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Update on and Expectations of Registered Social Care Workers Ginny Hanrahan CEO

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Update on and Expectations of Registered Social Care Workers Ginny Hanrahan CEO. Professional Regulatory Interventions Improve quality of care Set standards of competency Encourage continuing development and education

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Professional Regulatory Interventions

  • Improve quality of care
  • Set standards of competency
  • Encourage continuing development and education
  • Identify the competence of the individual practitioner
  • Reassure the public about the competence of health and social care professionals
    • Sunderland & Leatherman
5 principles of good regulation
5 Principles of Good Regulation
  • Proportionality
  • Accountability
  • Consistency
  • Transparency
  • Targeting

Sunderland & Leatherman 2006

famous last words
Famous Last Words

“In today’s regulatory environment,

it is virtually impossible to violate rules”

Bernard Madoff

coru s purpose
CORU’s Purpose

“To protect the public by promoting high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence among registrants of the designated professions”

(Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005)

professions governed by hscpa 2005
Professions Governed by HSCPA 2005
  • ...and any further professions scheduled by the Minister for Health

Clinical Biochemists


Medical Scientists

Occupational Therapists




  • Psychologists
  • Radiographers
  • Diagnostic and Radiation Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Social Care Workers
  • Speech & Language Therapists
northern ireland social care council 1
Northern Ireland Social Care Council 1

SCW Peter Parsons

15 April 2011, Misconduct was found against the Registrant and his registration was removed from the NISCC Social Care Register.

Falsified documentation as follows:

He completed a contact sheet for a service user without having made contact with them;

For a second service user, he completed a case file summary sheet without having made contact with them;

In respect of third service user, he completed a review sheet and a Case File Summary sheet without having made contact with the service user; and

excerpts from findings
Excerpts from findings

Having examined all the evidence, the Committee found the above charges to have been proven and therefore found that Mr Parsons had breached the requirements in the NISCC Code of Practice for him:

To be honest, trustworthy, reliable and dependable;

To declare conflicts of interest ..that they do not influence his judgement or practice;

Not to behave in a way, in work or outside work, which would call into question his suitability to work in social care services.

To meet relevant standards of practice and work in a lawful,safe and effective way;

To maintain clear and accurate records as required by procedures established for his work;

northern ireland social care council 2
Northern Ireland Social Care Council 2

SCW - Andrew Ian Mackrell

A Conduct Committee decided Mr Mackrell breached the NISCC Code of Practice for Social Care Workers.  Whilst employed as a residential child care worker, he was alleged to have acted in an inappropriate manner and exceeded professional boundaries with a service user.

Misconduct was found against the Registrant, and his registration was removed from the NISCC Social Care Register.

coru functions
CORU functions


Fitness to Practise

Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics

  • &



social worker registration board
Social Worker Registration Board

Appointed in August 2010

1st Meeting Sept 2010

Register Opened 31st May 2011

Grand parenting 31st May 2013

-National Social Work Qualifications Board

Statutory Instruments in place

  • Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Social Workers
  • Approval for Qualifications for Social Workers
  • Applications for Registration for Social Workers


social workers registration board
Social Workers Registration Board


  • Education standards agreed
  • System of approval and monitoring of courses agreed
  • Schedule of approval of courses adopted

Recognition of qualifications

  • Competent authority under the Directive
  • Also recognises 3rd country qualifications

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • CPD not required for initial registration (after 31st May 2013)
  • Will be introduced once all registrants on the register
social care workers registration board
Social Care Workers Registration Board
  • When will they be appointed?
  • Length of time to opening the register after appointment
    • Registration Process
    • Education Standards
    • Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics for Social Workers

Grant parenting

grand parenting
Grand parenting
  • Only for 1st 2 years that register is open
  • Applies to ALL current practitioners who have worked in the last 5 years
  • New Graduates/ first time workers in Ireland go through standard route
  • If out of practice over 5 years – Returner to Practise
  • With Recognised Qualification – standard entry route


recognised qualifications
Recognised Qualifications

Historical Qualifications (Schedule 3 HSCPA 2005)

  • National Diploma in Child Care HETAC/ DIT
  • National Diploma in Applied Social Care Studies HETAC/DIT
  • Diploma of Social Care HETAC/DIT
  • Diploma of Applied Social Studies/ Social Care DIT
  • National Diploma in Applied Social Studies (Disability) Open Training College.
  • Qualifications listed in a Statutory Instrument by the Social Care Workers Registration Board
  • Non National Qualification Validated by DoH



under the Act can also consider

“.. a qualification, that in the opinion of the board, is sufficiently relevant to that profession and is of a standard not lower than the qualification (under Schedule 3) or

“successfully completes an assessment of professional competence set by the board in accordance with any guidelines issued by the Council” (HSCPA Section 91)

how to register
How to register

Standard Entry Route

Application requirements include -

  • Qualification
  • Fit and Proper
  • Language
  • Fee
costs of registration
Costs of Registration

Annual Registration/Application fee €295

New Graduates €100

CORU must be self funding

Tax deductible on individual assessment basis

grand parenting no recognised qualifications
Grand parenting –no recognised qualifications

Practitioner in the past 5 years prior to the opening date of the register;

“Has been engaged in the continuous practice of the profession for 2 years and in the written opinion of the person’s employer is competent in the practice of that profession”

  • Provides evidence of
    • Qualification
    • Professional Experience/proficiency
    • Conduct and Health Clearance
    • Identity
    • Competence

Board may require Competence Assessment

social work assessment
Social Work Assessment

Written Assessment

Detailed examination of proof of professional practice – engaged in safe practice

Demonstrates competency in each of the six domains in the Standards of Proficiency –as required


code of professional conduct and ethics for social workers
Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Social Workers

Respect of the inherent dignity and worth of the person

Pursuit of social justice

Integrity of professional practice

Confidentiality in professional practice

Competence in professional practice

decisions decisions decisions
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  • Maximising the resources available.
  • Identifying Core parts of your services
  • Evidence Based Practise
  • Cost Analysis
guide to ethical decision making
Guide to ethical decision making
  • Evaluate the rights, responsibilities and welfare of all affected parties.
  • Generate as many alternative decisions as possible – the more the better.
  • Evaluate carefully the likely outcome of each decision.
guide to ethical decision making27
Guide to ethical decision making

Define carefully the issues and parties involved.

  • Scan the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics and identify all relevant clauses.
  • Check other applicable professional guidelines/policies.
  • Consult with colleagues.
guide to ethical decision making28
Guide to ethical decision making
  • Choose what, in your professional judgment, is the best decision, implement it, and inform relevant parties
  • Keep notes on deliberations at each stage of the process
  • Finally, take responsibility for the consequences of the decision

(based on Psychological Society of Ireland’s adapted code for CORU Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics)

fitness to practise
Fitness to Practise

Must be a registrant

Very High % of registrants are

“Fit and Proper”

Challenge: small number who do not work to/meet the standards of best practice or bring the profession into disrepute

Standard of Proof is Criminal: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

1 st steps to dealing with complaints
1st steps to dealing with complaints

Preliminary Proceedings Committee

? Case to answer

Grounds for Complaint

Poor Professional Performance “any failure of the registrant to meet the standards of competence”

Professional Misconduct “act, omission or pattern of conduct…in breach of the code

Health Issues - lack of insight or inability to carry out work safely due to health issues

Failure to comply with specific terms or legislation

Conviction in the State

case to answer hearings
Case to answer - hearings

No Member of Preliminary Proceedings Committee



Majority of Committee Registrants

1 Social Care Worker


Private + Medical Adviser

1/3 non registrants

1 Social Care Worker

if case is proven
If case is proven

Report from Committee to Council with recommendations

Registration board advise Council on disciplinary action

restrictions on practice



prohibition from restoration to register

Application to High Court for cancellation of registration

Registrant can appeal to the High Court

the real world spectrum
The real world spectrum









needs to be informed

Recognise the compliant

Reward the champions

Effective enforcement needed

Enable the confused to comply

2011 2012 goals
2011/2012 Goals

Thank you


  • Education Team
  • Council – Registration and Education Committee
  • SWRB Approval and Monitoring - Q1
    • 2 full reviews
    • 3 biennial monitoring
  • SWRB Panel of Assessors recruitment and induction
  • 6 new Registration Boards
  • - develop education section / newsletter
  • CPD
  • Records management system
  • Education IT system
  • Networks - national/ international relations