Kim seo young lee jeong min jung seung jin
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Kim, Seo -Young Lee, Jeong -Min, Jung, Seung -Jin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Suwon, Korea. Kim, Seo -Young Lee, Jeong -Min, Jung, Seung -Jin. We are global citizens. My name is Kim, Seo -Young (Nicole kim ). My name is Jung, Seung -Jin. My name is Lee, Jeong -Min. HWASeoNG Fortress. *^ ㅇ ^*. This is Hwahong Gate.

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Kim seo young lee jeong min jung seung jin

Suwon, Korea

Kim, Seo-Young

Lee, Jeong-Min,

Jung, Seung-Jin

We are global citizens

My name is Kim, Seo-Young

(Nicole kim).

My name is Jung, Seung-Jin.

My name is Lee, Jeong-Min.

HWASeoNG Fortress


This is Hwahong Gate.

Hwaseong Fortress is very long. In Hwaseong Fortress, there are 4 symbol animals and colors ; North - Black turtle ,East - Blue Dragon, West - White tiger, and South - Red peacock.

Hwaseong Hiking

We went hiking to Hwaseong Fortress with our teacher.

*^ㅇ^*Oh! Korea!

This is the national flag of Korea.

This is kimchi.

This is a hangul.

Hangul is our letter, that is, Korean alphabet.

Near My School

There are my stores and private institutes. We pay every month and study more after school, but it is optional.