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What are they and what do they do?. Managed Clinical Networks. Around long time Different types/functions Combat isolation/share opinions Promote (consensus) good practice Social/belonging BUT. Networks (clinical/professional). Must be externally acknowledged: To be a body of expertise

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Managed clinical networks l.jpg

What are they and what do they do?

Managed Clinical Networks

Networks clinical professional l.jpg

Around long time

Different types/functions

Combat isolation/share opinions

Promote (consensus) good practice



Networks (clinical/professional)

Influence l.jpg

Must be externally acknowledged:

To be a body of expertise

To give advice

To be a partner in planning

To influence practice


Must have l.jpg

Clear unambiguous remit and function

Beware – same words, different meanings:


Mental health

Maternal health


Must have

Definition l.jpg

Perinatal mental illness:

Complicate pregnancy and first postpartum year

Perinatal psychiatric services provide care for:

Women and their infants

Serious and/or complex mental illness

Both new onset and existing illness

Infant before and after delivery

Central to speciality, care and services


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What is a Managed Clinical Network?

Organisation delivering quality cost effective care for conditions

Involve different professions



levels of service provision

Most severe uncommon, critical mass only possible at regional level

Mildest common-provision locality level

Requires specialist skills resources (evidence better outcome)

Suited to “hub & spoke” suited to integrated care pathways

Amenable audit/outcome measures

Includes at its core a clinical network

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Accountable to SHA & SCG


Lead Chief Executive (PCT)


Director & Manager


Governance & terms of reference

Clear function and work plan

Subject to periodic review

Slide9 l.jpg



- Complete/Integrated

- All levels of provision/severity

- Access and equity

- Appropriate to needs

- Patient journey/care pathway

- Standard driven

- Evidence based

-Cost effectiveness/clinical effectiveness

- Outcomes

Slide10 l.jpg



- Professionals/Resources

- Horizontal/Vertical

- Develops/maintains skills,

knowledge and resources

- Supports and informs staff

- Common philosophies and standards

- Common integrated care pathways

- Internal/external review of standards

Mcn function l.jpg

1. Partnership with SHA, SCG, PCTs:

Strategic planning

Service model

Commissioning framework

Procurement and implementation

Workforce planning

MCN Function

Mcn function12 l.jpg

2. Within Network:

Standards of care and provision

Care pathways

Advice and information

Education and training

Patient involvement

Maintaining integration of hub and spokes

Interface with other services

Quality control and audit

Data collection

MCN Function

Slide13 l.jpg

East Midlands Perinatal Mental Health MCN

Pop 4.4 million a.b.r. 54,000

Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Lincolnshire

5 M.H. Trusts

9 Acute (Maternity) Trusts

9 PCTs

Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Network

Promoting quality care for all mothers

East midlands mcn l.jpg

Cost £150,000 per year

Funded 9 PCTs

Recurrent 3 year review

Medical Director (2 sessions)

Manager 8a f/t

Coordinator/PA 5b f/t

5 year pilot (2004), annual funding to formal status 2009

Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Network

East Midlands MCN

Promoting quality care for all mothers

In the new world l.jpg

Commissioners reign

Right advice



MCN essential to ensure

Seamless integrated care

Equity access & standards

Continued improvement

In the new world