Vocabulary week 2 copper
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Vocabulary Week 2 Copper PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary Week 2 Copper. Word 1: Graceful Def : Beautiful and elegant in movement or behavior Sent : Jill was a graceful ballerina who performed on stage every week. Word 2: Twig Def: A small branch or part of a branch Sent : He used small twigs to start the fire.

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Vocabulary Week 2 Copper

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Vocabulary Week 2 Copper

Word 1: GracefulDef: Beautiful and elegant in movement or behaviorSent: Jill was a graceful ballerina who performed on stage every week.

Word 2: TwigDef: A small branch or part of a branchSent: He used small twigs to start the fire.

Word 3: WhirlDef: To spin quicklySent: The snow whirled around his head causing him to lose sight of the bus.

Word 4: FrostDef: Frozen ice particles caused from freezing water vapor Sent: The late frost in the spring killed a lot of the corn crop.

Word 5: CanalDef: A man-made waterwaySent: The Panama Canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Word 6: Evaluate Def: To find out or estimate what something is worthSent: The art teacher evaluated all the students paintings and gave them a grade.

Word 7: HarshDef: Unpleasant and rough in looks or in the way someone actsSent: Mrs. Jones was harsh with her students because they never studied.

Word 8: GlumDef: Feeling and looking sad and dejectedSent: The students looked glum after getting their tests back.

Word 9: DetestDef: To hateSent: I detest tests! But I love quizzes.

Word 10: RapidDef: Very fastSent: She ran rapidly out the door after seeing the house on fire.

Word 11: SlouchDef: To walk or sit with a bent, drooping posture.Sent: He is always slouching in his chair.

Word 12: RodentDef: A group of animals that include mice, squirrels, beavers and ratsSent: Rodents are always damaging my homework and that’s why I don’t hand it in.

Word 13: ProhibitDef: To not allowSent: Reading books while sitting on the toilet is prohibited at school.

Word 14: PoutDef: To push out the lower lip in a show of being annoyed, sad and angrySent: The little boy pouted all day after his dog ran away.

Word 15: MassiveDef: Big, hugeSent: His dog was massive after he gave him 1,000 McDonalds hamburgers.

Word 16: ShatterDef: To break into many pieces Sent: He felt his heart shatter after his puppy died.

Word 17: Blaze / BlazingDef: Brightly burning flames or fire Sent: The whole house was blazing ten minutes after it caught on fire.

Word 18: DistributeDef: To give out something to a group or pass out informationSent: The information about graduation was distributed to all students.

Word 19: Encounter Def: To meet something or someone especially not expecting to meet themSent: The little girl unexpectedly encountered a ghost on the way home.

Word 20: Cottage Def: A small house in the countrySent: The seven dwarfs lived in a cottage in the woods.

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