Introduction to the grid
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Introduction to the Grid PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to the Grid. N1™ Grid Engine 6 Software. Overview. A brief explanation of grid computing Grid examples How grid works? (grid as bank) Grid jobs A description of each important components. What Is Grid Computing?. Collection of computing resources that perform tasks

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Introduction to the Grid

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Introduction to the grid

Introduction to the Grid

N1™ Grid Engine 6 Software



  • A brief explanation of grid computing

  • Grid examples

  • How grid works? (grid as bank)

  • Grid jobs

  • A description of each important components

What is grid computing

What Is Grid Computing?

  • Collection of computing resources that perform tasks

  • A large system that provides a single point of access to powerful distributed resources

  • Define the goal in more detail

Grid examples

Grid Examples

  • Chess960@home

    • Vast collection of Chess960 games

  • Africa@home

    • Allow your computer to contribute to African humanitarian causes.

  • QMC@Home

    • Developing and testing Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) for use in quantum chemistry.

  • FightAIDS@Home

    • Simulation techniques to search for ways to cure or prevent the spread of AIDS and HIV.

Grid examples1

Grid Examples

Grid examples2

Grid Examples

  • Shrek 2

  • DreamWorks

  • Operation Systems: Red Hat Linux 7.2

  • 330 Hewlett Packard workstations

  • Dual-Intel Xeon 2.4GHz processors, nVidia Quadro 4 XGL graphics cards, 2GB Ram and dual monitors

  • Recalculated frames make more detailed

What is n1 grid engine 6 software

What is “N1 Grid Engine 6” software?

  • Sun’s Resource management software

  • Accepts jobs submitted by users

  • Uses resource management policies to schedule jobs to be run on appropriate

  • Users can submit millions of jobs at a time without concern

Grid jobs

Grid jobs

  • Batch jobs

    • Shell scripts

    • Sequence of command-line

    • csh, tcsh, sh, or ksh






Grid jobs1

Grid jobs

  • Interactive jobs

    • Require direct input to influence the job results.





Grid jobs2

Grid jobs

  • Parallel jobs






How grid works

How grid works?

  • Accepts jobs from the outside world.

  • Puts jobs in a holding area

  • Sends to an execution device.

  • Manages running jobs.

  • Logs the record of job execution.

How grid works grid as bank

How grid works? (grid as bank)

  • On entering the bank:

    • customers declares their name, their affiliations their service needs

  • Record entering time.

  • Bank would serve the following customers:

    • Customers whose needs match suitable and immediately available resources

    • Customers whose requirements have the highest priority

    • Customers who were waiting in the lobby for the longest time

How grid works grid as bank1

How grid works? (grid as bank)

  • One least-loaded and most-suitable bank employee helps several customers.

  • Bank manager, define service policies:

    • Provide preferential service to commercial customers

    • Make sure a certain customer group is served well

    • Customers get a timely response

    • Prefer a certain customer on direct demand of a bank executive

Jobs and queues

Jobs and Queues

  • Jobs correspond to bank customers.

  • Jobs wait in a computer holding area instead of a lobby. queues, which provide services for jobs, correspond to bank employees.

3 classes of grid

3 classes of Grid

Usage policies

Usage Policies

  • Urgency

    • Resource requirements, job’s deadline, job waits.

  • Functional

    • Job’s affiliation with a certain user group, project.

  • Share-based

    • Usage of resources by all users.

  • Override

    • Manual intervention by the cluster administrator

  • Combination

    • 90% share-based and 10% functional

Using tickets to administer policies

Using Tickets to Administer Policies

  • Functional, share-based, and override policies are defined through tickets.

  • Tickets = Company’s stock.

  • More stock = More important

Grid engine system components

Grid Engine System Components

  • Hosts

    • Master host

    • Execution hosts

    • Administration hosts

    • Submit hosts

  • Daemons

    • sge_qmaster – the Master Daemon

    • sge_schedd – the Scheduler Daemon

    • sge_execd – the Execution Daemon

  • Queues



November 2006

Pedram Hayati

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