vocabulary week 2 copper
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Vocabulary Week 2 Copper

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Vocabulary Week 2 Copper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary Week 2 Copper. Word 1: Graceful Def : Beautiful and elegant in movement or behavior Sent : Jill was a graceful ballerina who performed on stage every week. Word 2: Twig Def: A small branch or part of a branch Sent : He used small twigs to start the fire.

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Word 1: GracefulDef: Beautiful and elegant in movement or behaviorSent: Jill was a graceful ballerina who performed on stage every week.

Word 3: WhirlDef: To spin quicklySent: The snow whirled around his head causing him to lose sight of the bus.

Word 4: FrostDef: Frozen ice particles caused from freezing water vapor Sent: The late frost in the spring killed a lot of the corn crop.

word 5 canal def a man made waterway sent the panama canal connects the pacific and atlantic oceans
Word 5: CanalDef: A man-made waterwaySent: The Panama Canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Word 6: Evaluate Def: To find out or estimate what something is worthSent: The art teacher evaluated all the students paintings and gave them a grade.


Word 7: HarshDef: Unpleasant and rough in looks or in the way someone actsSent: Mrs. Jones was harsh with her students because they never studied.

Word 8: GlumDef: Feeling and looking sad and dejectedSent: The students looked glum after getting their tests back.
Word 11: SlouchDef: To walk or sit with a bent, drooping posture.Sent: He is always slouching in his chair.

Word 12: RodentDef: A group of animals that include mice, squirrels, beavers and ratsSent: Rodents are always damaging my homework and that’s why I don’t hand it in.

Word 13: ProhibitDef: To not allowSent: Reading books while sitting on the toilet is prohibited at school.

Word 14: PoutDef: To push out the lower lip in a show of being annoyed, sad and angrySent: The little boy pouted all day after his dog ran away.

word 15 massive def big huge sent his dog was massive after he gave him 1 000 mcdonalds hamburgers
Word 15: MassiveDef: Big, hugeSent: His dog was massive after he gave him 1,000 McDonalds hamburgers.
word 16 shatter def to break into many pieces sent he felt his heart shatter after his puppy died
Word 16: ShatterDef: To break into many pieces Sent: He felt his heart shatter after his puppy died.

Word 17: Blaze / BlazingDef: Brightly burning flames or fire Sent: The whole house was blazing ten minutes after it caught on fire.


Word 18: DistributeDef: To give out something to a group or pass out informationSent: The information about graduation was distributed to all students.


Word 19: Encounter Def: To meet something or someone especially not expecting to meet themSent: The little girl unexpectedly encountered a ghost on the way home.

Word 20: Cottage Def: A small house in the countrySent: The seven dwarfs lived in a cottage in the woods.