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Voice and SMS Working Group November 29, 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Voice and SMS Working Group November 29, 2006. Welcome. Introductions Your name Company name Job responsibility Goals for this IRT Approve 2006 priority documents #1 – Calling Line ID and #2 – Voicemail and agree on implementation timelines for recommendations

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Presentation Transcript

Voice and SMS Working Group

November 29, 2006


  • Introductions

    • Your name

    • Company name

    • Job responsibility

  • Goals for this IRT

    • Approve 2006 priority documents #1 – Calling Line ID and #2 – Voicemail and agree on implementation timelines for recommendations

    • Agree on a set of requirements for network based + code dialing

    • Gain consensus on phase 1 design of the Coverage Information Exchange tool

    • Approve the SMS white paper

    • Approve the format of the standardized network TDS

    • Approve the MEID document

    • Approve 2007 work item prioritization

Calling line identity daniel salek qualcomm
Calling Line IdentityDaniel Salek, QUALCOMM

Calling line identity
Calling Line Identity

  • Approval of Reference Document 139

  • Timeline for implementation

Calling line identity document approval
Calling Line Identity – Document Approval

  • Reference Doc #139 (v0.3, July) was presented for approval at Guam IRT in September

  • At the request of operators, approval was postponed to allow more time for comments

  • No comments have been received

  • So, can we approve the document?

Calling line identity implementation timeline
Calling Line Identity – Implementation Timeline

  • CLI Survey asks for status on 26 aspects of implementation

    • 2 carrier responses since July

  • Proposed approach: define target dates for key requirements only

    • Assumption: Roamer-terminated CLI is more important than Roamer-originated

  • Key Requirements

    • Serving operators: support of CNIP service in subscriber profile

    • Serving operators: use of ANSI-41 over ISUP for sourcing CLI digits

    • RSPs: Modification of digit strings en route according to home and serving country

  • What timeline should we set?

Voicemail daniel salek qualcomm
VoicemailDaniel Salek, QUALCOMM


  • Approval of Reference Document 135

  • Timeline for implementation

Voicemail document approval
Voicemail – Document Approval

  • Reference Doc #135 (v0.5, July) was presented for approval at Guam IRT in September

  • At the request of operators, approval was postponed to allow more time for comments

  • No comments have been received

  • So, can we approve the document?

Voicemail implementation timeline
Voicemail – Implementation Timeline

  • Establish dates for key requirements

    • Serving Operators support REDREQ Operation (done?)

    • Serving Operators support both ANSI-41 MWN and SMS VMN

    • Serving Operators add Roaming Partners’ VM Access Codes

    • Serving Operators support International MDN

    • Serving Operators guarantee LD CLI preserved

    • Home Operator sends international MDN

    • RSP adds MWN  VMN conversion

    • RSP supports access code translation

Current sms roaming implementations
Current SMS Roaming Implementations

  • Operator reported data, MO-SMS outbound

  • Voice outnumbers SMS 10 to 1!

  • Sms roaming what are the barriers
    SMS Roaming – what are the barriers?

    • We have been focusing on a specific billing issue – is this really the main reason?

    • What other issues exist?

      • Technical?

      • Commercial?

      • Billing?

      • Other?

    Sms roaming technical aspects daniel salek qualcomm
    SMS Roaming – Technical AspectsDaniel Salek, QUALCOMM

    Sms roaming
    SMS Roaming

    • White paper approval

    • Billing proposal update

    Sms roaming white paper approval
    SMS Roaming – White Paper Approval

    • Document #133 held over for approval from conference call October 10 to allow more time for operator comment

    • Latest version (0.7) circulated 21 November contains two minor changes following team feedback

    • Otherwise, no other comments received

    • So, can we approve the document?

    Sms roaming billing proposal update
    SMS Roaming – Billing Proposal Update

    • Last meeting confirmed the preference for the “multiple point code” solution

    • With RSPs to announce availability

    • A survey asks some detailed questions to ensure proposal will work

    • As of November 21, three operator responses

    • Any updates?

    Enhanced prl robert kloiber sprint
    Enhanced PRLRobert Kloiber, Sprint

    12 00 1 00 lunch we will reconvene at 1 00
    12:00 – 1:00 Lunchwe will reconvene at 1:00

    Network based code dialing bruce fitzsimons lucent new zealand
    Network Based + Code DialingBruce Fitzsimons, Lucent New Zealand

    Standardized technical data sheet libby mackay qualcomm
    Standardized Technical Data SheetLibby Mackay, QUALCOMM

    Standardized technical data sheet
    Standardized Technical Data Sheet

    • Review of recent updates and open questions

    • Document approval

    • Agree on a timeline

    Recent updates and open questions
    Recent updates and open questions

    • Network Elements tab

      • How do people view this tab? Everything you need to know from the “serve” perspective and everything for the “home” perspective is on the Numbering tab?

      • Added switch software version column

      • Change column “L” to SS7 provider/RSP from SS7 provider

    • Numbering Info tab

      • Per carrier request added line 9 and column “P” to indicate which MINs are not assigned by IFAST.

      • Added column “O” to note if there are markets that are not available for inbound roaming.

      • Added additional questions about MDN length and split MDN/MSIDs.

    Recent updates and open questions1
    Recent updates and open questions

    • Features tab

      • Will clarify in the supporting Word document that “available services” does not guarantee feature availability to every carrier. What features will be supported and tested must be listed in the roaming agreement.

    • Misc. Info

      • Removed the MDN

    • Signaling Diagram

      • Removed this to keep the size of the document down and because some participating carriers said they wouldn’t include it.

    • Contacts tab

      • Added a quality of service contact

    • Billing

      • Should billing information be added to the Network TDS or kept separate in a Billing TDS?

    Document approval
    Document Approval

    • Need for a standardized TDS

      • Exchange all the required information

      • Exchange correct information properly labeled with agreed upon labels

      • To use with automated tools such as the PRL Tool Suite


    Reality check

    • Uniform content is the primary concern

    • Uniformly identifying each field is secondary

    • Standardizing format is next

      Let’s establish a timeline for moving to the standardized format

    • Three months was suggested at the last IRT

    Plus code dialing daniel salek qualcomm
    Plus Code DialingDaniel Salek, QUALCOMM

    Plus code dialing requirements document
    Plus Code Dialing – Requirements Document

    • First version of Requirements Document circulated 20 October, and discussed on conference call 16 November

    • Main issues out of call:

      • Impact on pre-plus code CLI modifications

      • Onward signaling requirements – prefix or flag?

      • “Preferred LD Carrier” honored?

    • Other comments from group?

    Plus code dialing handset vendor survey
    Plus Code Dialing – Handset Vendor Survey

    • MS requirements in the form of survey questions were sent to handset vendor contacts from CDG on 27 October.

    • Survey link sent to following vendors:

    • As at Nov 20, only Huawei have responded (with an indirect response for Kyocera as well)

    • Worth retrying or just send requirements doc when approved?

    Mobile equipment id daniel salek qualcomm
    Mobile Equipment IDDaniel Salek, QUALCOMM

    Mobile equipment identifier
    Mobile Equipment Identifier

    • Document Approval

    • Approve suggested CIBER Manual Text

    Meid document approval
    MEID – Document Approval

    • Updated (v0.5) version of Reference Document #137 circulated Nov 14

    • Minor changes from previous (April) version to incorporate KDDI CIBER population issue

    • Ready to approve this document?

    Meid ciber manual text
    MEID – CIBER Manual Text

    • Following suggested changes for the CIBER Manual are available on the wiki:

      • Rename ESN/IMEI/MEID field to "ESN/IMEI/MEID/UIMID", and add the following text to the "Definition" section of that field:

      • When more than one of {ESN, UIMID, MEID} is available, the identifier included as part of the Mobile Station's primary identification over the air (rather than other values explicitly retrieved from the MS) shall be included in the CIBER record.

    • Comments / Suggestions / Approval?

    Carrier information exchange tool libby mackay qualcomm
    Carrier Information Exchange ToolLibby Mackay, QUALCOMM

    Cdg irt ciet

    • Carriers asked for a way to distribute maps to one another

    • An online file sharing site has been developed

      • Carriers upload files and grant permission to those they want to be able to download those files

      • CDG doesn’t manipulate the format of the files – carriers decide what they want to upload

    Demonstrate and discuss phase 1
    Demonstrate and discuss Phase 1

    • Carrier decision points:

      • Security

        • The login screens are not protected by SSL (nor is the CDG website.) Is this a concern?

        • Carriers do log in to the site with a different password than CDG website.

      • Do you want a point of contact at each company to grant permissions to each user or should all company requests be granted by the CDG admin?

      • Do you want additional categories beyond maps, TDS and RPQF?

    • If you are happy with the current functionality the tool should be ready to go live by January 2007.

    Roaming service quality kyoko uchida kddi
    Roaming Service QualityKyoko Uchida, KDDI

    2007 vswg priority work item results libby mackay qualcomm
    2007 VSWG Priority Work Item Results Libby Mackay, QUALCOMM

    Carrier ranking for 2007 vswg work items
    Carrier Ranking for 2007 VSWG work items

    • Priority ranking was due the end of last week

    • Seven carriers responded

      • Bell Mobility

      • China Unicom

      • KDDI

      • Sprint

      • TELUS

      • Verizon

      • Vivo

    • Is the team satisfied with this response rate?

    Cibernet report gepsie cox cibernet
    Cibernet ReportGepsie Cox, Cibernet

    Thank you
    Thank you!

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