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Top 5 Hollywood wedding theme ideas

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Top 5 Hollywood wedding theme ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From sending wedding invitation scrolls to organizing a really jazzy after-party event, the glam of Hollywood will surely brush a happy mood on your guests. Here are 5 essentially Hollywood theme ideas for a wedding. For more detail visit [email protected]\n

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Glitzy, elaborate and eloquent wedding themes remain the flavour for any wedding circuit season after season. One thing that you would common among all Hollywood wedding is the way everything looks so personalized. From sending wedding invitation scrolls to organizing a really jazzy after-party event, the glam of Hollywood will surely brush a happy mood on your guests.


1. Oscars and Hall of Fame Stars:

  • We love Hollywood not just for the movies but for the stars they produce.
  • Glitter your wedding with famous costumes and Oscar-styled layout.
  • From serving in cutlery sets with Oscar logo or famous productions houses, the Hollywood wedding theme ideas can include inspirations from FOX, Paramount, Universal and Sony pictures.
  • And hey, you are never too old for a Disney either. Hall and Walk of Fame would remain the perfect Red Carpet idea for any wedding.
  • Add a dash of innocence with theme wedding invitations scroll containing Disney character and witty comic messages. Snoopy, Peanuts, Garfield and Cyanide & Happiness will always quip you with creative wedding ideas.

2. Wedding Invitation scroll Inspired by Movies:

Do you remember how teens collect movie stubs and tickets? They reminisce about the memories. If you are planning for a Hollywood-style wedding theme, try sending wedding card invites on Ticket tags.

The rustic ticket scroll wedding invitation could be a bigger sized stub. You can pick a ticket that you two sweethearts probably watched together. Set the idea rolling with different ticket stubs for each guest.


3. Photographic layouts:

  • Personalized wedding themes inspired by Hollywood ideas would never be complete if you fail to insert movie sequences and memorable moments. Recent ideas include themes inspired from Avenger series, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight and Sherlock Holmes.

Use photographic layout and organize the wedding with an experienced planner/ designer.


4. Wine and Dine in Revolving Saucers:

Pre-wedding party is always the most enticing aspect of getting familiar with the guests. Use wedding invitation scroll to push a hint on how you are planning to organize a wine and dine sequence. A revolving bar lounge is a trendy way to awe your guest list.

5. Tell Your Story:

If you are looking for something very movie sque, how about sending a video reel of your love story! Invite your guests with Video cassette wedding scroll invitation box. It contains a playable video format and a paper scroll with script.


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