Ps sps days o aberle r losito for the atb group 18 th january 2006
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PS/SPS Days O. Aberle/ R. Losito for the ATB Group 18 th January 2006 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PS/SPS Days O. Aberle/ R. Losito for the ATB Group 18 th January 2006. Restart of the PS/SPS in 2006 Upgrades and repairs on ATB equipment. Overview. Sieve Internal dumps PS Beam stoppers TIDVG (SPS) Consolidation Summary. PS Sieve. 2005 Sieve dismounted

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PS/SPS Days O. Aberle/ R. Losito for the ATB Group 18 th January 2006

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PS/SPS Days O. Aberle/ R. Losito for the ATB Group18th January 2006

Restart of the PS/SPS in 2006

Upgrades and repairs on ATB equipment


  • Sieve

  • Internal dumps PS

  • Beam stoppers


  • Consolidation

  • Summary

PS/SPS days

PS Sieve

  • 2005

    • Sieve dismounted

    • Mechanical parts replaced (Piston, water and air connections, bearings)

    • Adjustment of air and water pressure after lab. tests

  • Sieve re-installed and fully operational

  • No spare parts, no spare!

PS/SPS days

PS internal dumpsGoal: 2 operational (pos. 47,48) + 1 spare


  • Transportation shielding problem solved

  • Dump 48 and spare mechanically refurbished

  • Cables pulled from B365 to Pos. 47 and 48

  • New patch panels produced for old control units and future controls (installation week 8-10)

  • Water and electrical connectors replaced

  • Cabling replaced

  • Capturing magnets checked

  • Shielded working space (bunker) in B-150 available until end 2006.

PS/SPS days

PS internal dumps status

  • Dump 48 and 47 Operational and fully tested.

  • Installation: 02/2006

  • Spare dump (former dump 47): Operational End 04/2006

  • New power supplies (thanks to PO) ready and tested

PS/SPS days

PS internal dumps

Further work:

  • Develop PLC based new control units (ATB/LPE)

  • Replacement of the control units during shutdown 06/07 ATB-LPE

  • Design and production (2007) of new supports to simplify the alignment procedure

  • Installation of new bunker in 867 (2007)

  • Proposition: Delay the production of the second chariot (consolidation) to 2007.

PS/SPS days

PS beam stoppers

  • 30 stopper (~ 5 types) in the PS complex

  • Stoppers mechanics in acceptable conditions

  • Annual maintenance of installed units

  • Electrical and pneumatic connections have to be replaced (2006-2009)

  • New stopper positions required

    • Using revised spare stoppers

    • New spares have to be produced (2008)

PS/SPS days

SPS TIDVG (internal SPS dump)Goal: 1 operational + 1 spare

  • Historic:

    • 5 Ti foils stretched over dump core material to prevent contamination by graphite dust

    • Observation: foils were deformed and lifted resulting in aperture limitation!

      Ti-foils were removed in 2005

PS/SPS days

SPS TIDVG 2005 actions

  • Removal of Ti foils by cutting with special tool on spare TIDVG was not successful

  • Opening of the core by cutting the EB welds in the central workshop

  • Remove and recondition all absorbing blocks

  • On graphite blocks:

    • Removal of old Ti coating

    • CO2 blasting

    • Heat treatment

    • Ti re-coating

  • Assembly, machining (CERN) and EB welding (Techmeta)

PS/SPS days


  • Installation of modified unit in February 2006

    To be done in 2006

  • Store the damaged TIDVG as back up

  • Modification of spare core

  • Modify the spare cast iron body (TED type) to get a full spare TIDVG

  • Assemble the spare core, weld it and fit it into the transformed shielding.

PS/SPS days

Consolidation project on beam intercepting devices

  • ~250 objects from BDI/BT and other orphans (e.g. stripper) with beam intercepting but no instrumentation functions

    • To be analyzed one by one (all machines)

      • documentation to be gathered

      • functionality to be understood,

      • limitations to be evaluated in view of the new beams

      • Needs for maintenance and priorities

      • Budgets to be allocated

  • Maintenance to be scheduled

  • Interventions on break until end of consolidation project (3-4 years)

  • Consolidation program to be launched 15 FTE and 3 Mio CHF during the next three years (in addition to the existing capacities or after 2008)

    • Standardization and upgrade solutions to be studied and planned

PS/SPS days

Strategy until completion of consolidation

  • ATB and BDI commonly ensure the follow up until full transfer of know-how

  • ATB-TD Mechanics & ATB-LPE Electronics :

    • Transfer line objects were partly produced by TD, their controls are being analyzed, manpower (1 technician LPE) will be available in March 2006

    • Accelerator components: staff not included in the staff plan. Very dependant on future resources (start of consolidation project).

PS/SPS days


  • PS Dumps: Two upgraded dumps plus 1 spare ready for startup 2006. New electronics ready for shutdown 2006/07.

  • PS sieve: Existing sieve upgraded, construction of a spare not before 2007.

  • PS beam stoppers: Inventory and annual maintenance, revision of beam stoppers East hall.

  • TIDVG: One dump ready for start up. Preparation of spare in 2006.

  • Integration of ~250 objects during the next 3 years rely on a consolidation project. The staff situation should improve after completion of CNGS.

PS/SPS days

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