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Overview. Public Procurement Setup Facts
E licitatie.ro - The Romanian eProcurement experience -

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2. Overview Public Procurement Setup Facts & Figures E-Procedures & Notices Technical Sheet Revenue Model What Others Are Saying Success Factors & Pitfalls ePP myths Related Projects Open Issues

3. General Info ASSI is an autonomous public institution dealing with eGovernment issues under the coordination of Ministry of IT&C ASSI is the operator of national eGovernment services such as: www.e-guvernare.ro - The National Electronic System www.e-licitatie.ro ? The Electronic System for Public Procurement

4. PP Institutional Setup Agency for Information Society Services Provides technical support for governmental eProcurement National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement Regulatory authority for public procurement Monitoring and supervision body Notice validation National Council for Complaints Solving Complaints solving Court of Accounts Performs financial audits

5. Public eProcurement Setup 2002 - e-Licitatie (pilot project) 2006 ? e-Licitatie extended version, in compliance with the new legal provisions for public procurement which have transposed Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC Law regarding the award of the public procurement contracts, public works concession contracts and services concession contracts Application Norms for the provisions concerning the award of the public procurement contracts Aplication Norms of the provisions concerning the award of the public procurement contracts by using electronic means

6. e-Licitatie International recognition: good practice title at the European level (European Conference for e-Government, Como, 2003) and international level (International Conference for eGP, World Bank, Manila, 2004) the International Golden Link 2005 Award of the Association for the Communications and Electronics of the Military Forces, USA finalist at eEurope Awards 2005, Manchester, UK

7. e-Licitatie Facts & Figures Operating since March 2002 Deployment costs exceeding 7 million Turkish Lira Monthly running costs around 100 000 Euro 650 000 PP e-procedures for a total value of more than 1.8 billion Turkish Lira (2002-2007) Estimated savings of 20 % 9 500 suppliers and 9 300 contracting authorities Managed by 30 people Published notices: 160 000 (2007) Notices sent to OJEU: 10 000 (2007) Catalogue products: 26 000 (2007)

8. PP e-procedures Open Restricted Request for Quotation E-auction (as final phase for open, restricted and RFQ procedures) Direct purchase based on eCatalogues Dynamic purchasing system (to be implemented by Q4 2008)

9. Facilitating transparency Notices: Prior information notice Contract notice Contract award notice Invitation to tender (request for quotation)

10. Thresholds Directives thresholds for notices + 130 000 TRY (supply & services), 865 000 TRY (works) for RFQ 17 000 TRY per year per CPV code for Direct Purchase

11. Technical sheet Web-based system Architected by ASSI Developed by a Romanian consortium Security based on digital certificates, digital signatures (optional), various encryption schemes, anti-robot protection XML & Web Services

12. Revenue model

13. e-Licitatie ? What others are saying ?Do you think that the e-Licitatie represents a way for fighting corruption??

14. e-Licitatie ? What others are saying ?How strong is the impact of e-Licitatie on reducing bureaucracy??

15. e-Licitatie ? What others are saying ?Do you think that e-Licitatie is financially effective compared with the other types of public procurement??

16. Success factors Strong political commitment Gradual implementation Mandatory use of electronic means for specific CPV codes during the first 4 years Low tariffs SMEs friendly (free participations) Aggressive advertising campaigns Countrywide training

17. Pitfalls Low quality of the tender dossier Misconceptions related to the efficiency of electronic environments Language barriers Lack of PP strategies or rigid strategies with no action plans and improper resource allocation Low wages for PP officers Too much or too little focus on technical aspects Lack of secure digital infrastructures

18. It reduces corruption It generates unemployment Suppliers are eager to embrace ePP You need high internet penetration rates Digital signatures are a must We should start doing ePP now or else? Some ePP myths

19. Related Projects Classic vs. electronic procurement costs Bridge Certification Authority Disaster Recovery Center Green procurement

20. Open issues Standardization / Interoperability (digital signatures, Virtual Company Dossier, NES ? UBL, UN / CEFACT) Language barriers

21. Thank you! www.e-licitatie.ro contact@e-licitatie.ro

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