFUL What is the urgency? Why do it now?

11. “Internal” Urgency The greater the itch, the greater the urgency! The more essential the benefit, the greater the urgency.

12. “External” Urgency What in the political, financial or social environment gives a sense of urgency? What are the opportunity costs?

13. What level of urgency is created by your “internal” and “external” factors and by the “internal” and “external” factors of your target populations?

14. MAKE IT MANAGEABLE “Everybody has more than enough to do!” The “cost” of Community Engagement should be: * Less than the benefit * Sustainable

15. MAKE IT MANAGEABLE * Focus on what you can impact * “One bite at a time” * Critical Mass/Tipping Point * Benchmarks: Progress not Perfection

16. FOCUS: Activity on what you can actually impact at this time. Name it in a sentence.

17. “One Bite at a Time” The power of leverage and leverage thinking If we accomplish this today, what accomplishments will it make possible tomorrow? What are the high leverage activities for you?

18. Critical Mass/Tipping Point Cultural Change Early Adaptors Gate Keepers Community Champions

19. Benchmarks: Link to Benefits Lead and Lag Indicators Communicate, Celebrate, Learn

20. MAKE IT PRODUCTIVE Leadership that’s adept at bringing about and sustaining change (e.g. Community Engagement) pays attention to both Product and Process.

21. PRODUCT = What we get done = What gets done that matches meaning PROCESS = How we get it done = Those involved feel valued, accepted and important to getting it done

22. Product and Process Indicators

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