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Global biodiversity
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INFORMATION FACILITY. GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY. Global Biodiversity Resources Discovery System (GBRDS). 10 th Meeting of the GBIF Participant Node Managers Committee 3 – 5 October 2009. Vishwas Chavan Senior Programme Officer for DIGIT.

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Global biodiversity



Global Biodiversity Resources Discovery System (GBRDS)

10thMeeting of the GBIF Participant Node Managers Committee

3 – 5 October 2009

Vishwas Chavan

Senior Programme Officer for DIGIT

Use of biodiversity information without discovery mechanism

Use of Biodiversity Information: without Discovery mechanism


  • 247 million cases in 2006 alone

  • One child dies every 30 seconds

  • 109 countries affected

  • 1000+ institutions engaged in research

  • Enormous volume of data generated over decades

Use of biodiversity information without discovery mechanism1

Use of Biodiversity Information: without Discovery mechanism

Occurrence data on Anopheles


  • 16 resources from 9 countries

  • 11,284 records

  • 10,782 geo-referenced records

Challenge is to

DISCOVER resources

At the core a discovery system

At the core, a Discovery System










That links to resources

That links to resources…


Institutions, Collections …


Data, Services, GUID/LSID…


Location, Access points…


Temporal Scope…


Formats, protocols, qualities


A distributed service


which resolves to information resources



The GBRDS is 1) a Registry of resources and services and 2) a set of discovery services interacting with existing infrastructure such as GBIF to facilitate the discovery of biodiversity information. The most important component, the Registry would facilitate the inventory of information resources by creating a single annotated index of publishers, institutions, networks, collections (datasets), schema repository and services. The envisaged GBRDS is not conceived to be designed as simply a collection of centralized indexes but much more as an integrated ‘Yellow Pages’ reference of all biodiversity information resources, reconciling all distributed resources and providing a meaningful way to discover them in a distributed manner.

Gbrds empowering discovery

GBRDS: empowering discovery

Global biodiversity

Community consultations

GBRDS Planning Workshop

17-18 September 2009

GBIF Summary Paper: GBRDS

Global biodiversity

GBRDS: Vision and Scope


  • widely shared global system facilitating discovery of ALL biodiversity information resources, digital and non-digital


  • GBRDS will work between all levels of biodiversity from Genes, to Species, to Ecosystems

  • GBRDS needs to be shared by all biodiversity and allied information systems / networks

Global biodiversity

GBRDS: Functionalities

GBRDS will provide for:

  • Biodiversity Informatics Outlook

  • Discovery and assessment of fitness-for-use

  • Adding value to existing resources

  • Strengthening cooperation between initiatives

  • Enable community participation, social networking, annotation of metadata, ranking, tagging etc.

Global biodiversity

GBRDS: Implementation Plan

6 months:

  • Registry of GBRDS

  • Metadata Catalogue

    1 -2 year:

  • IPT for harvesting metadata

  • Linkages with other metadata catalogues

  • Mirror of Registry of GBRDS

  • National deployments of metadata systems


  • GBIF Participants, Thematic communities (ILTER, GeoConnections, GISIN, Genebank community, etc.)

Global biodiversity


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