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Emma Hughes. Digital Learning and Online Assessment. Main areas of focus:. Creation of new digital and interactive resources (often from existing/outdated hard copies) Online tutorials/videos Methods of online assessment Organisation of resources. Digital Tools. Flash animations

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Emma Hughes

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Emma hughes

Emma Hughes

Digital Learning and Online Assessment

Emma hughes

Main areas of focus:

  • Creation of new digital and interactive resources (often from existing/outdated hard copies)

  • Online tutorials/videos

  • Methods of online assessment

  • Organisation of resources

Digital tools

Digital Tools

  • Flash animations

  • Interactive PDFs and portfolios

  • Hyperlinked PowerPoints

  • SmartBoard sequences

  • Vimeo

  • LAMs

  • Quia

Storage of notes

Storage of Notes

  • Microsoft OneNote

  • Logical storage

  • Can be added to later

  • Can be saved as PDF and emailed to teacher for checking

  • Can easily clip and add files/you tube videos/ extra questions/thoughts

  • Intuitive to use

Emma hughes

Easy to share, organise and email to students

Ensures syllabus/ topic is completely covered

Emma hughes

These students had all had dot point named notes and resources



  • Short video tutorials online

  • Used for foundation skills eg molar calculations, balancing equations or unfamiliar practicalseg ticker timers

  • Ability to allocate a password so only certain groups of students can access

Emma hughes

Interactive PDFs


Easy to convert existing resources

Can automatically generate fields to enter responses

Can add extra text boxes/edit content

Good for:


Cloze passages

Simple question answer

Longer response

Completing tables of results


Issues with saving/crashing

Font sizes and scrolling from automatic form fields

Not always good for

scientific drawings

Emma hughes

Interactive fields to fill – allows for mistakes and retrial

Emma hughes

Simple labeling of diagrams

Emma hughes



Saves on marking

Quizzes can be edited/reused Classes can be graded and data analysed to inform teaching

Option to teacher mark sections and give feedback

Good for:

Keywords/short answer

Cloze passages

Multiple choice



Can be time consuming to create

Uploading images clunky

Pure text, no symbols

Immediate feedback not always useful

Not great for

longer response

Emma hughes

  • Class lists:

  • Upload from excel

  • Email

  • Grade

  • Usernames and passwords

Emma hughes

Simple question creation – multiple choice

Emma hughes

Simple interface for students

With/without immediate feedback

Emma hughes

Grading function allows weaknesses in teaching to be identified

Emma hughes



Students can take many pathways

Frees up teacher to be facilitator

Students enjoy discussion forum and variety of activities


Student-centred at own pace

Teacher monitoring and feedback

Portfolio downloadable


Clunky interface

Limited activities

Time consuming for one lesson sequences

Emma hughes

Author workspace helps you design sequences

Emma hughes

Range of activities to allow interactive student-centred learning

Emma hughes

Student view allows step by step progress through activities

Emma hughes

Monitor view allows teacher to follow students progress

Differentiation and assessment

Differentiation and Assessment

Branched activities to allow students to move on to tasks which better match ability based on eg multiple choice quiz at previous stage

All responses from eg forums/quizzes can be fed back to teacher via monitor page or email

Students can upload documents for checking and assessment

Digital learning m ajor advantages

Digital learningMajor advantages

  • Promotes independent learning

  • Learning is fluid

  • Differentiated pathways

  • Quick data analysis

  • Digital notes can be added to, consolidated and amended

  • Sustainable (huge photocopying reduction)

Digital learning things to consider

Digital learningThings to consider

  • Encourage HAND WRITTEN study notes

  • HSC style/examination questions handwritten and practised regularly

  • Certain areas eg chemical structures/scientific drawings still need to be paper based

  • Balance between digital and written

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