The ocean biome
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The Ocean Biome PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Ocean Biome. Deahna Moore & Abigail Vittone. What does it look like?. 70% of the earth is the ocean. From space all you see is blue . Full of very different animals from shrimp to whales. What producers grow in the ocean?. Various types of algae Plankton

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The Ocean Biome

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The ocean biome

The Ocean Biome

Deahna Moore


Abigail Vittone

What does it look like

What does it look like?

  • 70% of the earth is the ocean.

  • From space all you see is blue.

  • Full of very different animals from shrimp to whales.

What producers grow in the ocean

What producers grow in the ocean?

  • Various types of algae

  • Plankton

  • Various types of sea urchins

  • Various types of seaweed

  • Various types of anemone

What consumers live in the ocean

What Consumers Live in the Ocean?

  • The consumers range from large creatures such as sharks, whales, dolphins, giant squid, and sting rays to small creatures such as oysters, clams, lobsters, and crabs.

Where is this biome located

Where is this Biome Located?

  • Atlantic Ocean

  • Pacific Ocean

  • Arctic Ocean

  • Indian Ocean

  • Southern Ocean

  • All these oceans merge into each other at some point.

What are the temperature ranges during the year

What are the Temperature Ranges During the Year?

39+ degrees


How much precipitation falls in the ocean during different times of the year

How Much Precipitation Falls in the Ocean During Different Times of the Year?

  • The ocean receives about 20 in. Of precipitation each year.

What plant and animal adaptations have evolved there

What Plant and Animal Adaptations have Evolved There?

They have to adjust to the change of temperature in the ways as life outside the ocean has changed.

What is the soil like there

What is the Soil Like There?

The ocean doesn’t have any soil, but the sand there is very tiny and grainy.

How are humans affecting the area and what could we do to help

How are Humans Affecting the Area and What Could We Do to Help?

Humans are affecting the ocean by causing global warming. The global warming makes the temperatures in all of the oceans raise causing different degrees of damage depending on the ocean. People could help by doing simple things like recycling, driving less destructive cars, carpooling, not wasting water, etc.

The ocean biome








The ocean biome














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