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Civil War

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Civil War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civil War. By: Cassie and Emmitt. Battle Of Bull Run. There were two battles of Bull Run. The first battle of Bull Run happened on July 21, 1861. . Battle of Shiloh.

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civil war

Civil War

By: Cassie and Emmitt

battle of bull run
Battle Of Bull Run
  • There were two battles of Bull Run. The first battle of Bull Run happened on July 21, 1861.
battle of shiloh
Battle of Shiloh
  • On April 6-7th , 1862 the battle of Shiloh took place in Tennessee. 11,400 Southern soldiers died. 13,000 Northern soldiers died.
battle of antietam
Battle of Antietam
  • On September 17th 1862, The Battle of Antietam took place in Maryland. 12,000 Southern soldiers died and 12,000 Northern soldiers died. The Battle was a draw ending in the South retreating.
battle of bull run the 2 nd
Battle of Bull Run the 2nd
  • On August 29-30th 1862, in Virginia the second Bull Run took place. 9,000 Southern soldiers died and 10,00 Northern soldiers died as well.
battle of fredericksburg
Battle of Fredericksburg
  • The Battle of Fredericksburg took place in Virginia on December 13th, 1862. 12,000 Northern soldiers died and 5,000 Southern soldiers died. The North attacked the South and was defeated.
battle of stones river
Battle of Stones River
  • The Battle of Stones River began on Dec. 31st 1862-Jan. 2 1863. This battle was in Tennessee. 9,000soldiers died from the South and the North lost 9,000. The South attacked the North and the South was partly successful after they attacked them.
battle of vicksburg
Battle of Vicksburg
  • The Battle of Vicksburg was important because it was one of the turning points in the war because of how many each side lost. This important battle was located in Mississippi on the date of May 22nd –July 4th 1863. The North attacked the South and the North was successful but lost 9,000 and the South lost 10,000 soldiers. This was a turning point in the Civil War.
battle of gettysburg
Battle of Gettysburg
  • This battle was the bloodiest battle of all. It was also a turning point in the Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg was in Pennsylvania on July 1-3 1863. More soldiers died here than any other battle fought in the Civil War. 23,000 Southern soldiers died and 19,000 Northern soldiers. The South attacked the North and after that they were never strong enough to attack the North again.
battle of chicamauga
Battle of Chicamauga

In this battle the North lost more than12,000 soldiers. But the South lost more than17,000 soldiers. They lost their lives on September 19th and the 20th, 1863, in Georgia.

battle of chattanooga
Battle of Chattanooga
  • This battle was on November 23rd-25, 1863. It was in Tennessee. In this battle the North lost the least amount of soldiers but still won the war. The North lost 5,000 soldiers and the South lost 3,500 soldiers.
wilderness battle
Wilderness Battle
  • In this battle it was taken place in Virginia on May 5-6, 1864. The North lost 18,000 soldiers while the South only lost 10,500 soldiers. In this battle the North attacked the South but it was a draw, so neither side one.
battle of spotsylvania
Battle of Spotsylvania
  • In this battle on May 10-12, 1864 in Virginia, the South lost only 9,000 soldiers and the North lost 11,000 soldiers. The North attacked the South and was partly successful.
battle of cold harbor
Battle of Cold Harbor
  • The battle of Cold Harbor started on June 3rd, 1864. This battle was taken place in Virginia. The North lost the battle along with 6,000 soldiers. The South lost 2,000 soldiers and won the battle, the North attacked the South and was defeated.
battle of winchester
Battle of Winchester
  • This battle started on September 19th 1864, in Virginia. Then North attacked the South and was successful. The North lost 5,300 soldiers but the South lost 4,000 soldiers.

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