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VOCABULARY 3-4. NONENTITY. NONENTITY: One of little or no importance. Freshmen sometimes feel like nonentities on campus. OUST. OUST: To Remove from a position of power. The king was ousted from his throne by an opposing force

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NONENTITY: One of little or no importance

  • Freshmen sometimes feel like nonentities on campus


OUST: To Remove from a position of power

  • The king was ousted from his throne by an opposing force

  • The Egyptian President was ousted after 18 days of demonstartion


PERUSE: To read carefully

  • Always peruse the contract before signing it.

  • The students perused their notes before he test


POROUS: Having many small holes in the surface, permeable by water/air

  • A sponge is very porous


PROMONTORY: A high point of land Jutting into water

  • The lighthouse was perched on a promontory


RECOURSE: To turn to for aid or safety

After getting several driving tickets, the only recourse available to the teen was to get enrolled in a Driver’s Ed Program.


RESIDUE: something that is left over after part is removed

  • The dishwashing detergent left a residue on the glasses


SOLICITOUS: Full of concern, Anxious

  • Parents are solicitous of their children’s welfare

  • Calpurnia was a solicitous housekeeper and always took good care of the Finch children.


MISHAP: An unfortunate accident

  • The mishap was caused by the distracted teen driver talking on the cell phone.


INSTIGATE: To cause trouble

  • The football player instigated a fight and received a penalty.


PERSPECTIVE: Point of view

  • From my perspective, the decision to cancel school vacation was unfair.


RELEVANT: having to do with the matter being considered; to the point

  • The students were required to answer the question on the test using relevant details from the passage.


ADO: Fuss, Trouble, or bother

  • The actress was making much ado about nothing and delayed the play.

    “ Without further ado I present the stars of the show”….said the director of the play.



  • The apparition appeared out of nowhere and scared me!


Assert: To state firmly

  • Tom Robinson asserted that he was not guilty of the crime.

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