Highly efficient accounting and payment functionality by online check verification
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Highly efficient accounting and payment functionality by Online Check Verif... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Traditionally, check processing would eat up more of your time and effort. However, with the advancement of technology, this long time of waiting for checks to be processed completely is being eliminated. With the online check verification, it is possible to verify and accept checks online in just a few seconds.

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Highly efficient accounting and payment functionality by Onl...

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Highly efficient accounting and payment functionality by Online Check Verification

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Gone were the days when every time you write a personal check to pay your bills or for something you purchased, the recipient would need to go to their local bank to deposit their check for manual processing which could take a couple of days to complete. With the manual check processing services offered by the bank, the depositor would need to wait for days to have the funds cleared.

The good thing is, today you can skip long waiting for check processing. The continuous advancement of technology does not just opens the new opportunity for businesses to build their online stores but also the opportunity for faster services including the way check payment processing is done.

Online Check Verification

Online Check Verification, is a new and faster way to verify and process checks. Online Check Processing eliminates much effort and time by processing and verifying check online in as fast as one minute or less.

Checks by Phone

Checks by Phone or Checks by Fax is one of the best, easiest, and fastest systems to accept checks online. It is quicker and more affordable as compared to Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT and Automated Clearing House or ACH check transfer.

Real Time Verification

This allows instant verification of checks. With real-time verification, you can be able to verify instantly if the check has issues. This would only mean that you will not have to wait for a couple of days to know if the check you have deposited is a bad check or not.

Pay By Check

You can also be able to pay for something you have bought online by check. In order for your clients to pay by check, you will have to send them the link that contains the blank check. The customers will be the one to enter their own check information.

Confirmation of Funds

Aside from verifying and evaluating the check to know whether it is a bad check or not, online check verification also executes funds confirmation. Just like with the regular credit cards, you can be able to know right away if your client has sufficient balance in their account that is exactly enough to cover the amount that should be debited through the check.

Mobile Friendly

Because the online check processing system is designed with a cloud-based interface, it can work seamlessly well with any mobile device. It is very easy to use, as well as mobile and user-friendly. You do not have to download any software to get into the interface. For as long as you have access to the internet, you can be able to use it. The best thing about it is that it is packed with strong and highly efficient accounting and payment functionality.

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